Annual Report

2012-2013 Donors: Monthly Sustainers Club

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Thank you to the following monthly donors in fiscal year 2012-2013.

Douglas Aaron
Marvin and Deborah Abe
Keith and Christine Abernathy
Sam and Janice Absher
John Acosta and Elizabeth Lenice Shaw
Kathy and Roger Adams
Mary and Eugene Adams
Rob Adams
Elizabeth Addis
Gabe Adoff
Nicole Ahr
Martina and Thomas Akeson
Catherine Albrecht
Cheryl Albrecht
Harry Aldrich and Kimberly Marriott
Michelle Alexander and Leif Running
Thomas Allen
Phyllis Allen
Melanie and Brett Allen
Marilyn Allen
Rebecca Allen
David and Holly Allen
Lucy Allison-Pursley
Phillip Amerman
Gary and Patricia Andeen
Scott and Rachael Anderson
Darlene Anderson
John and Martha Anderson
Gary and Karen Anderson
Gail and Bruce Andrews
Collette Angier-Burr and Michael Burr
Louis Angoli
Lisa Angus
Marlene Ankeny
Anonymous (129)
Rita and Jordan Antonelli
Joe and Linda Apodaca
Laura H. Arcidiacono
Tony and Lisa Ard
Fariba Armani
Bonnie Armbruster and Harold Vandervelde
Suzanne and Terry Armentrout
Arthur and Rebecca Armour
Robert Armour
Catherine Arnes
Gene and Muriel Arnold
Lynne and Kent Arnold
Cathy and G.B. Arrington
Edward and Mary Beth Arthur
Loretta Asa
Arlene L. Ashcraft
Roderick and Amanda Ashley
Nancy Ashley-Snell and Lawrence Snell
Linda and Geoffrey Atwill
Lee August
James and Kelley Aurand
Normund Auzins and Bonnie Stewart
Anya Averill and Stuart Celarier
Frances Aversa
Dietrich Ayala and Shauna Curphey
Katharine Babad
Mae and George Babbitt
Adam Bacher
Marna Baggs
Mary Jane Bagwell
John and Shawnie Bailey
Betsy Bailey
Tracy and Greg Bair
Joslyn Baker and Sarah Butler
David Ball and Suzanne Watnick
Marie and Matthew Ballance
Marguerite Ballard
Natalie and Matthew Ballard Strauhal
Marlene Balmforth
Elizabeth and Michael Bamberger
Sandra Banke
LinaBeth Barber
Mrs. Anne Barbey
Susan Barclay
Cecile Baril
Susan Barker
Barker Mediation
Mary Ann Barlow
Nancy and Laurence Barnett
Philip Barney and Laurel Lyon
Zachary Joseph Barra
Kelly Barrett and Michael Perkins
Edward and Beth Barrett
Beth Barteletti
Susan Barthel
William and Susan Bartholomew
John Bartlett
Brian and Suzanne Batchelder
Marilynn Bateman
Thomas and Karen Batiuk
Ken Bauman
Jim and Janet Beard
Travis Beard
Sandra Bearden
Judith Beaudet
Judith Beck
Nancy Becker
Merlin and Barbara Becker
Mark Becker
Joan Becker
T. Jeanne and Jeffrey Becker
Lindsay Beckman
Andrew Beckman
Anita Beckwith
Erin Beeler
Katherine and Vern Bensching
Lesa Benton
James Berchtold
Judith Bergan
Kari Bergesen
Linda Bergman
John Berkey
Patricia Bernardi
Janine Berndt
Christie and David Bernklau Halvor
Debbie Best
Kathie Best
Lynn and John Betteridge
Sharon Bettis
Steven Bieler and Deborah Wessell
Sharon and Eugene Bigham
Jason Billings
L. Bilyeu
George Bingham
Arthur and Joyce Biscoe
Paula and Dan Bisenius
Carol Bishop and William Langley
Jennifer Bissett
Kirk and Tammy Bittler
Julie and Michael Black
Janette Blaine
Elizabeth Blair
Kirsten Blair
Ronald Blair
Carol Blake
Gregory Bland and Anne Shouse
David and Kathy Bleyle
Florence Blitch
Mary Blizzard
Meeky and Dave Blizzard
Renee and Don Blom
Melanie Bloom
Naomi Dagen Bloom
Jill Blount
Robert Blum and Carol Black
Julie and Hendrik Blume
Sue and Les Blumenthal
Sheila Bob
Roberta Bocci
Body Balance Pilates Studio
Vanessa Bogaert and Aaron Gorin
Michael Bogar
Sheree Bogardus
Jerri and Eric Bohard
Martin Bohm
Victor and Arline Bollman
Michael Bonazzola
Carolyn and Ralph Bond
Sheila and Mitchell Bondarowicz
Ruth and Phillip Bonfiglio
Candace Bonner
Tony Borcich
Laura Borders and Bill Zuber
Caroline and Scott Borduin
Norman and Barbara Borgen
April and Matthew Borman
Jennifer and Lyle Bosket
Michael Bostwick
Sue Bosworth
Mary and Chris Botcheos
Terri Bothwell
Connie Bowen
Dick and Dorris Bower
Susan and Thomas Bowers
Judith Bowker and Robert Trapp
Resa Boxell and Steve Whitson
Nancy Boyd
Charles Boyle and Diana Cleland-Boyle
Joell Bradshaw
Kenneth Bragg
Marjorie Braker and William Long
Martha Brandewie
Jeanie Brandt
BBG Brandt-Gasuen
Dana and Mary Braner
Radhika Breaden
Rebecca Bremmer
Robert and Diana Bretl
Sarah Breton
Suzanne Brian
Jackie Briggs
Chet and Marie Britten
Bill Britton
Eliot and Linda Broadbent
Howard Brockman
Wilbur Brockway and Judy Forest
Cindy and Richard Brodner
Susan Brody and Allen Johnson
Margaret Bromley
Theresa Bromm-Boesen and Peter Boese
Laurie Brooks and Tom Cronkrite
Elizabeth and Don Brost
Levon Brown
Roger and Karen Brown
Allie and Donald Brown
Matthew and Amelia Brown
David Brown
Barbara Brown
Nancy Brown
Blair Brownhill and Paula Henningsgaard
Alex Brudy
Catherine Brugato
Inge Bruggeman
Marc Brune
Steve Brunken
Elizabeth and Grant Brunker
Anne and John Bryan
Jim and Barb Bryan
Rozillah Bryan-Craig
Richard and Pat Bryant
Jason and Michelle Bryant
Emily Bryner
Carolyn Buan
Norman Buccola
Justin Buckner
Todd and Pilar Buerk
Diane and Keith Buisman
Andrea and Andrew Bullock
Robin Bunch
Marilyn Bunch
Gillian Bunker
Chris Burger
Irene Burk
Marilynn Burke
Julie Burkhart
Walter and Claire Burt
Stephen and Shannon Buskirk
Laura Buss
Patricia and Robert Butler
Thomas Butler and Aimee Finley
Melinda Byrd
Melissa Cadwallader and William Kramer
Joni Cady and Jane Rosevelt
Eleonore and Clement Cahall
Anne Caldwell
Rachel Caldwell
Mary Caliendo
Patricia Calvert
Katherine Cameron
Danny Camillo
Karen and Larry Campbell
Sally Campbell
Kimberly and Eric Campbell
Joanne Campbell
Adrian and Kevin Campbell
James and Laura Campbell
Patti J. Campbell
Paul Cardosi and Miriam McDonell
Christopher Carland
Sandra K. Carlson
L. Kay Carman
Linda and Doug Carnine
Margaret Carpenter
Joel Carper
Daniel and Joanne Carr
Justin Carroll
Louise Carroll
Jody Carson
Diana and Bruce Carsten
Holly Carter
Sarah Carter Adams
Katherine Casabonne
