Annual Report

2012-2013 Donors: Individuals, Bequests, and Advised Funds

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Thank you to individuals, bequests and advised funds. The following donated more than $500 in fiscal year 2012-13.

Ed Cauduro Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Marguerite I. Cianchetta Revocable Living Trust
Archie D. Newman Marital Trust
Grace E. Rollo Trust
Rhoda Rosenthal Trust

$50,000 – $99,999
Andrews-Cohn Family Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Lawrence and Dorothy Smith
State of Oregon Employees

$10,000 – $49,999
Anonymous (11)
Applied Materials Employees
Thomas Bacon
Beck Charitable Trust of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Donald and Mary Blair
William M. Brod Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Josephine and Edward Colbach
Michael and Elizabeth Crawford
Decherd Charitable Trust of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Florence and Earl Dyer
Equity Foundation Employees
The Wayne and Sandra Ericksen Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Howard Franklin
Catherine and Bjorn Fredrickson
David Hake
Ned and Sis Hayes Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
John and Diane Howieson
Huntting Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
IBM Corporation Employees
Judy and Bradley Johnson
Kaiser Permanente Employees
The Joan and Wayne Kingsley Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Mark and Wendy Knudsen
Bernard Lacroute
Liberty Mutual Employees
Linman Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Gary McAuley
John S. McGowan Estate
David Mihm
NIKE Employees
Jerry and Corrine Nothman
Pacific Foods of Oregon Employees
Loren Parks
Eric and Rae Piesner
Port of Portland Employees
Portland General Electric Employees
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon Employees
Gerald Richardson and Annette Kirby
George Rossman
Schamp Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Deborah and Roger Spring
The Standard Insurance Company Employees
Mark VanCleef
David and Christine Vernier
Walsh Construction Company Employees
Wells Fargo Employees
Peter and Tammi Wiedensmith
Richard and Jean Wills
Duncan and Aileen Wyse
Barbara Coit Yeager

$5,000 – $9,999
Reverend Edward Altstock
Anonymous (11)
Yvonne Arechiga
Jean and Ray Auel
Robert and Julia Ball
Stanley and Linda Barnwell
Lester and Heather Baskin
Barbara Beebe
David and Tammy Blaskowsky
Jeffery and Faye Branton
Chet and Marie Britten
Kristi Buxton and Bobak Ghaheri
Robert Cochrane
Rosanne and Scott Coffee
Margery Crist
Jeff and Rhonda Curtis Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Brian and Julie Daellenbach
Bill Ellis
Paul Feldman
Deborah and R.G. Fellman
William Fisher
Geoffrey Fox
Marc Franklin
Kyle and Charles Fuchs
Robin and Brian Gantt
Arnie and Robin Gardner
Gaylord-Eyerman Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Karen Greaves
Greene/Ponti Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mark Greenfield
Blair and Darlene Halperin
Stephen and Cynthia Harder
Hewlett Packard Employees
Stephen and Jan Holden Advised Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington
Estate of Yvonne E. Hoover
Anne Jaqua and Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Jenda Johnson and David Sherrod
Ronald and Gayl Johnson
Donald and Suzy Jones
Harry and Marguerite Kendall Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Anne Kennedy
Michael Kerrigan
Floyd and Betty Kusek
Lane Powell PC Employees
Charles and Ursula Le Guin
The John & Elaine Lemmber Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Norbert and Christine Leupold
Margaret Liebert
Richelle Malott and Douglas Weeks
Linda and Lanny Marshall
Janeen and Malcolm McAninch
Arthur and Aileen McNett Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Moda Health Employees
Steve and Cathy Olson
Edwin G. Park and Daniel Neal Park
Jeanne Prier
Thomas and Marianne Pullella
Jack Rickli
Janice Sakofsky
Brian and Julie Satterwhite
Karen Schartman
Thomas Schneiger and Lindsey McGrath
Sharon Schomer and Philip Roche
Paul Schuele
Charles Scudder
Nan Shaffner
Christopher Sherry and Lee Stewart
Barbara Sloop
John Slusher and Christine Carr
Barbara and Jim Snow
Robert Stoll
Russell and Marie Taber
Marcia Tripp
Sami Tucker and Robert Crooks
Lawrence and Deanna Unger
The Wills Family Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Robert and Mary Woodell
Linda Wylie
John and Anne Zukin

$500 – $4,999
Donald and Joan Aaberg
Douglas Aaron
Katherine and David Abdun-Nur
Marvin and Deborah Abe
Dan Aberle
David Abri
Linda Absher and Peter Walsh
Christopher Acheson and Elizabeth Carr
Christopher and Virginia Achterman
Marilyn and Charles Actor
Tamra Adair and Jay Hiserote
Kathy and Roger Adams
Lonnie and Shirley Adams
James and Katherine Adams
Rosalee Adams
Kim Adams
Lisa Adatto
Elizabeth Addis
Julie Adkins
Adler Jarach Fund of the Equity Foundation
Gertrude Ahlberg
Ainslie Orthodontics Employees
Michael and Deborah Aiona
Martina and Thomas Akeson
Marylou Alberdt
Norma Alberthal
Eric and Caroline Albertson
Catherine Albrecht
Allison Alderman
Merle Alexander
Dina Alexander and Jim Taylor
Vincent and Hiltrud Alexander
Jean Allen and Michael Ellis
Kathleen and John Allen
David and Holly Allen
Marilyn Allen
Melanie and Brett Allen
Todd and Corinne Allen
Kimberly Allen-McClintick
Jay and Terri Allison
Mark Allred and Janeen Reilly
Kris Alman and Michael Siegel
Kenneth and Marilyn Altman
Ameriprise Financial Employees
Gary and Patricia Andeen
John and Martha Anderson
Karen Eleanor Anderson
Thomas Anderson and Elaine Seaberg
Brent Anderson and Kathleen Birchfield
Julie Anderson
John and Sally Anderson
Dirk and Maureen Anderson
Clifford and Beth Anderson
Karen Anderson
Susan Anderson
David Anderson and Patty Dost
David Anderson and Cherri Roden
John and Jean Anderson
Sally Andersson
Andrew and Jolene Andoniadis
Michael and Kathleen Andre
Kathleen Andres
Helen Andrews
Gail and Bruce Andrews
Collette Angier-Burr and Michael Burr
Anonymous (254)
Cecelia Antonio
Leonard and Brenda Aplet
Apsler Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Jaime Arb
Ralph Archenhold
Tony and Lisa Ard
Scott and Margaret Arighi
Bonnie Armbruster and Harold Vandervelde
Arthur and Rebecca Armour
Bradley Arms
Ann Armstrong
Annette and David Armstrong
Anthony and Christine Arnerich
Gene and Muriel Arnold
Darryl Arthur and Elena Whitaker
Loretta Asa
Arlene L. Ashcraft
AT&T Employees
Ater Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
John and Sharla Attey
Lee August
James and Kelley Aurand
Jill Austin and Richard Sorenson
Charles J. Austin and Lee Ann Girard
Clayton and Janet Avery
David Axelrod and Marilyn Couch Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Katharine Babad
Arthur and Shirley Babad Account of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
David Baca
Michael and Jody Baccellieri
Stephen Bachelder and Kathryn Tucker-Bachelder
Robin Bacon-Shone
Joseph and Krista Badger
Dr. Grover and Susan Bagby
Raymond Bagley
John and Shawnie Bailey
Aleita Bailey
Ronald and Joanne Bailey
Beverly Bain
Tracy and Greg Bair
Steven and Mary Baker
Cara and Alfred Baker
Elizabeth Baker
Barbara and Gregory Baker
Matthew Baker
Susan and Gary Baker
Bill and Paula Ball
Paula and Robert Ballard
Brenda and Stephen Ballo
Barbara Ballweber
Marlene Balmforth
John Bambace
Elizabeth and Michael Bamberger
Bob Bammerlin
Bank of America Employees
Jane Barber
Mrs. Anne Barbey
Beatrice Barclay
Annette and Robert Barkema
Susan Barker
Mary Ann Barlow
James E. and Ramona E. Barnard
Brian Barnes
Ken Barnes
Carol Barnum
Mary and Daryl Baron
Michael and Catherine Barrett
William and Susan Bartholomew
Karen and Craig Barton
Jon Barwise
Edward Basaraba
Karen and Edward Bassett Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Kim and Roselyn Batcheller
Jeffrey Batchelor
Suzy Bates and Bernard Martin
Kathryn Bates
Thomas and Karen Batiuk
Gordon and Drinda Battaile
Shannon and Alan Bauck
Michael and Tressa Bauer
Wayne Bauer
Annette and Friedrich Baumann
William and Joan Baumbach
Brett Baxter
Eric Baxter
Julia and Brian Baysinger
McPherson and J Beall
Edward Beals
Ruth Beam
Patricia and H. Bean
Travis Beard
Thomas and Robin Becic
Darrell and Joanne Beck
Bert and Mary Lou Becker
Michael Bedwell
Erin Beeler
Beeman Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Robert and Marie Behnke
Julian Bell
Richard and Hillary Bella
Peter Beninato
David and Bonnie Bennett
Mary Bennett
Vera Bennett
Paul and Pat Benninghoff
Don and Helen Benson
Philip and Rogene Benz
Patricia Berg
Anne Berg
Fred and Eugenie Bergemann
Wendy Berger and Nicholas Sencer
Kara Berglund
Harold and Paula Bergsma
Robert and Joanne Bergstrom
Andrew Berlinberg and Ellen Raim
Shirlee and Alan Berman
Carol Bernick and Mark Hackett
Susan Berns-Norman and Rolf Norman
Michele and Philip Bernstein
Emilio and Nancy Berwick
Lynn and John Betteridge
Marc S. and Elaine K. Betts
Susan Bexton
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian R. Beyerle
Marc Bianco
Teresa Bidlake
Sharon and Eugene Bigham
