Annual Report

2012-2013 Donors: Legacy Circle

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Thank you to the following individuals who included OFB in their estate plan in fiscal year 2012-2013.

Marylou Alberdt
Anonymous (20)
Gretchen Baller
William and Susan Bartholomew
Deane Sterndale Bennett
Jim and Marg Berchtold
in memory of Cindy Bidgood Robben
Bevely Bizzell
Scott and Caroline Borduin
Rachel Bristol
Rhonda Butler
Theresa Cassidy
Darryl Conser
Louis and Beulah Cowan
Ruth Currie
Rebecca and Steve Daneman
Mary Ann David
Ann P. Davis
Lynne deVries
Jamie Ellgen
Frances C. Erickson
Josephine F. Erikson
Marjory Bennett Fischer in memory of Lucille Benne
Jeffrey and Erin Bjorn
Greg and Carol Flakus
Marjorie A. Gage
Arnie Gardner
Brian and Julie Gefroh
Sylvia M. Giustina
Kathy and Donald Grant
Jeanette Hankins
Margaret Henderson
Celeste A. Henry
Dorthy Icard
Jennifer Johnson
Ron and Gayl Johnson
Catha J. Loomis
Philip A. Kalberer
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey S. Kelinson
Jill Kelly
Herbert O. Koenig
Loren "Bud"  Kramer and Ann L. Kramer
Marjorie Kundiger
Kristena A. Lamar
Judy Large and Gary Sick
Donald and Pamela Larson
Patricia V. Leonard
Philip J. and Dianne M. Levinson
Virgina MacDonald
Molly Mayhead and Ed Dover
Malcolm and Janeen McAninch
Mr. and Mrs. William F. McGrath
Anita Kemm Charitable Trust
Michael McMorrow
Brad Mersereau
Merryl Mix
Lorinda and Ray Moholt
Warren Morgan and Mary Clifford
Linda Nelson
John and McKay Nutt
Robert E. and Natalie J. Osburn
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Packouz
Benjamin Park and Shirely J. Grimm Park
Janice Phillips
Kathryn and David Polland
Mae Reeves
Julie Rennett
Rhoda Rosenthal
Charlotte A. Rubin
Mary Ruhl
David Schauer
Susan and Brad Schauer
Gayle Semler
Julius and Alice Sigmund
Olivia Lee Smith
Dr. Joseph Soldati
Leo and Eileen Sorensen
Anne N. Stacey
Diva H. Stephens
Donna Storz
Jerome and Kathleen Taylor
Mildred Thomas
Nancy and David Tilford
Sami Tucker and Robert Crooks
Richard Ukena and Jan Christenson
Bill and Lila Ulrich
Nell and Harry Urling
William and Marjory Varitz
Liz and Larry Volchok
Susan Wandrey
Karl E. Wiegers
Jim and Judith Atwood Youde