Nancy Casciato
Linda Case
Christopher Cassard and Linda Crouse
Patrick Cassidy and Eileen Perlmeter
Steven Castagnoli and Carol Breen
Debra Casterline
William Casti
Amy and David Castleton
Diana Castro
Ed Cator
Mary Caughey
Jill Cessna
Rod and Cynthia Chace
Charlotte Chamberlain
Patricia Chance
Limen Chang and John McGuire
Steve Chapman
John and Barbara Chapman
Sonya Chapman
Kathryn Chappelle
P. Franklin Chave
Catherine Chilton
Victoria and Ted Chism
Carolyn Choi
Janice and Fred Christ
Janis Christensen
Phyllis and Dudley Church
Tricia Cisneros
Jim and Deborah Clark
Julie and Brian Clark
Emily Clark
Roseanne Clark
Glenn Clark
Ron and Gail Clark
Ronald and Judy Clarke
Janice Clarke-Reiter and Bruce Reiter
Nicole and Timothy Cleary
Jim Cleaver
James Clement
Rachel and Ian Clemons
Yvonne Clendenin
JoAnn Clifton
Anne Clinton
Laura Coates and Ann Uhler
Patricia Cochran
Janie and Richard Cohen
Mara Cohn
Elizabeth Coker
Dean Cole
Jessica Cole
Beverly and Richard Colisch
Lita Colligan and Michael McGuire
Zachery Collins and Elisabeth Bollinger
Justine Collins
Judith and Michael Collins
Julia Colson
Marcia Conger
Jennifer Conlee-Drizos
Lorie Connell
Anne Conway and Louis Baslaw
Mark and Lori Cook
Steven Cool and Molly McEwen
Jeremy and Claudia Coon
Nancy Cooper
Judy Cooper
Kristin and Philip Cooper
Linda and Terry Corbin
Daniel and Julie Corpron
Vicki and Nelson Correll
Gale Michael Cosper
Karina Cottrell
Susan and Christopher Cournoyer
Susan and Kevin Courtney
Diane Couture
Charles and Beverly Couture
Stacy and Patrick Cowan
Anthony Cox and Ann Schmiedeke-Cox
Benjamin Cox
Graham and Selma Craft
Nancy Craig
Helen and Roddy Craig
Diana Craine
John and Mary Cramer
Melanie Crandell
Carole Crawford
Cherie Crawford
Colin Crawford and Mischelle McMillan
Corrinne Crawford
George Crino
Noelle Faye Crombie
William Ron Crosier
Cara and Thomas Crowder
Mollie Crowell
Daniel Crunican
David and Gloria Crymes
Eleanor Culhane
David and Marie Culpepper
Victoria and Ronald Cummings
Kara Cumpston
Grier and Nancy Cundill
Joe Cunneen
Dana Cunningham Anderson
Thomas Cupani and Kimberly Smith-Cupani
Isabelle Curphey
Timothy and Ann Curry-Stevens
James and Marsha Curtis
Mary Ann Dabritz
Christina and Bruce Daily
Laurence and Natalie Daley
Douglas Dallmann
Randy Danielson
Michael Danilchik and Elizabeth Brown
Denise and Patrick Darby
Kay Darling
Allison and Dan Darnell
Deanna Daschel
Sarah and William Daugherty
Michael and Virginia Davenport
Lee and Jacqueline Davis
Alene Davis
Diane and Sil Davis
Judy and Robert Davis
Mary Davis
Sharon and Gary Davis
Andrea Davis
Edith Davis
Gloria Davis
Rebecca Davis
John D'Avolio and Jillian Henderson
Janet Day
Julie De Jardin and Richard DeZeeuw
Mary Dearborn
Therese Debolock
Megan and Lainie Decker
Inga Deckert
Marilyn Deering
Elena and Thomas DeJardin
Mary DeLaney
Tim Delano
Jean Delmonico and Robert Hibbing
Dallas and Sara DeLuca
Kelli and Brian Denheyer
Martha and Scott Denis
Nancy and Dale Denson
Helen and Bradford Denson
Kathleen Dent and Kendrick Schulte
Robert and Kathleen Derrick
Rosemary DeSiervo
Teresa and Peter DeStefano
Lois and Darrell Dickinson
Elvira Diepenbroek
Barbara and Eric Dierks
Diesel Fuel Injection Service
Randy Dietrich
Charlotte Dietterich
Cheryl Digman-Olson
Dorothy Dinneen
Roger and Diane Dinwiddie
Jean and Michael Dion
Erin and Ahman Dirks
Jay Disbrow
Bill Dobson
Dinah Dodds
Jennifer Doeleman and Jack Levy
Julia Dolan
April and Daryl Doll
Paula Domine
Mark Donahue
Laureen and Richard Donald
Jean Donly
Quinn and Margaret Donnelly
Brian and Laura Donnelly
Maureen and Gerald Dooley-Sroufe
Heather and Paul Dorsey
Elke and Erhard Dortmund
Richard Doty and Jane Elliott
Martha W. Dougherty
Bruce and Deborah Douglas
Aaron and David Douglas
Charles Douglass
Linda Dowden
Michael and Annie Downey
Merrilee and John Dowty
Edward Doyle
Dena and George Drasin
Jean and Frank Driver
David and Caroline Driver
Catherine Driver
Erica and Scott Drue
Margaret Drummond and Lon Southard
Denice and Scott Drushella
D. Adair Drynan
Michael and Sandra Duchow-Pressley
Bernice Duckrow
Christine Duddington
Janine Dudley
Gregory and Jean Dudley
Jack Duey
Ellen Dully and Dylan Morgan
David and Sandra Dunahay
Marcia Dunham
Robin Dunitz
Lisa Dunitz and Eric Johnson
Mark and Melinda Duntley
Gail Durham
William and Eileen Duvall
Richard and Betty Duvall
Bob and Catherine Eager
Lynnea Eagle
Anne Eakin
Jan'l and Stanley Earnshaw
Loris Eastman
Inger Easton
Cheryl Ebers
Jurgen and Dianne Eckstein
Erica and Jon Ediger
Edison Lighting LLC
Jen W. Edler
Marlys Edwards
Amy Edwards and  Geoffrey Stuckart
Deno and Cynthia Edwards
Kathleen Egan
LeRoy and Judy Eggers
Sally Eggington and Karen Lewis
Janet and Donald Eixenberger
Mohsen Ekhlassi
Renee and Jules Elias
Marjorie and Evan Elken
Linda Ellery
Thomas Elliott
Jennifer and Duncan Ellis
Amy and Steven Ellis
Kyla Ellis
David and Sheila Ellsworth
Peggy Elting
Bettylou Ely
Karen and Peter Emerson
Ronald Emig
Carol Endo
Thomas Engel
Allan and Cheryl Engelmeyer
Patricia Engle
Daniel Enroth
Charles Ensign
Bill Erickson
Frederick and Connie Erickson
Judith Erickson
Bud Erland and Lisa Morrison
Margaret Erwin
Amy Eshleman
Jennifer Eskridge
Terence and Ann Esvelt
Linda and Dallas Evans
Travis Evans
Wes Evans
Heidi and Daniel Evans
Anna Evenson
Evermore Guest House
Sheila and Charles Fagan
Elizabeth Falcone
Edward Falcone
Ken and Yvonne Faler
Abram L. Falk
Ellen Fallihee
Darold Farr
Jennifer Farres
John and Mary Faulkner
Amy Fauver
Ruth Fay
Brian Federico
Julie and Rich Feely
Edward and Jeanette Feldhousen
David and Diane Feldman
Hannah Ferber
Toni Ferguson
Michael Ferguson
Patricia Ferguson-Steger and Paul Steger
Bernd Ferner and Ines Koerner
Gabriel Fields
Raymond Fife and Linda Anderson
Anna Figueira
Jean Fike
Cindy Filer
Catherine Fine and John Chandler Jr.