Jason Billings
Laurence Binder
William Bires and Marilyn Smith-Doss
Paula and Dan Bisenius
Alice Bishop
Timothy Bishop
Broughton and Mary Bishop Family Advised Fund of the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington
Jennifer Bissett
Kathleen Bissonnette
Elizabeth Blair
Ronald Blair
Leslie Blaize
Chris and Janette Blake
Dixie and A. Stan Bland
Gregory Bland and Anne Shouse
George Blankenship and Shereda Benfield
Earle Blanton
Richard Blanz
Laura Bledsoe
Annis and George Bleeke
David and Kathy Bleyle
Bonnie and Donald Blish
Florence Blitch
Robert and Katherine Block-Brown
Renee and Don Blom
Melanie Bloom
Jill Blount
Ron Bluhm
Jeffrey and Lisbet Bluhm
Jack Blumberg and Thomas Anderson
Roberta Bocci
Donna and Richard Boerner
Robert Boertien
Paul Boes
Vanessa Bogaert and Aaron Gorin
Rebecca and Jerold Bogorad
Jennifer Bohlin
Bradley Bohlin
Martin Bohm
Leonard Bolen
Victor and Arline Bollman
Friends Of Suzanna Bonamici
Michael Bonazzola
Richard and Roberta Bond
Mark Bonebrake
JoAnn and Arlo Bones
Sarah Boomer
Thomas and Kristen Boothe
Caroline and Scott Borduin
Norman and Barbara Borgen
Lisa and Peter Borho
Fred and Diane Born
James and Frances Borquist
Sid Bos
Kenton Bostwick
Michael Bostwick
Chad and Misty Bouse
Judith Bowen
Dick and Dorris Bower
Luke Bowman
Patricia Bowman and Richard M. Kolbell
Resa Boxell and Steve Whitson
Barbara Boyd
Eileen Boyd
Charles Boyle and Diana Cleland-Boyle
Joe and Katie Boyle
Craig Boynton
Ben Braat and Stephanie Whalen
Rebecca Bradfield
Robert and Karee Bradford
Mark and Arlene Bradley
John and Kim Bradley
Todd and Susan Bradley
Fredrick and Diana Bradshaw
John and Diane Bradshaw
Duane and Donna Brady
Richard Brainard
Patrick and Teresa Brame
Marianne Brams
Jeanie Brandt
BBG Brandt-Gasuen
Linda and Jason Brauser
Ann Brayfield and Joseph Emerson
Susan and Christopher Brehmer
Henry and Mary Breithaupt
Gary and DiAnn Bremer
Joan Brenner
Robert and Diana Bretl
Suzanne Brian
Kay Bridenbaugh
Tadimdia Bridges
Evona Brim
Katherine Brink-Schwab and John Schwab
Russell Brinton
Linda and Glen Brisbine
Rachel Bristol and Jim Abrahamson
Kathleen Bristow
Howard Brockman
James and Constance Brodhacker
Cathy and Jerry Brodie
Susan Brody and Allen Johnson
Per Brogaard
Leigh Broller and J. Renee Brooks
Ben Bronfman
Ulista Brooks
Nancy and F. Gerald Brown
Deborah Brown
Paul Brown
Jann Brown
Lorna Brown and Mary Margaret Brown
James and Mary Brown
Lisa Brubaker
Geoffrey S. Bruce
Catherine Brugato
Debra and Todd Brunhoff
Elizabeth and Grant Brunker
Jim and Barb Bryan
Rozillah Bryan-Craig
Richard and Pat Bryant
Renee Bryant and Thomas Blume
Robert Buckley
Todd and Pilar Buerk
Lois Buerk
Paul and Elizabeth Buffam
Lonora and Charles Buford
Steve Buhaly
Andrea and Andrew Bullock
Susan Bulman
Robin Bunch
David and Betty Bunnell
Burczak Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
James and Diana Burdick
Dela and John Burgess
Phyllis Burke
Anne and James Burkey
Janie and Robert Burns
John W. and Julie Burns
Joseph and Joanne Burns
Ann Burns
Jacqueline Burns
Shirley Burns
Thomas and Joan Burns
Alan and Cheryl Burr
Ralph Burton
Greg and Lily Burton
Barbara and Carl Buskuhl
Jean Butcher and Thomas Deloughery
Tom Butler and Maryjane Spooner
Fred Butsch
Larry and D. G. Byassee
Ellyn Bye
Richard Bylund
Melissa Cadwallader and William Kramer
Joni Cady and Jane Rosevelt
Anne Caldwell
Jean Caldwell
Barbara and Worth Caldwell
Steven Calish
Michael and Helene Callagan
Don and Marcia Callender
Sue Calvin
Jennifer Calvin
Jeff and Mary Campbell
Ruth Campbell
Parlor Campbell
Kenneth Campbell
Sally Campbell
Andrew Campbell
Kimberly and Eric Campbell
Paul and Grace Campbell
Debby Camper
Jeanne and Thomas Campion
Vene Canady
Clyde and Phyllis Cansler
Donald Carbonari
Joseph and Kori Carbonaro
Robert and Jean Carbone
Lili L. M. Cardinaux
Paul Cardosi and Miriam McDonell
The Robert and Antonette Caren Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Thomas and Susan Carey
Linus and Corliss Carleton
Anne and Edwin Carlson
Greg and Olga Carlson
Isabelle Carlson
Michael Carlson
Robert Carlson
Lauretta Carlson
Linda and Doug Carnine
Shirley Carpenter
Maureen Carr
Daniel and Joanne Carr
Irene Carrillo
Louise Carroll
Peggy Carstens
Steven and Patricia Cartales
James and Julie Carter
Avis Cartier
Janet and L.D. Cartmill
Richard Carver
Linda Case
David and Sue Case
Jerome Casey
Carol Cash
Maydel and George Cashdollar
Charles Caskey and Sue Horn-Caskey
Christopher Cassard and Linda Crouse
Bruce Cassels
Patrick Cassidy and Eileen Perlmeter
William Casti
Diana Castro
Ed Cator
Rockford and Sandra Catt
Yvonne Cauthorn
Theodore and Toni Cauthorn
Megan Cavanaugh and Jeffrey Hulse
Christi Cawood
Ronald and Jane Cease
Mary Centera
Thomas and Holly Chaimov
Allen Chamberlin
Karla and Mark Chan
Nicole and Nicholas Chan
Sarah and Frank Chaplen
Curtis and Wendy Chapman
Gary Chapman
Renee Chauvin
Doreen and David Chemerow
Kok Chen
Carol Chesarek
Stuart and Maranda Chestler
Rudy and Cherie Chevalier
Robert and Jane Chew
Francis Chia Yat Fai and Annabella Chia
Jeffrey Chicoine
Joan Childs
Donna Ching and Richard Leman
Susan Ching
Marietta Choe
Hubert and Doris Chrestenson
C. Robert Chrismer
Richard and Pamela Christ
Kathy Christensen
Robert and Donna Christensen
Michael Christenson
The Christianson Family Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
David and Margaret Christmann
Phyllis and Dudley Church
Joy F. Churchill
Cisco Employees
Patrick Clancy and Beth Caruso
Michael and Paula Clancy
Richard and Tracey Clark
Jim and Deborah Clark
Julie and Brian Clark
Roseanne Clark
Edgar and Janet Clark
Nancy Clark
Troy and Robin Clark
Susan Clarke
James and Nancy Clarke
Ronald and Judy Clarke
David and Jan Clay
Nicole and Timothy Cleary
Priscilla and Anthony Clemons
Casey and Margaret Cleveland
Tiffanie and Joseph Clifford
Denise and Tommy Cline
Anne Clinton
Jim Clippard
Martin and Barbara Cloe
The Clorox Company Employees
William and Judith Clyde
Katherine Cobb
Lynn Cochran
Vicki Coffey
Diane and Jerrie Coffman
Daniel Cogan and Danielle Pacifico-Cogan
James and Sharon Cohen
Janie and Richard Cohen
Elizabeth Coker
Bruce Colburn
Joyce and Patrick Cole
Delores Cole
Charlotte and Ralph Coles
Charles and Rose Colett
Randolph Colin
Beverly and Richard Colisch
Fredrick Colmenero
Todd and Shelli Colwell
Gary and Susan Combs
Brenda and D. Thomas Combs
Compass Group USA Employees
Heather and Robert Conradt
Darryl Conser
Timothy Conway
Greg and Barbara Conyne
Clare Cook
Roger Cooke and Joan Cirillo
Steven Cool and Molly McEwen
Thelma Cooper
John Ellis Cooper
Michael Cooper
Judy Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cooper
Nancy Cooper
Sandra and Melvin Cooper
Kathleen and Scott Copeland
Phillip Coquillete and Penny Holeman
Betty Corbett
Joan Corcoran
George and Moira Cordova
Daniel Core and Katrina Miller
Kathleen Cornett and Stephen Grove
Vicki and Nelson Correll
Jim Coshow
Karina Cottrell
Jay Coulter
Susan and Kevin Courtney
John Courtney
Julie Cowan
John and Ann Cowger
Anthony Cox and Ann Schmiedeke-Cox
James Cox and Brenda Nuckton
Jeff and Megan Cox
Carl and Sarah Cox
Ray and Judy Cox
Timothy Cox
Theresa and Victor Cozzoli
Nancy Craig
David and Debbie Craig
John and Mary Cramer
Mark and Angela Crandall
Katherine and Douglas Crane
Arlene Crawford
Carole Crawford
Peggy and Terry Crawford
Charles and Christine Crawley
Jeffrey M. Creswell
Mary Crichton
Nelson Crick and Linda Pedersen
Steven and Diana Crist
Audrey Crist
Margery F. Crist Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Patrick and Monica Criteser
Bruce Cronin
Luella Crow
David Crowe
Cathy Crown and David Johnstone
Donald and Carol Cruickshank
Nanci and Joseph Crum
David and Gloria Crymes
Elizabeth Culmer
Maida and John Cummings
Kara Cumpston
Grier and Nancy Cundill
Judy Cunningham
Nancy Cunningham
Karen Currier
James and Marsha Curtis
Betty Curtis
Cathryn Cushing and Mary Schutten
Bob and Donna Cynkar
Karen Czopek
Douglas and Darlene Daggett
Paul Dagle
Victor and Beryl Dahl
Dan and Ellen Dahle Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
John and Nanette Dahlquist
Armin and Peggy Dahms
Hazel Dailey
Christina and Bruce Daily
The James and Nancy Dalton Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Siobhan Daly and Daniel Summerfeldt
Martin and Jamie Dana
Antonio and Jill Daniels
Alison and Brad Daniels
Robert Danielson
Ron Danielson
Melanie and William Dann
Thomas and Terri Danowski
Hien Dao
BethAnne Darby
Stephen Dauenhauer
Hirav Dave
Sheila David and Erik Bakkom
L. J. Davidson
John Davies
Edith Davis
Dirk and Tammy Davis
Diane and Sil Davis
Bryce and Amy Davis
Thomas and Christine Davis
Raymond and Roberta Davis
Kenneth and Marci Davis
Leasa Davis
John D'Avolio and Jillian Henderson
Clara Dawes
David and Kay Dawson
Harold Day
Atilano De La Rosa
Philip De La Zerda
Nicholas and Janet De Morgan
Barbara De Young
Steven and Donna Deacon
Linda Dean
Clayton Deaver
Yvonne Deckard
Jim and Maria Declusin
Shira and Felix Degrood
Darcy Deibele and Taylor Correll
George and Karen Deibert Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Max Deinzer