David Finkelman and Alysa Rose
Kathleen Finkle
Bev and Tom Finlay
Jennifer Finucane and Michael Caron
Sue and Andrew Fischer
Ruth Fischer-Wright and Craig Wright
Kathleen Fishler and Jeffrey Sweeney
Stuart Fishman
Karen and Franklin Fitz
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Barbara Fitzpatrick and Tomm Pickles
Jeffrey and Erin Fitzpatrick-Bjorn
Lynne and Robert Fitzsimmons
Diane and Paul Flansburg
Alan Fleischman
Cynthia Fletcher
Melissa Flores and Daniel Wood
Heather Flynn
Joy Foggia
Frank Foldi
Patricia and Ronald Foley
Lynne and Pat Fonner
Cynthia and Patrick Ford
Suzan and Robert Foreman
Joanne Fornaca
Michael and Pamela Forrester
Susan and William Forste
Shannon Forster
Tom and Barbara Forsythe
Eugene Forte
Gordon and Debra Fosmark
Craig Foster and Justin Ferko
Gail Foster
Steven Foster and Jean May
Laura and Kevin Foster
Keith Foster
Elizabeth Fosterman
Christina Foulger
Susanne and Cliff Fountain
Paula Fox
Clayton France
Lindsay and Thomas Frank
Arva and Robert Frank
Melinda and Matthew Franklin
Patricia Franklin
Lori Franz and Peter J. Swartz
Yvonne and Fritz Fraunfelder
Bruce and Joan Freed
James Freudenthaler
Ruth Friedel
Deborah Friedman
Elma and Roy Friend
John and Sherron Friends
James Friscia
J.B. Fritz
Jon Fritzler
Charlotte Fry
Michael and Emily Fuller
William Fulton
Vernet Fund
Cleora Funess
Kari and Paul Furnanz
Stephen and Elizabeth Gabriel
Eva Gage
Kathryn Gallagher and James McWhorter
Ruth Gallant
Robin and Brian Gantt
Karen M. Garber and John Desmarais
Gillian and David Gardner
Kay Gardner
Carolyn Garnett and Michael Ryan
Arlene Garrison
Linnea and Brian Gaskins
John Gastineau
Julie and Brian Gefroh
Ellen Gehringer
N. Stan Geiger and Marilyn Stribling
Gregory Geist
William Geister
John and Amy Gerhard
Peter Gertsch
Susan and Christian Gervasi
Christopher Ghormley
Amy Gibbs
Barbara Gicking
Lauri Giering and Cecilia Tracy
Lois and Kent Gill
Antje and Joel Gillard
David Gillespie
Bradley Gillies
David and Jane Gillis
Gregory Gillman
Mariko and Isaac Gilman
John and Patricia Gilpin
Deborah Gitlitz
Sidney Gold
Gabriela Goldfarb and Paul Simon
Allen Goldman
Devorah Goldman and Joel Gohdes
Tim Gooding and Sara Tam
Richard Goranflo, III
Diana and Thomas Gordon
William and Karen Goritski
Paul and Leanna Gornick
Gloria and David Gostnell
Jon Gottshall and Cynthia Silveira
Michael and Cheri Govro
Sharon and Jack Gow
Nancy Grader
Mrs. Dan Graff
Brynn Graham
James Grant and Monica Wehby-Grant
Carla and Larry Grant
Sylvia Grant and Roger Schmierbach
Patricia and Donald Grant
G. Tim and Patricia Gray
Leena Green
Margaret Greendale
Robert and Toni Greening
Fay and N. Katherine Greenley
William and Lillian Greer
John Gregory
Mary and Bruce Gregory
Susan Griffith
Marc and Judy Grigorov
Carol Grindlay
Alicia Gross and Elysia Lindfield
Geraldine and Myron Walker Grover, Jr. M.D.
Laura and Vaughn Grubaugh
Elizabeth and Jack Gualtieri
Ralph and Robin Guariglia
Michelle Guay
Candice Guise
Lisa and R.L. Gump
Dawn and  Stephan Gunther
Nancy Gurney
Ginger and Donald Gutman
Patricia and Daniel Gwynne
Robert and Merrily Haas
Mary Lou and Harl Haas
Marlene and Ronald Hadduck
Roxie and William Haffner
Susan and Robin Hagedorn
Paul Hager
Teresa and Damon Haggerty
Timothy Hahn
Georgia Haley
Adrienne Hall
Jennifer Hall
Thomas Hall and Aelea Christofferson
Edward Hallinan and Kathleen Hanna
Joshua and Jessica Halofsky
Brandy and Evan Halprin
Matthew Halsey
Kelly Halstead
Roy Halverson
Carole Halvorson and Robert Delve
Marc Ham
Julie Hambuchen
Marsha and Michael Hamburger
Jess and Allyson Hamby
Sara Hamilton and Mark Thomashow
Janet Hamilton
Marcia Hamley
Robert Haney
Carole and James Hanna
Kathleen and Bruce Hanna
Bridget and Dan Hannifin
Lynn and Steve Hanrahan
Susan and George Hansen
James and Tracy Hansen
Sheila and Joshua Hansen-Bennett
Camber Hansen-Karr
Susan Hanset and Richard Surratt
Amy Harper
Julie Harper
Cheryl Harriman and Christopher George
Christina Harrington and Stephen Smith
Betty Harrington
Nancy and James Harris
Leslie Hart and Janice Avidan
Lynne and John Hart
Kristine Harter
Jeffrey Hartnett and Susan Gibson-Hartnett
Jack Harvey
Jason Hashima
Mark Hashizume
Kelly and Daniel Haskins
Wayne and June Hassebroek
Marilyn Hasson
Suzanne and Mike Hatten
Linda and Allan Hawthorne
Carl Hay
Arthur and Susan Hayes
Kathleen Hayes
Ellen Heaney
Christine Heard
Jim and Judith A. Heath
Laura Hebert
Stephen and Julie Heck
Maximilian and Negar Heckscher
Helen Heder
Gary Hegel
Kristi and David Heironimus
Stephana Heitkemper
Gary Heitz
Jeanette and Jonathan Helms
Shirley Henderson
Todd Henion and Gwen Leland
Stephanie and Loyd Henion
Michael Henle
Edith Henningsgaard Miller
Norman Henry
E. Ashley Henry
James and Maripat Hensel
Robert and Pamela Henslee
Mary and Vernon Herrick
Sarah Hershey
Christopher Hertel
Gabriele M. and G. Adolph Hertrich
William and Judith Herzberg
Deborah Herzberg
Jim Herzberg
Jean Herzegh
Jan Heskiss
John and Peggy Hesselgrave
Patricia Heuser
Gloria Heydlauff
Geoffrey M. Heywood
Douglas Hicks
Nancy and James Hicks
Timothy Hilfiker
Roxanne Hill
Lisa and Thomas Hiller
Carol Hilsenhoff
Leslie and Ray Hinea III
Betty H. Hirsch
Sarah Hjelm
Mary Hlady
Jeffrey and Eliza Hlavac
Natalie and Brett Hocken
Joanne Hodgdon
Barbara Hoffstetter
Mary and John Holderness
Kathryn Holen
Bradley Holland
Linda and Michael Holland
Daniel Holmes
Henry and Morning Star Holmes
Patricia and Craig Holt
Alan and Wendy Holzman
Karine Homestead
Joey Honl
Elinor Hood
Susan and Jeffrey Hook
Barbara Hopson
Clark and Martha Horner
David and Sala Horowitz
Sheryl Horwitz and Larry Knudsen
Darrin Hotrum
Michael and Lyla Houglum
Joyce Howard and Alan Caruso
Martha Howe
William and Judith Howell
Lisa Howell
Kathleen and Charles Hrastar
Stanley and Teresa Huber
Thomas Huckabee and Tonya Gray
Stephen and Kristine Hudson
Kathryn and Paul Hudson
Roger and Jo Huff
Scott Huffman
Karin and Alan Hughes
Shirlene and Richard Humphrey
Steven and Leah Hurley
Justina and Philip Hurley
Harold and Bernice Hurwitz
Bette and Dean Husted
Carroll Hutchinson
Linda Hutton and Glenn Smith
Adriana Huyer
Hannah Huynh
Patricia and Dan Hyder
David and Misty Ibsen
Dorthy Icard and Doris Marin
Ronan and Meaghen Igloria
Susan Immer and Larry Juday
John Ingamells
Kathy and Jeffrey Ingelse
Elizabeth and Dick Irey
Julie Irmer
Diane Irvine
Jessica Irvine
Lisa Isabell
Janine and Hiroshi Iwaya
Henry Jackson
Marie Jackson
Eric Jackson
Macdonald and Cynthia Jackson
Alisa Jackson
David and Danya Jacob-Daub
Birdie Jacobs
Peter and Karen Jacobsen
Gary Jacobson
Sarah Jacobson
Nathalie Jacqmotte
Aabra Jaggard and Matthew Hodson
Renee Jaime
Gregori Jakovina and Lawrence McDonald
Cameron James
Warren James
Debby and Greg Jarmer
Carol Jeanne
Julie Jedlanek
Kathy Jeffcott and Andrew Rice
Yolanda Jenkins
Jean and Roger Jennings
Christine and Charles Jennings
Anna Jeno
Betsy and Jerrold Jeronen
Leslie and Lil Jevning
Linda and Laurens Johansen
Wilson Johns
Kim and Helene Johnsen
Mary Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Gail Johnson
Doris Johnson
James and Robin Johnson
Janice and Nicholas Johnson
Susannah and Gary Johnson
Sandra Johnson
Anne and Thomas Johnson
Vicki Johnson
Judith Johnson
Jessica and Michael Johnson
Dorothy Johnson
Robyn Johnson
Carolyn Johnson and John Bateman
Arlene Johnson-Brenier
Marcia and Ray Johnston
Stephanie Jolley
Keith Jones
Donald and Suzy Jones
Ellen Jones
Caroline Jones
Earlee Jones
Harlan and Carol Jones
Don Jones
Corinne and Kitt Jordan
Candice Jordan
Mary Anne Joyce and Catha Loomis
David Judd and Kathryn Fitch
Dolores and David Judkins
Larry Juelfs
Tricia Justice
Roberta and Jack Jwayad
Susan and Collin Kaeder
Deborah Kafoury and Nicholas Blosser
Keith Kale
Mark and Jennifer Kalenscher
Brenda Kame'enui
Martin and Frances Kaplan
Leatrice Kaplan
Kristine and George Karnezis
Keith Karoly
Jo-Ann and David Kath
Zeno and Shannon Katterle
Stephen and Janice Katz
J. and A. Kaufman
David Kaufman and Daisy Grattan
Youngjane and Peter Kay
Nancy and Dan Kaylin
Jeff and Anne Kayser
Steven Keast
John Keating
Patricia Keever and Bert Tavelli
Patricia and Brent Kehoe
Terry and Cindy Kehoe
Michael Keiser
Michelle Kelley-Park and David Park
Janet and James Kellison
Raymond and Judy Kelly
Mary Kemp
Katrina Kemper
Richard Kendrick
Paul and Judith Kenis
Nancy Kennedy
Donna Kennedy
Rich and Susan Kennedy
Charis Kennedy
Leanne Kerner
Robert Kerr and Claire Randall
Kathleen and Peter Keyes
Winifred Keys
Robert Kiekel
Thomas Kiessling
Shawn Kiley
Margeret Kilmer
Harriet Kiltie
Jonathan King
Nathalia King and Christopher R. Zinn
Tamara King  and David Molaro
Daniel and Jennifer Kingsbury
Susan Kinney
Kirsten Kirby
Bela Kirchberger and Ginger Lofftus
Michael Kirkelie
Rod and Suzanne Kirkpatrick
John and Phyllis Kirkwood
Vincent Kirnak
Theodore and Kristine Kiser
Twila Kjensrud
Darl Kleinbach
Judith Kliks
Michelle Klukosky
Jennifer Knapel and Pranavanathan Yoganathan
Bonnie and Dale Koch
Kathleen Kochan
Karol Kochsmeier
Patti Koehler and Kathleen Krider
Herbert Koenig
Cathy Koerner
Bettylou Koffel
George and Jody Kollinzas
Sridevi Kolluri and Anya Tallman
Patricia and David Koon
Lyle Kopnicky
John and Linda Koser
Anthony and Priscilla Kostiner
Paul Kovitz and Nancy Dahlgren
Donald Kozacek and Elizabeth Livingston
Scott and Kim Kozak
Loretta and Kenneth Kramer
Bill Kramer
Laura and Ken Kramer
Michael Krauss
Linda Krausse
Jackie Kraybill
Ingeborg and Wolf Krebs
Katherine Kreiter and Timothy Goforth
Randall Kreutz
Nancy Kreutz
Jeri Krier
Melinda and Jim Krueger
John Krussel
Linda Kuestner
Maxine Kuhnau
Marjorie Kundiger
Linda Kurtz
Louise and Chester Kurzet
Louie and Agneta Labonte
Greg Lackides
Narasimha Lakamsani
David and Amber Lamadrid
Miriam Lambert
Joan Lampert
Tom and Angela Lancaster
Michele Lanctot
Marilyn and Paul Landeros
Martha Landowne
Barry and Polly Landson
Sue Lang
Dina Lang
Patrick Langan
Kathy Langeliers
Elizabeth Langill
Rose LaPierre
Christopher and Deborah Larsen
Linda Larsen-Wheatley and Don Wheatley
Donald and Pamela Larson
Barbara and Robert Larwood
Lonny Lasher
Barbara Lasswell
Rae Latham
Dora Lau
Raymond and Gloria Laurence
Mike Law
Karen and David Law
Denis Lawrence and Victoria Sparks
Sherri and Garry Lawson
Gloria Layden
Jennifer and Stephen Leasia
Janna Leasy
Eric and Terri Leatham
Elizabeth Leathers
Joseph and Constance Leben
Barbara LeBoss
Emily and Dylan Lee
Loyal and Joella Lee
Susan Lee-Allen
Christine Legler
Lee Leighton and Chris Gauger
Kenneth and Elizabeth Leighton
William Lemaster and Kayla Vaughn
Matthew and Rachel Lembo
Thomas and Arlene Lemieux
Phillip Lemman
Michael and Martha Lemon
Rebecca Lemon and Michale Pope
John and Paula Lemons
Barbara Lenfesty and Richard Mullins
Lianne and David Lennert
Tracy Lentz
Misha Lenz
Justin and Jennifer Leonard
Daisy Leung
Steven Levine
Miriam Levitt and Michael Sestric
Carol Levy
William Lewis and Brenda Carter
Connie and Mark Lewis
Annie Lewis
Esther Lewis
Roseann Libonati
Joy and Thomas Licata
Adele Lieberfarb
Amy and Karl Lieberman
Matthew Lieuallen
Lynn Liffick
Susan Lilley