Elizabeth DeLavan Trust
Dell Employees
Joe and Randee Dellaselva
Richard and Judith Demarest
Robert Dempster and Karen Faunt
The Gun and Tom Denhart Family Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Martha and Scott Denis
The Patricia Dennis Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Nancy and Dale Denson
David and Marilyn Dent
Donald Dernbach
Nancy and Jeff Deroos
Robert and Kathleen Derrick
Teresa and Peter DeStefano
Thomas Dethloff
Kevin and Marie Devlin
Shannon Devon
Richard and Carol Dickey
Vicky Diede
Raymond and Mary-Elise Diedrich
Albert and Lori Dierckes
Barbara and Eric Dierks
Randy Dietrich
Deborah and David Dietz
Stephen and Bridget DiGeorge
Susan Dimin
Cheryl and David Dine
Dorothy Dinneen
Roger and Diane Dinwiddie
Jean and William Dippert
Frances and Stephen Dishman
Dagmar and Rick DiStefano
Elizabeth and William Dixon
Hillary Dixon
Patricia and Jeri Dobbs
Judy Doblie
Bill Dobson
Kenneth and Laura Dobyns
Robert Dolton
Jean Domalakes and Carvel Cook
Robert Doneker
John Donnell and Tana Hall
Gerald Donnelly
Quinn and Margaret Donnelly
Margaret Doolen
Jim and Mary Dooney
Ashesh Doshi
Richard Doty and Jane Elliott
Jennifer and Jeff Dougherty
Martha W. Dougherty
Charles Douglass
Louanne Douris
Nathan and Eva Douthit
Gile and Melinda Downes
Merrilee and John Dowty
Edward Doyle
Richard and Marita Dracott
Lisa and Jeff Drake
Dena and George Drasin
Sheila Drevyanko
Jean Drew
M. Greg and Janice Druian
Sandra and Gerard Drummond
Jeffrey and Jennifer Drutman
Robert and Ann Dueltgen
Douglas DuFresne and Diane Hays-Dufresne
Sherry and Daniel Dugan
Lynette and Gareth Duggan
Norman and Kathryn Dull
Joseph Dumbroski
Teresa Duncan
Lisa Dunitz and Eric Johnson
Robin Dunitz
Colin and Patricia Dunkeld
Meredith and Carl Dunlap
Donald and Diane Dunstan
Linda and Robert Durham
Bryan and Emma Dutton
John Duval
William and Eileen Duvall
Angela and Lawrence Dworkin
Phillip and Laura Dye
Elizabeth Blachly Dyson and Robert Dyson
Bob and Catherine Eager
Marilyn Eakin
Anne Eakin
John Earle
Jan'l and Stanley Earnshaw
Richard and Marilyn Easton
Scott Eckelman
Alison Edelman and Jonathan Rettmann
Carol Edelman
Norman and Sharon Eder
Vida Edera
Jana and Chyle Edic
Christina Edmonds
Deno and Cynthia Edwards
Tim Edwards
Dana Eggerts
Sally Eggington and Karen Lewis
Timothy Ehrhart
Elizabeth Ehrlich
Patrice Eiff
Karen Eifler
Edward and Susan Einowski
Ron and Melinda Eisen
Sherry and Charles Eisenbach
Janet and Donald Eixenberger
Mohsen Ekhlassi
Andrew Ekman
Linda Ellery
Marna and Louis Elliott
Thomas Elliott
Karen Ellmers
Alex and Gwendolyn Ells
David and Sheila Ellsworth
Golda Ellsworth
Adrien Elseroad
James and Catherine Elting
Mrs. and Mr. Elwess
Janina Ely
William Emery and Bonnie Serkin
Jim and Kim Emery
Mark Emery
Tia Emmite
Virginia and Myron Enfield
Allan and Cheryl Engelmeyer
Daniel Enroth
Vija and Eric Enzenberger
Nell and Robert Epler
Peter Erbguth
Jennifer and Steven Erickson
Robyn Erickson
Roger Ervin
Philip E. and Denise Ervin
Wayne and Shirley Eshelman
Donald Bruce Estes
Elisabeth and Byron Estes
John Estrem and Jane Carlsen
Noelle A. and Robert Evans
Stephen Evans and Sally Niles
Richard and Pamela Eyde
Vern L. Faatz
James Fadden
Terry Fahr
John Failor
Elisa Fair
Ken and Yvonne Faler
Ellen Fallihee
John and Nancy Fallin
Virginia and James Fanning
Timothy Farmer
John and Mary Faulkner
John and Alice Faust
Steven and Sarah Fawver
Michael and Bonny Fazzi
Sheryl Feakes
Sonja Fedje
Carol Fegan
Delmer and Mary Fehrs
Nancy and Mark Feichtinger
Marc Feldesman and Susan Wolf
Edward and Jeanette Feldhousen
Eva Feldman
David and Diane Feldman
Mary Fellows
Jack Felmet
Robert and Karen Fenton
Michael Ferguson
Toni Ferguson
Sheryl and Joseph Ferguson
Elva Ferguson
Patricia Ferguson-Steger and Paul Steger
Laurie Ferris
Katherine Fetty
Michael and Chris Feves
Raymond Fife and Linda Anderson
Claire Filardo
Rebecca and Charles Filer
Holly Files and Austin Stephens
Mary Filz
Kenneth and Kathleen Fink
David Finkelman and Alysa Rose
Cindy and Richard Finlayson
First Tech Federal Credit Union Employees
Elmer and Beverly Fischer
Ruth Fischer-Wright and Craig Wright
Bradley Fishel and Susan Dale
Bernard and Marsha Fisher
Stan Fisher
Stephen Fishler
Elizabeth and Glenn Fithian-Barrett
Barbara Fitzgerald
Barbara Fitzpatrick and Tomm Pickles
John Fitzsimmons
Clyde and Linda Fladwood
Mary Flahive and David Finch
Dave and Edith Flaming
Jennifer Fleenor and Shawn Records
Jeremy and Julie Fleischer
Rebecca Fleischman Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Carrie and Andrew Fleisher
Read Fleming
Deborah and James Flerchinger
Laurie and Paul Flint
Rose Florek and Peter Borgwardt
Kim Flowers
Heather Flynn
James and Jo Nelle Foerster
George and Donna Fogg
William Fogleman and Claudia Walker
Sharon and Alan Folkman
Lynne and Pat Fonner
Daniel and Marcella Forbes
Cynthia and Patrick Ford
Joanne Fornaca
Don and Cole Forrest
Michael and Pamela Forrester
Susan and William Forste
Robert and Konky Forster
Karla Forsythe and James Crane
Tom and Barbara Forsythe
Bobbie and Bernard Foster
Susan Foster and David Bosworth
Katherine Fotis
Christina Foulger
Paula Fox
Pat Foy and Vernon Bates
Larry and Frederica Frager
Michael and Shirley Francis
Leslie Frane
Marnie and Douglas Frank
Arva and Robert Frank
Zachary Franks
Edwin and Linda Fransen
Karen Fraser
Yvonne and Fritz Fraunfelder
Lon Frazier
Timothy P. Fredette
Bruce and Joan Freed
Timothy and Jeanne Freeman
Eve and E. Bradley Freeman
Constance French
Curtis and Kathi French
Susan Fricke
Elma and Roy Friend
Susan Fries
Steven and Janice Frisby
Page and Whitney Frisch
Froman Faily Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Bob Frost
Yoko Fukuta
Amy E Fuller and Frank S Wilson
Ralph Fullerton and Myra Friedman
Debra and Dennis Funk
Kristin M. Futter
G.I.E. Trust of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Stacia Gabriel
Elizabeth and Michael Gadberry
Lynn Gadberry
John Gadon
Brian and Monica Gaffney
Martha and Nicholas Galash
Morris Galen
Kathryn Gallagher and James McWhorter
Elizabeth and Robert Gally
Jeff Gantar
Colleen and William Gardner
Kay Gardner
Patricia Gardner
June Gardner
Drew Gardner and Jacquelyn Blyn
Michael and Anita Garland
Beverly and Leonard Garmire
Mary Garrett
David Garrett
Shelley Garrett
Debora and Carl Garrison
Donald Gartland
Linnea and Brian Gaskins
John Gastineau
Robert S. and Janice K. Gates Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Dona Gaver
GE Employees
Robert Geddes
Brian and Kristen Gee
Ellen Gehringer
N. Stan Geiger and Marilyn Stribling
Nancy and Steven Geigle
Gregory Geist
Corinne Gentner
Raymond Georgeson
Bernadette Geraldi
John and Amy Gerhard
Rebecca and Paul Gerlach
Sandra Gerling
Mary Jane Gerlinger
Paul and Margaret Gessaman
Charles and Diane Getchell
Thomas and Elizabeth Gewecke
Andaleeb and Deborah Ghazali
Sandra and Philip Giambrese
John and Evelyn Gibbons
Daniel Gibbs and Lois Seed
Amy Gibbs
Janet Gibson
Wiley Gibson
Thomas and Laura Giese
Joseph and Lisa Gifford
Janice Gilbert
Marvel Gillespie
Aaron Gillespie
Bradley Gillies
Kathy and Mitchell Gillies
Michael Gillis
Mariko and Isaac Gilman
John and Rebecca Ginter
Maria Giorgi and David Shykind
Paul and Renee Giroux
Katherine Girsberger
Jessica Gisko
Nancy Gisko
John and Melissa Givens
Sandra and Earl Gjelde
N. Chris Glad
Peter Glade
Linda and Michael Glavey
Jane Glazer
Richard and Karen Gleason
Adrienne and William Glenn
Beth Glosten and David Stutz
Robert and Trina Gluckman
William and Judy Gobel
Judith and Robert Gobet
Douglas and Alta Goertzen
Edmund Goodman
Diane Goodmanson
William Goodwin and Susan O'Day
Priscilla Goodwin
Google Employees
Douglas and Jo Ann Gordenier
Diana and Thomas Gordon
Thomas Gordon
Jacqueline Gordon and Doug Stamm
George and Joanne Gornick
Ted Gornick
Paul and Leanna Gornick
Jim and Holly Gosewehr
Elaine Gossman
Gloria and David Gostnell
Jon Gottshall and Cynthia Silveira
Manuel and Laura Goty
Susan Goudy
Jason Gozdecki
Susan and Eric Graf
Marjorie Grafe and Mark Zornow
John Gragg and Susanne Baumann
Roger Graham
Nancy and Michael Graham
Mary and Dan Graham
Bob and Maryann Graham Charitable Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Martha Graner and William Debolt
James Grant and Monica Wehby-Grant
Lois Grant
Kathleen Grant
Jay Graves
Susan Graves and J. Steven Sanders
Loulie and Roger Gray
James and Janet Gray
Randal Greb
Suzanne Greblo
Allan Green
Patrick and Susan Green
Beth Green and Jason Newsom
Dick and Judy Green
Barry and Lori Greenberg
Joel and Maura Greenblum
Dale and Bernice Greenfield
Robert and Toni Greening
Mitch and Harriet Greenlick
William and Lillian Greer
Nancy Gregg
Betty Gregg
Mary and Bruce Gregory
Gene Gressley and Mae Wygant
Laura Greyerbiehl
William and Cecelia Grieve
Karla and Roy Griffin
Jane and Keith Griffin
Joyce Griffith and Raymond Birn
Susan Griffith
Susan and Richard Griffiths
Lisa Grill Dodson and Peter Dodson
Kevin Grillo
Megan Grim
Elka Grisham and Henry Schottland
Ronald and Nancy Gronowski
Eric Gropp
Stephen Grover
Geraldine and Myron Walker Grover, Jr. M.D.