Joyce and Mike Lind
Layne Lindquist and Michael Rutten
Elizabeth Lindsay
Pamela Linegar and Neal Wong
Robert Liner
James and Irene Linman
Tristan Linquist
Charlotte and Floyd Lissy
Michael Litt
Sabrina Litton and Christopher Haggerty
Bridget Ljustina
Bruce and Carol Lloyd
Constance Lloyd
Sondra Lloyd
Emmeline Loanzon
Carolyn and James Loch
Sarah Lockhart and George Kraus
Alan Locklear and Marie Valleroy
Warren and Deborah Lockwood
Anne and Robert Loewen
Harold and Joan Lofton
Patrick and Leslie Logan
Brooke Logan
M. Kym and Kris Londahl
Herbert and Sara Long
Joseph and Gisela Long
Jeanne Longley
Lydia and Kurtis Loren
Jim Lorentzen
Tracey Loudon
Roberta and Walter Lough
Connie Love
Linda and Dennis Loveland
Elizabeth Lovelock
Vernie Love-Lundquist
Paul and Melissa Lovett
Helen Lowe
Richard and Diane Lowensohn
Monica and Kevin Lu
Julie Lucas
John and Margaret Lucas
Melissa Lucash and John McNabb
Jenni Luckett
Jeremy and Jennifer Ludwig
Matthew Luebke
Debra Lukan
Nathan and Catherine Lund
Alisha and Gregory Lund-Chaix
Bryce and Sharon Lundquist
Everett and Ellen Lundsberg
Mark and Pamela Lundsten
Aarin Lutzenhiser and Jason Clark
Amy and Stephen Lyda
Kate Lyman and Kalin Schmoldt
Karen Lyman and Michael Viera
Stephanie and Edward Lynn
Linda Lyons
Penny Lytle
Deborah Maccabee and Jim Warberg
Mark and Pamela MacDonald
Sarai Macedo
Catherine Machell
Brian and Barbara MacIntosh
Sarah MacKenzie
Nancy Maclean
Janice MacWilliams
Diana Madarieta
Cindy and Gary Madland
Tracy Madsen
Carol Magruder
William Mahan
Cynthia Mahlau
Sharon and Mark Makler
Marcia and James Males
Beth and Kevin Mallon
Mary Mallon-Behrens and Gerhard Behrens
Sandra Malloy
Daniel Malmon
Patti and Donald Maltase
Warren Malter
Sally and Kazem Manafi
Martha Mandel
Chris Nacheff Maneker
Barbara Manildi
Mary Mankowski
Marie Mann
Edward and Charlene Mann
Lois Manookian
Catherine Mansfield
Candace and Oliver Manuel
Sharon and Kenneth Manuel
Michelle March
Helenka Marcinek
Elaine Marcus
Susan Marie
Susan Mark
Marianne Marks
Mary Marmaduke
Ashley Martin
Elena Martin
Jerry Martin
Mark Martin and Robin Whittaker-Martin
Adrianne Martin
Justin Martin
Joseph and Dennise Martincic
Sigfredo Martinez
Abelina Martinez
Jennifer Marx
Joseph Marzucco and Gabriele Kather
Matthew Masini
Beverly and Earl Mason
Thomas and Denise Mason
Harry and Jane Massett
Barbara Massey
George and Tracey Massey
Sal and Carol Matarazzo
Patricia Matheny
Susan Mather
Brett Mathes
Molly Mathew, M.D.
Diane Mathison
Michael Matragrano and Sheila Frye-Matragrano
Edward Matthews
Diane and Scott Mattox
Martha Mattus
Jona and Frank Maukonen
Stephen and Darlene Mawdsley
Sharon Maxey
John and Robin May
Lawrence and Linda May
Dave May
Carol May
Jacob Mayhew
Chris and Dianne Mays
Jack and Ann Mayson
Tom Mazur
Dennis and Deborah Mc Adam
Clifford E. McAllister
Christina McCandless
Meg McCauley and Giuseppe Pecoraro
Megan McChesney
Patricia McClelland
Lynn McClenahan and Gregory Smith
Beverly and Charles McColloch
Sarah and Tim McCool and Family
Betty McCoy
Connie McCready
Blair McCrory
Dan and Carrie McCullough
Richard and Kathleen McCullough
Karen and Brent McCune
Gail McCurter
Gilbert and Joanne McCutcheon
Elaine McDonald and Steven Hall
Michael McDowell
James and Elizaberth McFarland
Patricia Ann McGaffigan
Linda McGeath
Mary McGilvra
Mary McGladrey
Christopher and Marsha McGrath
Laurie McGrath
Valerie McGuire and Dean Brosowske
Alison McIntosh
Alvin and Kathie McKay
Douglas and Sara Jane McKean
Mark McKechnie
Alice McKee and Eric Smith
David McKelvey
Tom McLaughlin
Dan McMillan
Mr. and Mrs. Victor McPherson
Marilyn and Jon McWilliams
Christa and Michael Medders
Irvin and Thelma Meier
Rebecca Mellinger and Nikolaos Tzetos
Nancy Mensch
Michael Merrick
Ben Merrill
Ruth and Arnold Metz
Thomas Meyer
James Meyer and Suzanne Flores
Katherine E. Meyer
Vicki Meyer
Joan Meyerhoff
Chris Meyers
Bruce Michalski and Andrea Cicero
Donna Michel
Elizabeth and John Michels
Sara Migliazzo
June Mikkelsen
Fred and Jean Miller
Robert and Karen Miller
Janet Miller
Carol Ann Miller and Robert Simpson
Naomi Miller
Eve Miller
James and Vashti Miller
Rita and Randy Miller
Sarah and Ryan Miller
Sherry Miller and Michael Scully
Barbara Millikan
Ron Mills
Paul and Laura Milne
William Miner and Jody Gallino
Lara Minor
Ronald Minter
Nicole Miranda
Gregory and Eileen Misslin
Jennifer Mittelstaedt
Lorraine Mix
Lois Mock
Scott Mockry
Richard and Martha Moehl
Victoria Moffet, Attorney At Law, PC
Cynthia Mohr
Ken and Mary Moisan
David Molko and John Rafalski
Fern Momyer
David and Mary Montesano
Jim Moore
Theresa Moore
Julie Moore
Kristie Moore
Mary Alice Moore
Paula Moore
Robert and Janie Moore
Robert and Dolores Moore
Harry and Ruth Ann Moore
Kathryn Moore and Guy Super
Paul Mooring
Seth Moran
Carol Morgaine
Susannah Morgan
Claire Morgan
Ralph Morgan and Debra Thompson
Robert and Karen Morris
Grace and Barbara Morrison
Patricia Morris-Rader and Don Rader
Doralee Mortensen
Kelyn Moser
Nola Mosier and Barney Watson
Jeanna Moyer
Keil Mueller
Daniel Mueller and Joann Pari-Mueller
Marcia Mueller
Celia and Eric Mueller
Avis Muggli
Karen Mugler
Rick and Rhonda Muhly
Susan and Alfred Mukatis
Tamara and Thomas Muldoon
Kristen and Jackson Muldoon
Barbara and Paul Muller
Dennis Mulvihill
Matti Munson
Juanita Muntz
Eloise Murphy
Evelyn and Tom Murphy
Cathy Murphy
Stacy Anne Murphy
Timothy Murphy
Jon and Annave Murray
Lynda Murray
Martha Murray
Nancy Murray
Alfred and Terrie Murray
Larry Murray
Scott Murray and Nancy Winters
David Murray
Dan Muzyka
Betty Muzzall
Charles and Christine Myers
Debbi Nadell and Steven Birkel
Pamela and Hajime Nagashima
Laura Nagle
Susan Nakada
Mary Ellen and David Nardone
Amin Naseri
Shirley Nash
Ron and Shirley Naso
Charlotte Navarre
Arthur and Mary Neal
Margot and Chris Neamtzu
Mary and C. Richard Neely
Kristine Nelson
Sheila Nelson and Philip Curtis
Saren and Albert Nelson
Susan Nelson
Michael Nelson
Mary and Peter Nelson
Wendy and Robert Newby
Stephen Newcombe
Sydney Newell
Patricia Newton
Eric and Kathy Newton
Heather and James Nicholas
Georgette Nicolais and Clint Stull
Debra and Ronald Niedner
John and Lauren Niemer
Susan and Jerome W. Nierengarten
Scott Niesen and Lynn Dueltgen
Kathleen Nieubuurt
Linda Niles
Jan Nims
Linda Noble
Dolores and Harvey Nolting
JoAnne Nordling
Kathy Nordquist
Ashleigh Norment
Sara Nosanchuk
Alinka Nowicki-McMullen
Mark Nutcher and Birgit Koehler
Elizabeth Oakes and D. Kerry Keeler
Sara and Christopher O'Brien
Holly O'Brien
Margaret O'Connell
Karyn and Sione Ofa
Andrea Ogston
Julie O'Halloran
Thomas O'Hara
Martha O'Hara
Jillian and Lee Oien
Brett and Nicole Okamoto
Celene Okeson
Rashelle Oldfield
Don and Patricia Olds
Gary and Anne Olson
Madeline and Allan Olson
Mary Oman
Steve and Jennifer Omner
Karen and Ryan O'Neal
Amy O'Neill and Larry Staver
Greg and Carol Opfel
Teresa and Alan Osborne
Natalie and Robert Osburn
Sarah and Larry Ostermiller
Layne Ostrochovsky
Annette O'Sullivan
Fatima Oswald
Rebecca and Steven Oswald
Margaret O'Toole
Paula Ousley
Melissa Over and Douglas Kaigler
Linda Owens
Jeannette and Michael Oxentenko
Nancy Pagaduan
Ann and John Painter
Karen and Benjamin Painter
Ellery Palanuk
Nancy Pallari
Elizabeth and John Palles
Nancy and Robert Palmer
Linda and David Palmer
Aina Pamovskis
Manoj Panse
Pierina Parise and Bartley Day
Yoona and Thomas Park
Cynthia Park
Marcus and Lindsay Parks
Elaine Parrish
Robert Partridge and Greg Kern
Dan Passell
Amit Patel
Michael and Janet Patin
Brigitte Patrick
Jollee and John Patterson
Margaret A. Patton
Ann Patton
Micki Paul
Frankie and James Paulson
Macel Pearce
Brendan Pearse and Sheila Crandles
Susan and Peter Pease-Banitt
David and Carol Pebworth
Jeannette and Timothy Peck
Patricia Peebles
Tom and Anna Peerbolt
Martha Pellegrino
Crystal Pence
Evan Penfield
Peninsula Lodge #128 Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Ken Penner
Michael and Jan Pennings
Stacy Perkins
Lori and Mark Perkins
Elva Pero
Susan and Stephen Perry
Stephanie Perry
Rebecca Peters
Kay Petersen
Poul E.J. Petersen and Kara Daley
David and Claire Peterson
Barbara Peterson
Robin and Erik Peterson
Jan Peterson
David Peterson
Candace Peterson
Marilyn Peterson
Donna and Bradley Peterson
John G. Petrich and Catherine O'Brien
Deborah Petsche
Carl and Susie Petterson
Diana Pettibone
Mary Ann Phillips
Margie and Jim Phillips
Mary Ann and Ray Phillips
David Phillips
Gloria Pickering
James and Deborah Pickering
Karen Pierce and Fred Lipper
Janet Piercey
Crystal and Leo Pillifant
Ann Pine
Joan Pinkert
Dennis and Beth Pixton
James and Norma Pizza
Steve and Shannon Planchon
Karen and Duane Pollard
Richard and Orianne Polley
Ann and Bruce Pomazal
Carole and Jerome Pool
Diana Pope
Kathleen Porter
William Porter
Lynn Portwood-Warinner
Eugene and Susan Pospisil
Douglas and Julie Postlewaite
Rondi Potter
Eric and Prineet Pottmeyer
Vicky and David Powe
Wendy Givens and Shirley Powell
Jennifer and Keith Prater
Maurine Price
Kathleen and Peter Priepke
Judy Probstfield
Kim and David Procknow
Stanley and Jan Pszczolkowski
Amber Pucci
Mary Lou Pugsley
Roberta Pullen
Carol Ann and Donald Purkey
Philip Quarterman
Candace Quinlan
David and Teresa Quinn
Job Rabinowitz and Anita Osterhaug
Ann Margaret Rader
John and Mary Katherine Radich
Nancy and Steven Raether
Margaret and Timothy Ragan
John Ragno
Nick and Deby Ragona
Linda and Tom Ralley
Eliseo Ramirez and Kirk Stafford
Laurel Ramsey
Steven and Andrea Ramsey
Kapila and Yamuna Ranasinghe
Deborah Rand
Esther Rand
John and Bonita Randall
Barbara Jill Randall
Kymberly Randolph and Larry Clemson
Mary Ratcliff
Marian and Fred Rauch
Christopher Rauschenberg and Janet Stein
Jeanne Reairdon
Loraine Redifer
Sara Reed
Cheryl Reeves and Michael Straus
Mae Reeves
Tia Mary Regan and Edward R. Leager
Mark and Deborah Regan
David Reich
Vicki Reid
Ian and Carol Reid
Robert Reis
Gerald and Teresa Renfro
Cecil Reniche-Smith
Laura Renner
Mary Rex and David Hess
Richard and Pauline Reynolds
Regis and Patricia Reynolds
Don and Phyllis Reynolds
Steven Rhine and Toby Abraham-Rhine
Leslie and Charles Rhodes
Myrna Rhodes
David and Ann Rice
Jackie Rice and Karen Eason
Mary Jo Rice and Robert McDonald
Leslie Richards
Phyllis Marion Richardson
Diana Richardson
Annette Richardson
Gerald Richardson and Annette Kirby
Jessica Richman
Barbara and Scott Richmond
Stanton and Adeline Rickey
Carl Riddick
Rosemary and Michael Riddock
Susan Riley-Isakson and Mark J. Isakson
Shannon Rinck
Yvette Roberts
Melissa Roberts
Amy and Bruce Robertson
Sandra Robertson
Selene Robinowitz
Jean Robinson
Rebecca Robinson
Lucy Rodriguez
Rich Roell and Ann Krake
Carol and Greg Rollins
Kenneth and Arliss Rolph
Judy Romano and Larry Wasserman
George and Irene Romero
Bryan Rookey
Anne and Steve Rose
Cynthia Rosene and Rhonda VanderSluis
Jay and Sharon Rosenlof
Cherri Roskie
Kimberly and Trevor Ross
Gary Ross and Judy Andrews
Alicia Ross
Forrest and Nancy Rosser
Constance Rosson and Patrick Dunn
Emily Roth
Kendra Rothert and Jeffrey Kaye
Martha and Alan Rothstein
Erica Roulier and Nikolas Jones
David and Danette Rowe