Laura and Vaughn Grubaugh
Mary Lou and Ken Guenther
Herman and Helen Guichelaar
Candice Guise
Linley and Celia Gumm
David Gunning
James and Nancy Gunter
Joe and Karen Guth
Heather Guthrie and Gilbert Parker
Karen Guyer
Esther M. Gwinnell
Mary Lou and Harl Haas
Marlene and Ronald Hadduck
Roxie and William Haffner
James and LaVina Hagan
Daniel Hagg and Jennifer Watters
Mark Haggard and Brenda Grootendorst
Teresa and Damon Haggerty
Roberta Hahn
Timothy Hahn
Andrew and Gail Hahs
Sharon and Robert Hajny
Allan Halderman
Robert Hale
Harry and Lilisa Hall
Martha and William Hall
Stephen Hall
David Hall
Edward Hall
Richard Sam Hall and Susan Leeson
Lynn Hallbacka
Beverly Hallberg and Floyd Skloot
Michael and Lori Halligan
Carl Hallsthammar
Matthew Halsey
Carol Halvorson
Tanya and Eric Halvorson
Marc Ham
Lisa Hamel
Deborah Hamelman
Mary Lou Hamill
Sara Hamilton and Mark Thomashow
Janet Hamilton
Phil and Rosie Hamilton
Erika and Per Hammarlund
William and Linda Hammersley
Peggy and Carl Hammond
Thomas and Cheryl Hammond
Robin and John Hammond
Thomas and Dulce Hamstra
Nolen and Shirley Handyside
Robert Haney
JoAnne and Joseph Haney
Bernadette Hann
Laureen Hanna
Kathleen and Bruce Hanna
Richard and Seana Hannah
David and Penny Hansen
Bryan and Lynne Hanson
William Hanson
Dwight Hardin
Douglas and Tanya Harding
Nicholas Hardy
Georgia and Christian Harker
Dale and Estle Harlan
John Harland and Janet Hoffman
Robert Harley
Marilou and Neil Harms
Gladys Harper
Julie Harper
Andrew Harris
William and Barbara Harris
Lois Arlie Harris
Philip Harris and Erica Dunn
Katherine and Charles Harris
Mabel and Howard Harris
Paul and Joyce Harris
Mary A. Harrison
Penny and Marvin Harrison
Shannon Hart and Brad Simmons
Michael and Mary Lou Hart
Kay Hartley
Arley and Mira Hartley
Gregory Hartman and Tanya Collier
Mark Hashizume
Wayne and June Hassebroek
Susan and Kent Hathaway
Robert Hatt and Carol McConnell
Sharon and Doug Hawley
Linda and Allan Hawthorne
Carl Hay
Susan Hayden
Ann Hays
Jon Head
Richard Hean
Christine Heard
Gillian Hearst and Patrick Collier
Maximilian and Negar Heckscher
Ralph and Linda Hedberg
Steven and MaryPat Hedberg
Bob Hedges
Barbara Hedman
Frances and Robert Heffernan
Robert and Aileen Heimbucher
Gary Heitz
Jeanette and Jonathan Helms
Robert and Barbara Henarie
Jane and Paul Henderson
Stephen Hendricks and Flora Habibi
Nicholas Hengen Fox and Emily Teplin Fox
Sue Henningsen
Mr. Michael Henningsen, Jr.
Christopher and Ava Henningsen
James and Maripat Hensel
Kae and Allison Hensey
Mary and Peter Hepokoski
Cynda Herbold
David and Elizabeth Herbst-Shuler
Jean M. Herman and David Fleck
Cooper Herr
Lois Herring
William and Judith Herzberg
John and Peggy Hesselgrave
Barbara Hettinger
Christopher and Rebecca Heuer
Patricia Heuser
Margaret Heyden and Sally Althoff
Sherry Heying
Kathleen and Donald Hicks
Marcia and Scott Hicks
Patrick Hicks
Kitty Higgins-Fudge and Brad Fudge
Jonathan and Penny Hill
Roxanne Hill
Dennis Hill
Wanda and Frederic Hill
Alfred and Sandra Hillman
Loren Hillman
Dorothy Hiltner
Michael and Melody Hinchen
Inge Hindel
Leslie and Ray Hinea III
Josh Hinerfeld and Andrea Binder
Robert and Nancy Hinnen
Dena Hinson
Sharon Hirata and Dale Ogata
Mary E. Hirsch and Yoshiaki Shimizu
Jon and Marjorie Hirsch
Suzanne and Michael Hiscox
Mary Hlady
Sister Marcia Hobart
Michael and Christine Hochstatter
Natalie and Brett Hocken
Heidi L Hodge
Diane and Jack Hodges
R.W. and Marilyn Hodson
Herb Hoffart
Russell A. Hoffman
Janice and Eric Hoffman
Thomas Hoffman
Pat Hogan and Bud Donald
Diane Hogan
Wesley Hogue
Valinda and James Hokinson
Elizabeth Holden
John and Jacqueline Holland
Roy and Jody Holland
Bradley Holland
Donald Holland
Melinda and Stuart Holland
Gretchen and Walter Hollands
William and RaeAnn Hollingsworth
John Holloran and Richard Rees
Elizabeth Holman
David and MaryAnne Holman
Richard and Judith Holmboe
Douglas and Mary Holmes
Sandra and Stephen Holmes
Jean Holtman
Leslie Homer
Lynne Hooper
Robert and Terri Hopkins
Suzanne Hopkins
Marilyn Hopkins and Julie Christ
Mark and Karla Hornbrook
Mitchell and Elisa Hornecker
Dr. Laurence Hornick
Lewis and Lisa Horowitz
Della and Irving Horowitz
Lloyd Horsley
Kathy and Craig Hostetler
Hillary Hotelling and Susan McDermott
Darrin Hotrum
Norman Hotz
Heidi Hougard and Daniel Tilden
Donald and Lynnette Houghton
Bonnie Kay House
Vicki and Marc Houston
Celeste Howard
Joyce Howard and Alan Caruso
Martha Howe
Jeanette and Bill Howell
William and Judith Howell
Jane Howell
Beth Howell
Richard and Catherine Huard
Susan Hubbuch
Karen Huck
Paul Hudson
Stephen and Kristine Hudson
Roger and Jo Huff
Roselind and E.D. Huffer
Scott Huffman
Daniel and Janet Huffman
Julie Hughes
David Hull
Penelope Hummel
Richard and D. Hune
Paul Hunt
Lawrence Hunter
Jeffery and Kristi Hunter
Robert and Cecelia Huntington
Patricia and Gerald Huntley
Nancy Hurley
Harold and Bernice Hurwitz
Don E. Husby
Barbara Huseman-Andree and Steven Andree
Carroll Hutchinson
Anne and Patricia Hutchinson
Larry and Kim Hutchinson
Adriana Huyer
Maiphuong Huynh
Cathy Joan and Kenneth Hyde
Patricia and Dan Hyder
IBM Employees
David and Misty Ibsen
Floetta Ide
Judy Ilg Giving Account of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
William and Amy Ingels
Martha Ireland
Ellen Irish
Julie Irmer
Debra Irvine
Janice Irvine
Carol Irwin
Elizabeth Isaacson
Megan Isenhower
John Isselmann
David and Kathy Ivanoff
Yvonne Iverson
Macdonald and Cynthia Jackson
Henry Jackson
Raymond Jackson
David and Danya Jacob-Daub
Birdie Jacobs
Steven and Rosanne Jacobs
Paul and Shawn Jacobsen
Gary Jacobson
Jean and Mark Jacobson
Pamela and Mike Jacobson
David Jacoby and Allison Fryer
Richard Jacquot
Lakshmi Jagannathan
Jennifer James and Stephen Crew
Stephen P. and Margaret A. James
Sharon and Patrick James
Robert and Marylynne James
The James Family Charitable Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation
David Jamieson and Debora Bergeron Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Stephen T. Janik and Sheryl A. Manning
Deborah Janikowski and Darrell Brown
Jason Jantz
Saundra Japely and Paul Franklin
Linda Jardin
Debby and Greg Jarmer
Phyllis and C. Hoyt Jarrell
Diane Jarvis
Anne and Peter Jarvis
Darryl and Beverly Jasmer
James and Angela Jason
Thomas Jenkins and Janine Kruger
Margaret Jennings
Jay Jennings
Roland Jensen
Kenneth and Susan Jensen
Joanne Jensen
Evelyn and Robert Jenson
James Jerde
Linda and Laurens Johansen
Jerry and Anne John
Linda Johns and Philip Biehl
James and Debbie Johnsen
Jennifer Johnson
David and Eileen Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson
David and Shirley Johnson
Susan and Albert Johnson
JoZell Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Senator Betsy Johnson and John Helm
Robyn Johnson
Rebekah Johnson
Elaine and H. Thomas Johnson
Laura Johnson
Anne and Thomas Johnson
Laura Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Fletcher and Ellin Johnson
Doris Johnson and Jon Warren
Elsie Johnson
Jana Johnson
Karen Johnson
Richard Johnson
Wayne and Kathleen Johnson
William and Ardis Johnston
Roger Johnston and Barbara Kahl
James and Ann Johnston
Catherine Jolley
Jessie Jonas Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Marion and Brian Jones
Lee Anna Jones and David Cohen
Sue Ellen and Pierre Jones
Cynthia Jones
Chris and Barbara Jones
Caroline Jones
Patricia Jones
Perry and Laurie Jones
Fred and Nancy Jonske
Sidney and Craig Jordan
Roger and Victoria Jordan
Ross Jory
Harry Joseph
JPMorgan Employees
Dolores and David Judkins
Janet Jump
Sandra H. Jurevic Charitable Giving Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Patricia Jussila
Roberta and Jack Jwayad
David Kabaker
Becky and Kevin Kacmarsky
Susan and Collin Kaeder
M. and Cyndy Kagan
Marcia Anne Kahn and Howard S Rosenbaum
Philip Kalberer
Mike and Margo Kalberer
Timothy Kalberg
Myrna M. Kane
Lisa Kaner
Robert Kao
Aimee and Paul Karitis
Diane Karl and Matthew Riddle
Blake and Jill Kashiwagi