Mary Rowe
Mr. Tripp Royce
Holly and Ted Ruback
Charlotte Rubin
Cathryn Ruckle
Katharine Rudfelt
Gayle and Conrad Rue
Kelli Rule
Jennifer Rupert and Paul Olenginski
James Ruppa and Barbara Simon
Lea Rush and John Bartley
Nicole and Robert Russell
Jeannette and Don Russell
Katy Rustvold
Sarah and Tim Ruttan
Carolyn Ryan and Reva Leeman
Suzanne Ryerson
Bernard Saalfeld
Alice H. Sachs
Jeff Safer
Jenni Saffran Reichen
David Saladini
James and Marilyn Salter
George and Ethel Saltzberg
Alex Samarin
Leslie Sampson and Margo Reifenrath
Jessica and Gregg Sanders
Alan Sandler
Carol Sands
Joseph Sauer
Evan Saulino and Brenda Brischetto
Mary and J. Dennis Saulsbury
Richard and Dianne Saulsbury
Jennifer and Tom Saunders
Connie Saunders
Rebecca Saunders
Denise Savage
Thomas Sayers
Connie Sayler
Tanya Schaefer
Robin and Joseph Schaefer
Bruce and Gaye Schafer
Jo Ann Schamber
Cathy Schar
Mary Lou Scheidt
Elizabeth Schellberg and Gary Watkins
Irene Schertz
Ralph Schildknecht
Jim Schlauch
Ione and Norton Schlesinger
Debbie Schlueter
William Schmeling
Mindy and Bruce Schmidt
Lian Schmidt and Jeremy Buck
Edward and Mary Ellen Schmitt
Naomi Schneider
Kathryn and Richard Schneider
Karen Schneider
Dave Schock
Carol Schoewe
Penelope Schott and Eric Sweetman
Judy M. Schreuder
Robin Schueler
Rob Schulman
David and Christine Schulman
Kathy Schwab
Susan Schwartz and Michael Marciniak
Dana and Jerry Schwartz
Jacob Schwartzman
Leigh Schwarz and Michael Beard
Daniel Schwass and Virginia Brooks
Leslie Schweitzer
Alan Scott and Ana Rivas-Scott
Stephanie and Casey Scott
Peggy Scovill
Denise Searles and Celeste Mazzacano
Joan Sears
Mary Sempert
Joyce Semradek
Cynthia Shafer
Suparna Shanmugam
Linda Shapiro
Surinder Sharma
William and Leslie Sharp
Lee Shaver
Gary Shaw
Charles Shaw
Marte Sheenan and Linda Duchek
Prasad Shenoy-Jakribet
Matthew Shepard
Duke Shepard
Jean Shepherd
Catherine and William Sheppard
Ann Sheridan
Gail and Mark Sherman
Karen and Mark Sherman
Audrey Sherman and Darren Weirnick
Larry and Pat Sherrick
Mary Shick
Candy Shick
Frances Shields and Steve Schreiner
Ronald and Margaret Shields
Keisha Shippy
Joan Shireman
Linda Shockey
Richard and Bonnie Shumate
Alan and Gwendolyn Shusterman
Alice and William Sibley
Henry Sigmon and Edie Cole
Dutch and Alice Sigmund
Roy and Ellen Silfven
June Sills
Gregory and Dale Silver
Shelley Simmons and Vineet Kapur
Bruce Simmons
David and Cindy Simon
Nancy Simpson
Janet and Bobby Simpson
Elizabeth Sims
Stephen and Diana Sirkin
Emma and Mark Sirois
Al F. and Anne Sklensky
Helen Slater
Derek Sleeman
Allison Sliter and Michael Wolfe
Konya and Mark Smethers
Holly and Mark Smith
Steven Smith
Raymond Smith
Dana A. Smith
Timothy D. Smith
Sieglinde K. Smith
Betty Smith
Beverlee and Burton Smith
Elwood Dale and Katherine E. Smith
Ann and Stephen Smith
Emil Smith
Selma Smith
Philip and Nancy Smith
Dinah Smith
Helen Smith
Robert and Judith Smith
Jan Smith
David Smith
Cynthia and David Smith-English
Christine Snow
Andrew and Doris Snyder
Roy Soards and Laurel Stocker
Marlayna Soenneker
Deborah and Jim Soloway
Rita Soman
John and Kathleen Somers
Miriam Sontz and Joseph Walsh
James Sorensen
Paul and Carmen Sorenson
Rosanne Soriano
Mary Lou Soscia
Susan and Richard Sosnika
Ric Spence and Rog Wyatt
LeNeva Spires
John and Mary Springer
Sreenivas Sreekantham
Joyce St Arnaud and Joel Kay
Karen St. Clair and Richard Goldenberg
Anna St. John
Elizabeth Stanhope and Keska Kemper
Georgina and Mitchell Stanton
Stephanie and Philip Stanton
Suzanne Stanton and Drew Whitner
Marilyn Staples-Sundt and Gregory Sundt
Janne Stark and Charles Curb
Maxi Starr
Dorothy and Gerald Stearns
Maggie Steele
Charles and Sydney Steen
Angela Steiert
Walter and Mary Jane Steiger
Carol Steimle and Greg Halverson
Paul Stein
Ronald Steiner
Susan Stell
Elaine Stensrud
Molly Stenzel
Rachel Stephens
Laura Stepp
William and Joan Sterr
Barbara Stetson
Alexander and Shelley Stevens
David Stewart
Theresa Stillman
Marsha Stoffer
Ellen Stoinoff
Jennifer Stoller and Darin Friess
Rosannah and George Stone
Judith and David Stone
Anita and Solon Stone
Patricia Stone and Lissa Adams
Karen Stone
Eric and Renee Storm
Donna Storz
Dorothy Stoudt
Karen Stratton and Roger Golliver
Sheryl Stratton
Gail Streicker
Sheri Strite
Chris Strobl
Tim and Nancy Stuckart
Laure Sturdevant and Michael Lynch
Bobbie Sue
Irma Sullivan
David Sumerlin
William and Carla Summerlin
Daryl Summers
Brenda Summers
Betty Summers
David and Heidi Sumner
Megan Sundahl
Katrina Susi
John Svicarovich
Brent and Anne Swanson
Charles Swett
Tamessa A. Szalai and Blake Biesecker
Debra and Rodney Tallman
Lee and Janet Tapper
Diana and Martin Tassoni
Lucinda Tate
Roberta Taussig
Chris Tawney
Jeanie Taylor and Tom Lenon
Michael Taylor
Leslie Taylor and Douglas Beers
Barbara Taylor
Bruce E. Taylor and Jana Doughty
Lisa Taylor
Megan Taylor
C. Edward Taylor
Catherine Tearle
Martha Tebbenkamp
Lanea Teeny
Amber Telfer
Katherine Tennyson
Susan Terry
Janice and Jeffrey Thede
Christine Thelen
Scott and Paula Thoburn
Enrique and Estela Thomann
Randi and David Thomas
John and Carol Thomas
Peter and Suzanne Thompson
Susan Thompson Armentrout
William Thornton
Tracy Thornton and Ernest Conway
Barbara Threefoot
Bob Thuemmel
Richard Tibbets
Nancy Tice
Saundra Timberlake
Margaret Tims
Irene Tinker
Karin Tinning
Allison Titus
Nancy and John Todd
Laurie Todd and Teresa Grayum
Susan Tokola-Avison
Roy and Ethel Tomlinson
Michael Tonn
Lynette and Ty Trabosh
Jeremy Trabue
Pearl Trachtenberg
Nancy Tracy
Trade Up Music, Inc.