Chris Kashmir-Green
The Kassel Family Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
William Kaufman
James Kawakami
Youngjane and Peter Kay
Andrew and Carol Kay
Jeff and Anne Kayser
Arthur and Virginia Kayser
Ramona Kearns
John Keating
Jane Keating
Stuart and Connie Keebaugh
Linda Keel
Edward and Shelley Keenan
William Keene and Elise Gautier
Patricia Keever and Bert Tavelli
Patricia and Brent Kehoe
Chris Keiper
Herb and Karen Keithley
Michael and Cheryl Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Pamela Kelsay
Jessica Kemmis
Willa Kemp
Jean Kempe-Ware and Gordon Ware
Peter Kendall
Aase Kendall
Jane R. Kendall Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Richard Kendrick
Bert and Cheri Kennedy
Nancy Kennedy
Rich and Susan Kennedy
Robert Kenney
James and Donna Kennon
Robert Kerbs
Kristina and Essi Kermanshahche
Rhea Kessler and Robert Atkinson
Niloofar Khiabani and David Entrikin
Mac Kieffer and Susan Bloom
Dallas Kilby and Isis
Anne Kilkenny and Jon F. Naviaux
Heather Killough
Judd Killpack
Jeffrey and Carol Kilmer
Patricia Kimball
Anne Kimberly
Neil and Helen Kimmelfield
Gordon and Dara King
Carol Elise King
Virginia and Kristin King
Candace King
Kendall and Kathleen King
Steven Kinney
Elwyn and June Kinney
Mary Kinnick and Mary Van Cleave
Patricia Kinser
Kristina and Russell Kinyon
Vincent Kirnak
Jeffrey and Robin Kirsch
Donna and Ivan Kistler
John Kistler
Kay Kitagawa and Andy Johnson-Laird
Kathleen Kiwala
Klapper/Hickey Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
Leonora and Bruce Klausman
Richard Klecker
Marguerite Kleger
Michael Klepinger
Judith Kliks
Ann Kloka and Daniel Eggleston
George Klopfer
Robert Klossen
Theodora Engle Knight
Claudia Knotek and Jeff Fairchild
George Knox
Lloyd and Helen Koch
Bonnie and Dale Koch
Peter H. Koehler, Jr. and Noel Hanlon
Peter Koehler
Herbert Koenig
Bettylou Koffel
Molly Kohnstamm
Robert and June Koler
Gerald and Margery Koll
George and Jody Kollinzas
Murray Koodish
Virginia Koontz
Karen Kopplien
William and Rachel Korach
Marilyn Korenaga
Karl and Lonnett Kornhauser
David Kornish and Shelley Singer
Patricia and Frank Kosderka
Bradley and Marla Koslin
Anthony and Priscilla Kostiner
David and Cassie Kottkamp
Robert and Denise Koury
Paul Kovitz and Nancy Dahlgren
Elaine and Peter Kowsun
Jill and Steven Kraemer
Virginia Krall
Ann Kramer
Laura and Ken Kramer
Mark and Leisa Kraus
Bruce and Betty Krause
Hal Kraxberger
Jeri Krier
Brian Krokus
Judith Kronick
Veldon and Dorothy Kropf
Mark Rogers and Ellen Kropp-Rogers
Kathryn Krygier and Howard Barney
Joseph Krysowaty and Sarah Enroth
Jerry and Joanne Kryszek
Cathy and Bruce Kuehnl
Becky Kuhn
Ralph and Judy Kuhns
Laura Kuipers
Linda Kurtz
S. Caron Kushner and Brian Carleton
Keith Kutler and Stephanie Ricker
Tony Kutter
Walter G. and Marija C. Kuzman Designated Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Priscilla La Follett
Theodore Labbe and Kelly Rodgers
Leslie Labbe
Deborah and Creighton Lacey-Baker
Ruth and Donald LaFrance
Jeanie Lai
Susan Lair
Narasimha Lakamsani
Willett Lake
Miriam Lambert
Lambert-Maxwell Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
Tracy Lamblin
Victoria Lancaster
Christina Lancioni and Jesse McCarron
Diane Lancon
Carol Landsman
Barry and Polly Landson
Laurie Lane and Randy Koval
James and Luise Lane
Rebecca Langdon
Linnea Langebartel
Carol and George Langlois
Stephen and Nancy Langston
James and Sara Langton
Helena Lankton
Christopher Lap
Rose LaPierre
Judy Large and Gary Sick
Stephanae Lariviere
William and Shelley Larkins
Katie Larsell and Michael Schilmoeller
Stephen and Shelly Larsen
Louise Larsen
Raymond Larsen
Curtis and Cindy Larson
Candace Larson and Andrea Hamberg
James Larson
Kathleen Larson
Barbara and Robert Larwood
Marilyn and Dale Latham
D.D. and R.J. Lathen
Ann Lathrop
Raymond and Gloria Laurence
Michael Lauruhn
Karen and David Law
Steve Law
Lellah Jeannine Lawrence
John and Sally Lawrence
Marianne Lawrence
Denis Lawrence and Victoria Sparks
Katherine and Joseph Laws
Sherri and Garry Lawson
Lawson Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
R. Stuart and Mary Lay
Ross and Mary Lou Laybourn
Richard and Shelley Layton
John and Linda Leach
Barbara and James Leahey
Chau and Tim Leatherman
Elizabeth Leathers
George Leavitt
Joseph and Constance Leben
Clement and Mary Lee
Larry Lee and Nicole Berhnard-Lee
Tom and Marcia Lee
Andrew Lee
Carol Lee
John and Ermalouise Leeper
Valerie Lehrkind and William Nelson
Adriane Leithauser
Suzanne Leitz
Cheryl and David Leland
William Lemaster and Kayla Vaughn
Michael and Martha Lemon
John and Paula Lemons
Sally and Lon Leneve
Lianne and David Lennert
Virginia and Gary Lensing
Justin and Jennifer Leonard
Jean Leonard
Kenneth Lerner and Katherine McDowell
Lana Lervick
Bernard and Joan Lesage
Helena Lesher
Martin Lesley and Katherine Stavrakis
Elaine Leslie
Janice Levi
Sheila and John Levine
Stephen and Jan Levine
Miriam Levitt and Michael Sestric
Carol Levy
Joyce Lew
Priscilla Lewis
Connie and Mark Lewis
Paul Lewis and Ann Scott
Annie Lewis
Alice Lewis
Edward Lewis
Marneet Lewis
Tom Lewis
Kenneth and Colleen Lewis Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Ingrid Lewis-Rocks
David Lieberman
Jeffrey Liebo
Donna Lien
Jodi and Charles Lietz
LifeBalance Employees
Sandra Lillard
Susan Lilley
Michael and Bernice Lincicum
Jon Lincicum
Mary Kay and Jeffrey Lind
Allison Lindauer and David Spencer
Christine Linder
Marilyn and John Lindgren
David and Leanna Lindquist
Roslyn Lindquist
Charmaine Lindsay
Elizabeth Lindsay
Frances Lindsay
Jennifer Lindsey and Richard Wesson
Robert Liner
James and Irene Linman
Thomas and Janielle Lipscomb
Charlotte and Floyd Lissy
Michael Litt
Judith Litt
David and Mary Little
John Littlehales
Ann and Lee Littlewood
Julie Livingston-Bledsoe
Amanda and Stephen Lloyd
Alice Lloyd
Karen Locke
Robert Lockerby
Sandra Loeb
Janet Loewen
Nancy and John Lof
Katrina Lonborg and Andrew Marssdorf
Marla London and Jeff Eaton
Bobbi and Ralph London
Sally Long
Donna Long
Dorothy Long
James Long
Jason and Katie Loomis
Deborah Lopardo
Patricia Lopresti
Jennifer and Reese Lord
David Lord
Susan LoSavio and Rob Hinchliffe
Michelle Lotto
Kenneth and Ruth Love
William Love
Michael and Adrienne Lovell
Kathy Low and Nick Furman
Vincent and Virginia Lowe
Lisa Lucas
Kenneth Lucas and Julia Bestland
Melissa Lucash and John McNabb
Lori and Cameron Luck
James and Darlene Luckeroth
Matthew Luebke
Ronald D. Luft and Mercedes McNerney-Luft
Thomas Lundberg
Patricia Lundberg
Helen Lundeen
Freddy and Roger Lunt
Alayna and Alexandra Luria
The Luttrell Family Charitable Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Heather and Sean Lyell
Karen Lyman and Michael Viera
Anne Lynch and James Anderson
Gene and Judith Lynch
Richard and Stephanie Lynch
Mary Lynch and Warren Clark
Carmelia and Jesse Lyon
Mary L. Lyons
Michele and David Lytle
Susan and Harold Maag
George and Mary Ann Machan
Brian and Barbara MacIntosh
Elizabeth and James MacKay
Tom and Diane Mackenzie
Karen Stevens MacMurdy and Simon John McCarthy
Jennifer and Carter MacNichol
Ann Macrory
Crystal Maddix
Ronald Maeder
Rebbecca Maese and Jai Dev Racine
Robert and Barbara Magee
Kimberley Magnuson
Carol Magruder
Tim and Kathy Mahaffy
Paul Maier
Eugene Maier
Joseph Maita and Gail Westlin
Andra Makler
James and JoAnn Maletis
Diane and Ajay Malhotra
Marta Malinow
Stephen and Diane Malizio
Karen and Joseph Mallov
Stephen Malm
Robert Maloney
Maureen Maloney
R. Jeffrey and Lynn Malzahn
Sally and Kazem Manafi
Chris Nacheff Maneker
Barbara Manildi
Eric Mann
Mann-Crawford Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Patrick Mansfield and Ronda Layne
John and Renee Manson
Sharon and Kenneth Manuel
Candace and Oliver Manuel
Dixie and Michael Manwaring
Minoo Marashi and Michael Fuller
Karolyn March
Donna and Donald Marcus
Andrea and Herman Marenstein
Mimi Margulies
Susan Marie
Pamela Mariea-Nason
Susan Mark
Melvin James and Jennifer Winship Mark