Scott and Suzanne Travelstead
Patricia Treece
Cynthia and Donald Trelstad
Virginia Tribe
Steven and Janet Trinkle
Marcia Tripp
Douglas Trotter and Jean Borgerding
Jessica Trout
John True
Nancy and Thomas Truszkowski
Lyle Tucker
Darlene Tucker
Jeanne and Donald Tucker
Cynthia Turley
Marilynn and William Turner
Kernan and Betzabe Turner
Marjorie Turner
Thomas and Jocelyn Tuthill
Dan and Donna Twombly
Christine Tye
Mary Ulmer and John Cowles
Joanne and Larry Ulrich
Beverly and Norman Underwood
James and Joan Upshaw
Christine Uri
Sadna and Desh Urs
Mary and Jacques Vaillancourt
Johannes and Jacoba Van Andel
Wayne and Susan van der Naald
Margaret Van Dyke
Douglas and Ann Van Fleet
Laura van Fleet
Mark and Anne Van Ness
Kay Van Patten
Diana and Jason Van Pelt
Richard and Denise Van Rheen
Greda Van Veen
Beverly and Robert Vance
Kristine Vanderburg
Jeanne VanDeRiet and Malcolm McCord
Carolyn and Ralph Vanderslice
Courtney Vanderstek
Bjorn Vandervoo
Michael and Harriet Vann
Christopher and Kristen VanOchten
Dinah Vardon
Eva Varga
Margaret and Craig Vattiat
Gerlinde Vekemans
Kathryn Venator
Carole Veres
Andrew Veyliotti and Elizabeth Horn
Curt Vie
Richard and Patricia Vigran
Nancy Vinikoor
Nita R. Vining
Lisa and Thomas VinZant
Richard and Cheryl Viskov
Mark and Mary Ann Vollbrecht
Bertha Von Craigh
Brigitte Von Platen
Dipal and Sanjay Vora
Karen and Roger Vorderstrasse
Michael and Bonnie Voss
Richard and Karen Vranizan
Bradley E. and Susan Vrilakas
Michael and Lisa Waddick
James Wade
Marilyn and Glenn Waer
Paula Wagenbach and Hugh Brunk
Amy Wagner
Phylis and Timothy Wakefield
Joanne and Allen Wakeland
Elizabeth Walden
Thomas and Marvel Walker
Stefani Walker
Dale Walker
Judith Walker
Caryl Walker
Christina Wall
Sean and Melissa Wall
Becky Wallace
Margaret Wallis
Kerry Walls
David and Karen Waln
Leah Wannell
Anne and Eddie Ward
William and Nancy Ward
Jean M. Warden
Ruth Warner
Beverly and Alfred Warren
Pamela Wasson
Donald and Robyn Watkins
Donald and Patricia Watne
Dyan Watson
Jay and Mary Ann Watson
Angela and Keith Watson
Andrew and Lori Watson
Andrew Waxman
Permelia Weaver
Shauna Weaver
Bonnie and Neil Webber
Yael and Benjamin Webber
Robert Weber
Walter and Gudrun Weber
Elizabeth and Rick Weber
Claudia and Kenneth Weber
Ellen and Eric Weeks
Byron Weibelt
Tara Weidner
Melissa Weintraub
Julee Welch and Cameron Maclean
Randall and Deborah Wells
Jennifer Welnick and Evan Haas
Paula Welshons and G. Michael Silberbach
Patty Wentz
Doris Werkman and Douglas Persson
Joella Werlin
Claudine Werner
Mary West
Victoria Lee Wetle and Myron Redford
John and Traci Wheeler
Florene Wheeler
Marilyn and James Wheeler
Julie and Andrew Wheeler
Barbara and Linn Whitaker
Allen and Nancy Whitaker-Emrich
Catherine and Thomas Whitcomb
Rose White
Cliff White
Traci White
Caroline and Paul White
Penny Isaacs White and C. Stephen White
Mark and Charlean White
Hannah and John Whitehead
Michael Whitney
Susan Barnes Whyte
Amanda Wickham and Craig Moore
Sandra and John Wicklund
Grace Wiesner
Lawrence A. Wiklund
Alison and James Wilcox
Susan Wilder
Rebecca Wilhelm
Tammy and Charles Wilhoite
Jerry Wilkins
Edyth Willard
Vincent Willeford
Traci Jo Willey
Mark and Marie Williams
Kathleen Williams
Sheryl Williams
Kenya Williams
Carolyn Williams
Mark Williams
Theodore and Eileen Williamson
Robert and Jeanne Willis
John M. Wills and Jean Miley
Jane Willsea
Glorialee Wilmes
Laurie and Mitchelle Wilson
Betty Wilson
Dorothy and John Wilson
Wallace and Daryl Wilson
Robbi and Tom Wilson
Harvey Wilson
Sandra Wilson
Nancy Winbigler and Jim Hendershot
Alan Winders
Anthony Windsor
Jeanne and Ray Wing
Carol Wing
Donald and Marlene Winn
Mary Kay and Bill Winther
Jennifer Wirsig
Felicia Wirtz
William and Elizabeth Wise
Gerald Witt and Susan Bliss
Paula and Gerald Wolf
Carol Wolfe
Jack Wolinsky
Josephine Wollen
Carolyn Wood
Kristina and Timothy Wood
Micaela Works
Jennifer Worley
Sarah Worthington
Colleen Wright
Pamela and Joseph Wright
Maria Wulff and John Damis
Merri and William Wyatt
Anne Wyatt
William Wynn and Mary Dielschneider
Barbara Wyse and Pat McLaughlin
Samyak Yamauchi and Charles Steury
Milton and Joanne Yatvin
Elizabeth and Christopher Yensan
Sam and Barbara Yerke
Carol and Robert Yonker
Wendy Yorkshire
Liz Young
Barbara and Oliver Young
Richard J. and Melanie Young
Patricia Young
Stacy and Kyle Young
Gretchen Young
Dave and Donna Yount
Mary Zack
Alex Zamora and Mara Fields
Adam Zbinden
Margaret Zebroski
Catherine and Bill Zegar
Gertrude Zelko
Richard Zeller and Melissa Morrow
Mary and Eugene Zellharie
Clair Zentner
Joyce Zewekh