Leta and Carl Markley
M. and L. Marks Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Susan Marmaduke and Bob Clay
Carol Marquez and Lawrence Caldwell
Debra and John Marsh
Stephen Marsh
Melissa Marsh
Mary Marshall
Don Marshall and Mardi Brandl
Mark Martin and Robin Whittaker-Martin
Kenneth and Deborah Martin
Barbara Massey
Lisa and Scott Massinger
Sal and Carol Matarazzo
Susan Mates
David and Lynn Matheson
Mike Mathisen
Blu Matsell
Donald and Shirley Matson
Curtis Matthews
Susan and Fred Matthies
Diane and Scott Mattox
Terry and Philip Maxcy
Barbara Lee Maxson
Jay and Laurie Maxwell
John and Robin May
David May
Dennis and Katy Mayer
Raymond Mayer
Andrew and Linda Mayer
Jack and Ann Mayson
S. Mignon Mazique and James Rue
McAfee, Inc. Employees
Patricia McAlpin
Penny and Brian McArdle
Lewis McArthur
Sara and Lewis McArthur
Nancy McAuliffe
James McBride and Daphne Clifton
Bobby and Kathy McBride
Timothy and Nancy McCabe
Stephen and Mary Ann McCammon
Megan McChesney
Standish McCleary
Constance McClellan
Bruce McClelland
Ferol and John McClure
Kevin McClure
Beverly and Charles McColloch
Stephen and Lee McConnel
Patrick Mccorkle
Melinda and Donald McCoy
Shelley McCoy
Sandra McCoy and James Tinkle
Marta and Mel McCracken
M. Lynn McCracken
Paul and Sally McCracken Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Richard and Kathleen McCullough
Richard and Dorothy McCune
Marian McDonagh and Dave Smith
Shelly McFarland
Patricia Ann McGaffigan
Mary McGlone and Ian Underwood
Christopher and Marsha McGrath
Nancie McGraw
John McGraw
Sylvia and Michael McGregor
Phyllis and Yvonne McIntire
Douglas and Sara Jane McKean
John and Joan McKillop
Larry McKinley and Mary Sacksteder
Grace McLaughlin
Richard and Carol McLeod
Edward Mcmahon
Robert McMahon Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
The McManus Family Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Brian and Janise McMenamin
Mike and Mary McMenamin
Dan McMillan
Jack and Carolyn McMurchie
Mary and Michael McNally
John McOmie
Warren and Julia McPherson
Margaret McReynolds and Julie Hamilton
Kathleen and James McSween
Marilyn and Jon McWilliams
Virginia Meade
Ruth Medak
Kenneth Mehlig
Laura Mehren
Irvin and Thelma Meier
Laurie and Gilbert Meigs
Deborah and Erich Meihoff
Cynthia and Sveinung Melbo
Gayle T. Meltesen
Janice Melton
Victor and Toinette Menashe
Edwin Menze
Vicki Mercer
John Mercer
Janette Mercier
Mark and Louise Merkens
Doris Merrick and Family
Melinda and Mark Merrill
James and Kristine Merritt
Earl and Sharon Mershon
Toni Mesplay
John and Betsy Messer
Gene Meucci and Julie Mitchoff
Alvin and Theresa Meury Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Richard Meyer
Katherine E. Meyer
David Meyer
Lora and Jim Meyer Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Roger and Teresa Michaelis
Kara Mickaelson
Margaret E. Mickley
Microsoft Employees
Mardi Mileham
Barbara Miles
Bradley Miller and Sushella Jayapal
Scott and June Miller
James and Vashti Miller
Earl and Charlene Miller
Thomas and Linda Miller
Michele Miller and Robert Schlichting
Crystal and Thomas Miller
Gary Miller and Ruth Brandt-Miller
Randolph and Janet Miller
Barbra Miller
Helen and James Miller
Robert and Karen Miller
Sharon Miller
Jeffrey and Susan Miller
Albert and Elizabeth Miller
Anne and Michael Miller
Gilbert and Peggy Miller
Gregg Miller
Michael Miller
Anne K. Millis Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Ron Mills
Melissa Mills and Douglas Tunnell
Paul and Laura Milne
Lara Minor
Diana and Robert Mitchell
Jeffrey and Kathryn Mitchell
James Mitchell
Milt and Phyllis Mittelstedt
Lois Mock
Mosur and Usha Mohan
Beverly and Gary Mohnkern
Earl A. Molander and Ann Bremer
Gretchen Moline and Heriberto Diaz
Monica Monroe
Nancy Monsarrat and Patrick Hellberg
Dieguita and Robert Montgomery
Linda L. Montgomery-Welch
Dean and Vicki Monthei
Susan Monti
Scott Montrose
Harry and Ruth Ann Moore
Robert W. and Rebecca Moore
Stephen and Juanita Moore
Charles Moore, M.D.
Darrell Moore
Jessie and Michael Moran
Meghan Moran and Kirk Masterson
Paul and Carol Morcos
Jonathan More and Dana Reed
Florence Morford
Carol Morgaine
Alice Jane Streitwieser Morgan
Susannah Morgan
Rhidian and Martha Morgan
Vanessa Morgan and Robert Quillin
Georgia and Clark Morgan
Ralph Morgan and Debra Thompson
Warren Morgan and Mary Clifford
Diane and Greg Morgan
Michael Morgan and Nancy Babke
Karen Morgan-Dunkley and Brian Dunkley
Molly Morrell and George Cahill
Carolyn and Roy Morris
Christopher Morris and Donna Pierleoni
Colleen Morris
Cynthia D. Morris
Robert and Karen Morris
Carol and Todd Morrison
Connie Morrison
Terry Morrison
Grace and Barbara Morrison
Nate and Maria Morrison
John Morse and Neal Mandich
James Morse
Jerome and Mary Morse
Margaret Morton
William and Jean Morton
Steven and Terese Moses
Gregory and Rebecca Mowe
Jeanna Moyer
John Moyer
M. Bradly and Jeanette Moyes
Michael and Susan Mueller
Celia and Eric Mueller
Dolores Mueller
Donald G. Mueller
Avis Muggli
Rick and Rhonda Muhly
Susan and Alfred Mukatis
Tamara and Thomas Muldoon
Richard and Carolyn Mullin
Nancy Munn and Daniel Kearns
Steve and Carol Murphy
Evelyn and Tom Murphy
Carolyn and Terry Murphy
Larry Murray
Andrea Murray
Layne Murrish
Briana and Darren Murtaugh
Dean and Mag Myers
Kay Myers and James Richards
Mickey Myers
Jerome Mylet and Margaret Mylet Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Melissa and Bob Naito
Mary Ellen and David Nardone
Maureen Nash
Nathan Family Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Thomas and Charlene Negus
Debra Neighorn
Carol and Jerry Neil
John Neill
Kenneth and Kathleen Neill
Patricia Neils
Neilsen Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Kari Nelsestuen and William Lehman
Adam Nelson
Keith Nelson
Michael Nelson
Dana Nelson
Amanda and Christopher Nelson
Nan and Alan Nelson
Scott Nelson and Margaret McGoldrick
Lynn and David Nepom
Dennis Netsch
Beatrice Neuburg
David and Lorri Neufeld
Linda Neufer
Nancy and Michael Neuman
Carl and Kathleen Neun
John and Barbara Neupert
Melinda Newell
Sara Newlands
David Newman and Deirdre Steinberg Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Marie and Doug Newport
Fred and Jill Newton
Bill and Kathy Nicholson
Georgette Nicolais and Clint Stull
Rick and Mary Nicoski
John and Lauren Niemer
Susan and Jerome W. Nierengarten
Kathleen Nieubuurt
Lou Niles
Stanley and Linda Niman
Joseph and Nanette Niski
Alfred and Kathleen Nissila
John Noble
Robin Nodland and Scott Monfils
Eunice Noell-Waggoner and Don Waggoner
James Noonan and Margaret Schaus Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Johannes and Joke Noordwijk
Elizabeth Nordeen
Kathy Nordquist
Ruth Norlin and Julie Cork
George Norman
Ms. Terry Norvell
Elizabeth Noyes
Ellen S. Nusblatt
John and McKay Nutt
Harold and Patricia Nygren
Craig and Bettie Nyschens
Elizabeth Oakes and D. Kerry Keeler
Alison O'Brien
Margaret O'Connell
Carolyn and Dan O'Doherty
Delbert and Juanita Olenslager
James Olichwier
Roland and Diana Olinger
Paul and Audrey Oliver
Patti Oliver
Deborah and George Olsen
Erika and John Olsen
Robert D. Olson
Lucile Olson
Carolyn and Jeffrey Olson
Madeline and Allan Olson
Bonnie and Neal Olson
Gary and Anne Olson
Eric and Christine Olson
Carol Olwell
Steve and Jennifer Omner
Karen and Ryan O'Neal
Chanel Fitzgerald O'Neill and Patricia Corinne Ramos
Elizabeth O'Neill and Peter Jacobs
Milo and Beverly Ormseth
Laura Orr
Michael and Lynda Orzen
Roger and Diana Osborn
Natalie and Robert Osburn
Karey and Dale Osuna
Peter and Jill Oswald
Christopher Othus
Margaret O'Toole
James Ouchi and Barbara Faust
Elisabeth and Jerry Ouellette
Terence and Emily Outcalt
The Overhage Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Pamela and Kim Owen
Richard Pabst
Matthew Paduano
Ann Paes
Hildegard and Lothar Paesler
Barbara Page
Marshall Page and Fran Fulwiler
Lynda Paige
Betty and Gene Pakenen
Christine Pallier and David Bledsoe
David and Mary Palm
Amy Palmer
Daniel and Cheryl Palmer
Susan M. and Chuck E. Palmer
William and Diane Pankonin
Linda Pappadimas
Beth and Allan Paraskeva
Hitendra and Harsha Parikh
Craig and Lois Parker
Robert and Deborah Parker
Ronald and Cynthia Parker
Lucinda Parker McCarthy
Tami Parr and Anna Joyce
Albert and Ruth Parr
Hazel and Fred Parsons
Parsons Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Marilyn and Vernon Partlow
Robert Partridge and Greg Kern
Dan Passell
Mark Passmore
Helena Patrick
Brigitte Patrick
Jollee and John Patterson
Ann Patton
Suzanne Patzer
Kristen and Willy Paul
Frankie and James Paulson
Charles Paulson
Clara Pawlowski
Karen Pazucha and Laurence Morandi
Edgar Peara
Macel Pearce
Steven R. & Carol J. Pearson Charitable Gifts Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Susan and Peter Pease-Banitt
David and Carol Pebworth
Jeannette and Timothy Peck
Pamela Peck
John and Amy Pedersen
Mary Jo and Roger Pellow
Barry Pelzner and Deborah Pollack
Marvin and Karen Pemberton
John and Chris Pendleton
Ken Penner
Michael and Jan Pennings
Susan and Stephen Perry
Christine Perry
Burt Perry
Marc Perry and Jacqueline Arradondo Perry
Carol Peterkort and Richard Gibson
Steven Peterkort
Judith Peters and Dennis Noonan
Deborah Peters
Jane Peters and Marjorie McCrae
Barbara Peters
Dawn Peters
Juanita and Ron Petersen
Verna Petersen
Ronald and Patricia Peterson
Gary and Malina Peterson
Cindi Peterson
Candace Peterson
Donna and Bradley Peterson
Daniel and Barbara Peterson
Milo and Marilyn Petranovich
John G. Petrich and Catherine O'Brien
Kristanne and Don Petty
Donald and Karen Pfaff
Roger and Kathleen Pfeifer
Douglas Philips
John Phillips
Mary Ann and Ray Phillips
Helen and Floyd Phillips
Ann Phillips
Michael and Janet Phillips
Nancy and Michael Phillips
Chad Phipps and Hirally Santiago
Chris Pichler
James and Deborah Pickering
Gloria Pickering
Debbie Pienovi
Matthew Pierce
Karen Pierce and Fred Lipper
Kevin Pierson
Gary Pietka
Leslie and Andy Pihl
Allan Piispanen and Terri Valley
Jan and Kay Pinkava
Raymond and Rose Marie Pirkl
Carl and Cynthia Pixley Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Dennis and Beth Pixton
James and Norma Pizza
John Platt
Giri and J.M. Podichetty
Daniel Pollack-Pelzner
Karen and Duane Pollard
Richard and Orianne Polley
David Pollock
Alex and Mary Polson
Erwin and Noelle Ponraj
Susan Pope
Dale and Naomi Pope
Josephine and Peter Pope
Hugh Porter
William and Kieren Porter
Dan and Lucinda Potter
Eric and Prineet Pottmeyer
Mark Pottmeyer and Barbara Haskins
Cynthia and Peter Potwin
Michael Poulsen
Michael and Alice Powell
Stephen Powell and Susan Sadzikowski
Michael and Stephanie Powell
Nicole and Matt Pozos
Elizabeth and Wallace Preble
Edna Price
Steven and Naomi Price
James Prichard and Anya Watts
Paden and Norma Prichard
June and Randall Pritchett
Judy Probstfield
Kim and David Procknow
Mark and Sheryl Procopio
Carolyn Propstra
Tim and Susan Prukop
Stanley and Jan Pszczolkowski
Isabelle and Gregory Ptaszynski
David and Gena Pugh
Mary Lou Pugsley
Roberta Pullen
Rosemary and Donald Pullin
Purwadi Purwosumarto and Ari Tjahjani
Leatrice Putnam-Darrah and J. F. Darrah
P. S. Quarton
Kathy Querin
Anna Quillen
Jean and Ralph Quinsey
John and Helen Quirk
Michael and Londa Quisling
Lubna and Fawwad Qureshi
Mr. and Mrs. Raburn
Dianne Radican
David and Carol Radich
Barbara and Robert Radler
Vincent and Julie Radostitz
Roger and Sherri Raeburn
Nancy and Steven Raether
John and Kimberley Raglione
Linda and Tom Ralley
Mark Ramsby
Fred and Mary Ramsey
Elizabeth Raney
Sara Rankinen and Richard Campbell
Valerie Rapp
Sally and Robert Rasmussen
Marie Rasmussen
Christopher Rauschenberg and Janet Stein
Jennifer Rawhouser and Todd Mylet
Laurie and William Rawson
Roger Ray
Richard Ray and Anne Philipsborn Advised Fund of the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation
Linda Ray-Keeney and Gordon Keeney
Nancy Raymond Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Ellen Recko and Michael Goldsmith
Dolores Redmond
Shelley and Mary Reece
Michael and Carol Reed
Alice Reese
Mae Reeves
David Reich
Ian and Carol Reid
Vicki Reid
the Charles Reif Family
Sandra Reinemer
Jeffrey and Francine Reingold
Steven Reinisch
Elizabeth Reinisch
Maxine Reinschmidt
Robert Reis
Mary Renfrow
Patricia Renwick
Patricia Retchloff
Ellen and James Reuler
Susan and Gary Reynolds
Karen and Patrick Reynolds
Christine Reynolds and Gordon Hull
Dwayne Reynolds
Leslie and Charles Rhodes
Mary Jo Rice and Robert McDonald
Harry and Jean Rice
Patricia and Daniel Richard
Sharon Richards
Leslie Richards
Philip and Marianne Richardson
Annette Richardson
Lewis Richardson
Robert and Anne Richardson
Eva Rickles
Carl Riddick
Betty Riddle
Florence Riddle
Ruth Ridgway
Frank and Nancy Riebe
James Riesterer
Marge Riley Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Robert Ringland
Martin Ringle
Todd Rinker
Ronald Ripley
Marvin B. and Joan Rittenberg
Karly Ritter
Harley and Kristin Roberts
Mark and Mary Ellen Roberts
Roby Roberts and S. Lael Pinney
R. Lawson and Charlene Roberts
Anthony Robertson
Lee and Virginia Robertson
Gail Robinson
Christopher Robinson
Evelyn Robinson
Jeanne Robinson
Michael and Donna Robinson
The John & Karen Robinson Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Reba Rocks
John Rockwood
Dale Rodabaugh
Monica Rodal and Neal Naigus
Lucy Rodriguez
Glenn Rodriguez and Molly Keating
Elinore and James Rogers
Harvey and Miriam Rogers
Alida Rol and Thomas Harburg
Gary Rolison
Karen Rollins
Abbey Rollins
Suzanne Rollins and Robert Haney
Vincent Rolsing
Jill Roman
Linda M. and Gisella Romano
Moneteclar Rome
George and Irene Romero
Janet and Ron Ronacher
Karen Ronning-Hall and Bill Hall
Charles Rooks
Daniel Root and Julie Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rosborough
Julie and Brian Rose
Earl and Kathleen Rose
Kathleen Rose
Daniel Rosenberg and Carol Bunten
Robert Rosenberg and Barbara Sestak
William and Nancy Rosenfeld Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Elden and Marjorie Rosenthal
Alicia Ross
Daniel Ross
Susanna and John Ross
Orinda and Marvin Ross
John and Margaret Rossetto
Constance Rosson and Patrick Dunn
Mark Roth
Michael Roth and Kieu-Oanh Nguyen
Vickie and Philip Rothrock
Bruce and Karen Rottink
Bobby Roush
David and Danette Rowe
Richard and JoAnne Rowning
Raymond and Louise Rowntree
Mr. Tripp Royce
Jeff and Kathleen Rubin
Charlotte Rubin
Craig and Mary Ruble
LaVerna and Gary Ruckman
Ken and Patsy Rudat
Gail Ruddiman and Lisa Say
Thomas and Joan Ruddy
Katharine Rudfelt
Gayle and Conrad Rue
Joni Ruff
Barbara and Raymond Rupprecht
Hank Rush
Joann Russell
P. Stephen and Elizabeth Mulcahy Russell
Paul Russell
Theresa Russo
Marie Rust and Stephen Kautz
Susan Rust
John Ryan
Joan and Thomas Ryan
Matthew Ryan
Connie and Bruce Ryan
Kenneth and Bobbi Rychlick
Lori and Jeff Sackett
Martine Sacks
Robert and Frieda Safranek
Linda and Robert Saito
Mary Ann Sall and Robert Shepherd
Marlene Salon and David Goulder
James and Marilyn Salter
Mary and Nickolas Sammons
Leslie Sampson and Margo Reifenrath
Queenie Samuel
Carol Samuels and David Taylor
David Sandage
Alexis Sanders and Nathan Kennedy
Carol Sanders
Alan Sandler
Melissa and Steven Sandven
Jean and Timothy Sanregret
SAP Employees
Rajesh Sapra and Meghna Mahajan
Sasaki Family Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Breena and James Satterfield
Kadavil and Ruth Satyanaryan
Mary and J. Dennis Saulsbury
Richard and Dianne Saulsbury
George Savage
Judyth Savidge
Ann and Ron Savitt
Cynthia Sax
Sue Sayers
Paul Schachtsick
Morris and Karen Schademan
Eric Schamp
Clifford and Linda Schatz
David and Hiroko Schauer
John and Iris Schaumburg
Tory and Dave Schechter
Mary Lou Scheidt
Elizabeth Schellberg and Gary Watkins
Peter and Barbara Schenck
Elizabeth Scherdt
Steven and Coda Schile
Laurie and Steven Schindler
William and Kathleen Schlaudecker
Patricia Schleuning
Dianna Schmid and Kel Snyder, M.D.
Daniel and Brooks Schmit
Roy and Ilene Schnaible
Kathryn and Richard Schneider
John and Verna Schnitzer
Dori Schnitzer
Ellen Schoenborn
Marian and Elihu Schott Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Roy Schreiber and Carole Heath
Susan Schreiber
Stephen Schreiner and Sarah Small
Sarah and David Schrott
Robin Schueler
James and Gertrude Schuhl
David and Christine Schulman
Kathleen Schultz
Earl Stanley and Tamara Aimee Schuman
Erika Schuster and B.C. Biberdorf
Susan Schuster and Franklin Simkins
Kate Schuyler
Kirsten and Jason Schwabel
Susan Schwartz and Michael Marciniak
Richard and Marcy Schwartz
Marc Schwartz
Thomas Schwartz and Isabel Ortega-Schwartz
Leigh Schwarz and Michael Beard
Dennis and Joanne Schweitzer
Joyce and Paul Schwer
Mia and Robert Scofield
Todd Scofield
Bobbie Scopa
Candis Scott
Steve and Margaret Scott
Stephanie and Casey Scott
Alan Scott and Ana Rivas-Scott
Ronald and Barbara Scott
Alicia and John Scott
David Scott
Alistair and Mary Scriven
Paul Seamons Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Denise Searles and Celeste Mazzacano
Rosa Seda and John Blyler
Lisa Sedlar and Ron Davis
John and Barbara Seibert
Galen Seitz
Peggy Seitzinger
Joyce Semradek
Joanne Senders
Pollie Sengstake
Linda Settje
James and Barbara Sevde
Steven Severeide and Jacklyn Bristol
Charles Sexton
Ernest Seymour
Bert Shafer and Mary Mizroch
Aalok and Ketki Shah
James and Carol Shallman
Joseph Shank and Patricia Pairman
Suparna Shanmugam
Jeff Shapiro and Julie Grandstaff
John Sharp
James Sharp and Antoinette Pamuya-Sharp
William and Leslie Sharp
John Sharp and Anne Raich
Bertha Sharpe
Ariel Shattan
Lee Shaver
Maryann Shavink-Dillerud and A. Duane Dillerud
Gilbert B. Shaw
Lawrence Shaw
Gary Shaw
K. C. and Mary S. Shaw
Kelli Shea
Jim and Susan Shea
Sharolyn Shearer Brown
John Shelton
Duke Shepard
Richard Shepherd
Brett Sheppard
Catherine and William Sheppard
Wesley and Ardell Sherman
John & Janet Sherman Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
William Sherman Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Larry and Pat Sherrick
Anne Sherwood and Brian Sussman
Adel and Page Shields
Mary Shipley
Glenn and Karen Shirley
Gerald Shorey
Chiara and Steven Shortridge
Stephen Shostek and Jacqualine Tull
John and Shannon Shoul
Don and Frances Showman
Thomas and Mary Shreve
Oded Shulsinger
C. Sidles
Mark Siegel
Wade and Tessa Siegel
Eunice Sigler
Anne and Alan Sigmen
Henry Sigmon and Edie Cole
Dutch and Alice Sigmund
Michael and Margaret Sills
Christine Silva
Gregory and Dale Silver
Linda Silver
Michelle Silver
Bruce and Marcy Silverman
Michael and Susan Silvey
William and Marynell Simkoff
Scott Simmons
Larry Simmons
Bruce Simmons
David and Cindy Simon
Christopher and Michelle Simone
Michelle and Michael Simons
Bonnie and Steven Simonson
Nancy Simpson
Donald M. and C.A. Simpson
Elizabeth Sinclaire
Laura Sisulak and Anders Wagstaff
Jodi Sittig
Margaret and Martin Sitzmann
Jack and Carmen Sivertson
Bradford Sjoblom and Kathy Hogaboom
Linda and Jeffrey Skeele
Jeffrey and Linda Skinner
James and Charlotte Skuster
Edward and Barbara Slaughter
Allison Sliter and Michael Wolfe
B. Todd and Margaret Sloan
David Smith
Patricia and Duane Smith
Karen and E. Baird Smith
Kathleen Smith and Darcy Schaffer
Michael Smith
Boyce and Lori Smith
Jerry and Donna Smith
Vicki Smith
Philip and Nancy Smith
Timothy D. Smith
Dana A. Smith
Kenneth Smith
Linda and K. Paul Smith
Christian and Julie Smith
Susan and Robert Smith
Joe and Francine Smith
Catherine Smith
Raymond Smith
Sieglinde K. Smith
Selma Smith
Frederick Smith
Dale Smith and Charleen Whitney
Diane and Stephen Smith
Izetta Smith and Ellen Goldberg
Molly and Dana Smith
Pamela Smith
Philip Smith
Virginia Smith
John Smrekar
David Smythe
Richard Snapps
Richard D. and Janet Snow
Alice and Guy Snyder
Andrew and Doris Snyder
Janet Snyder
Rebecca and John Snyder
David and Lori Sobelson
Jason Sola
Chris and Ed Soler
Matthew Solhjem and Sara Engbloom
Candy and Juris Solovjovs
James Solso
John and Kathleen Somers
Thomas and Rebecca Sondag
Kimberly and Kenneth Songer
Miriam Sontz and Joseph Walsh
Eileen Sorensen
Fred and Norma Sorenson
Joyce and Steven Sorlien
Mary Sorteberg and Jeffrey Merkely
Susan and Richard Sosnika
Jeffrey Soulages and Catherine Pellegrini
Steven and Patricia Souza
Kathleen Sparks
Anne Sparks and David Peacock
David and Lydia Specht
Ric Spence and Rog Wyatt
Jeffrey and Kathryn Spere
Martha Spiers and Brooke Gelfand
Cathlyn and Steven Splonskowski
Lowell Spring
John and Mary Springer
Lee and Janet Squier
David and Carol Squire
James Squires
Anna St. John
Melanie St. John
Gary St. Louis
Linda and Jack Stacey
Roger and Anita Stammer
Elizabeth Stanhope and Keska Kemper
Larry and Sheryl Stanley
Suzanne Stanton and Drew Whitner
Edward and Joan Stark
Zachary and Sally Starker
Robert and Lois Starnes
Teresa Statler and Gerald Porter
Donald Stauffer
Scott Stauffer
Mark and Candice Stayer
Dorothy and Gerald Stearns
Mike and Mary Stebbins
Susan Steele Hanna
Susanne Stegmiller and William Joy
Molly Stenzel
Kenneth D. Stephens
Rebecca and Erroll Stephens
Robert and Helga Stephensen
Keith Stephenson
Julie Sterling
Joseph and Helen Stern
Holly Stern and Donald Prather
Barbara Stetson
Kathryn Stevens
Kim and Henry Stevens
Frances Stevenson
Richard Stiggins and Nancy Bridgeford
Theresa Stillman
Linda R. Stine and Dagny R. Abel
John and Nancy Stocker
Martin and Sharon Stoesser
Mark Stoetzl
Jennifer Stoller and Darin Friess
Stephen and Alice Stolzberg
Kevin Stone
Patrick Stone
Daniel and Mary Stoneman
Harvey and Cheryl Storey
Donna Storz
Don and Joan Strand Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Karen Strand Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Karen Stratton and Roger Golliver
Patricia and Larry Strausbaugh
Jeffrey and Mary Strickler
Paul and Debi Stromberg
Greg and Sue Stronach
Daniel and Jo Strong
Jeri and Michael Stronk
Jon R. and Barbara J. Stroud
Patricia Struckman
Joy and Brian Strull
John and Betty Stuart
Timothy Stuckey
Dan and Patty Stuckey
Edith and Hartmut Stuettger
Monica and Jerry Stutzman
Aeylin Summers-Hinton and Thomas Hinton
Donald and Jonna Sundeleaf
Steve and Angela Sundholm
Marko Susnjara
Frederick Sutherland
Shirley and John Sutton
Judith Sutton and Blanche Soderman
John Svicarovich
Peter and Joyce Swan
Barbara Swanson
Leonard Swanson
Michael and Judith Swanson
Teril Teresa and Charles Swart
Larry and Roberta Swearingen
Mollie and Richard Swift
Lucille Switzer
Tom and Kimberly Switzer
Thomas Syltebo and Judith Fisher
Ardys and Harold Symons
James V. Taff
William Tagmyer and Lucy Martin
Tagmyer Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Julia Tank and James Prihoda
Lee and Janet Tapper
Michael and Brenda Tarbell
Roberta Taussig
Richard and Carol Tayler
Lee Taylor and Louise Eagle-Taylor
David and Terry Taylor
Diane Taylor
Michael Taylor
Gregory and Joann Taylor
Bruce E. Taylor and Jana Doughty
Herbert and Margaret Taylor
Lanea Teeny
Amber Telfer
Katherine Tennyson
Lisa Teutsch and Kent Powloski
The Joseph and Catherine Thaler Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Allan and Janice Thede
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Thede
Christine Thelen
Eloise and Maurice Thomas
Kevin and Jeanette Thomas
Gregory Thomas and Martha McMurry
Deborah Thomas and John Riordan
Jeffery and Dawn Thomas
Tracy Thomas
John and Carol Thomas
Tom and Pam Thomas
Barbara and Darrah Thomas Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Peter and Suzanne Thompson
John and Mary Thompson
John and Eleanor Thompson
Becky Thompson and Phillip Rudolph
Dan Thompson
Susan Thompson Armentrout
Richard Thoms
Peter Thomson
Barbara Threefoot
Timothy Thunder
Kathleen Thurman
Patricia Thurman
Kathy Thurow and Harlan Shober
Anna Mae Tichy
Tichy Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Nancy and David Tilford
Jean Tillman
Margaret Tims
Irene Tinker
E. Louise Tippens and Peter West
Katherine Tippens Wiper
Randall Tipton and John Sanders
Tochen Family Advised Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington
Kathryn Todd
Susan Tokola-Avison
Andrew and Alycia Tolmach
William and Rita Tomison
Robyn Tonello
Brad and Michelle Tonkin
Barry Tonkin
Marcia Lee and Ronald Barry Tonkin
Margaret Tornblade
Teresa and Genaro Torres
Leslie and Dennis Torresdal
Margaret Towle-Strong
Kristen Tranetzki
Sheri Trask
LaVonne Treat
Cynthia and Donald Trelstad
Steven and Janet Trinkle
Evelyn and Harold Triplett
Sally Tripp
Susan and Patrick Troccolo
Charles and Beverly Trover
Clifford and JoAnne Trow
Truist Employees
Rosa Trujillo
Daniel Tseng
Mark Tucker
Darlene Tucker
Connie and R. Turitto
Sara Turner
James Turner
Richard and Becky Turner
Wendy and Ernest Turner
James and Karen Turney
James Turney
Norman Turrill and Joanna Cain
Victor and Cynthia Tushner
Halvor Tweto
UBS Employees
Mary Ulmer and John Cowles
Amy Umphlett
Umpqua Bank Employees
Helen and Peter Unger
John and Pat Urquhart
Craig and Jill Vagt
Charles and Alice Valentino
Adolph and Michelle Valfre
Maria Valls and Delbert Hartley
Azin and Johannes van Alebeek
Johannes and Jacoba Van Andel
Charles and Janet Van Dorn
Nathan and Nan Van Mechelen
Mark and Anne Van Ness
James and Julie Van Nest
Patti and Scott Van Raden
Donna Van Reenen
Greda Van Veen
Lisa Vance
Alan and Elizabeth Vandehey
James and Kelli VanderVelden
Lyle and Susan Vandestreek
Robert Vandiver
Dinah Vardon
William and Marjory Varitz
Mr. Ray Varner
Philip Varner and Christy Pagels
Kevin Vassily
Margaret and Craig Vattiat
Michael and Bonnie Vawter
Steven and Esther Vegdahl
Iverna Velene
Kathryn Venator
Kimberly Vesco and David Mosen
Paceon Vetaly
Andrew Veyliotti and Elizabeth Horn
Patricia Vial
Loraine Vick
Lawrence and Jane Viehl
Trevor and Ann Charmaine Vigfusson
Nita R. Vining
Richard and Cheryl Viskov
Jim and Constance Voelz
Iraj Vojdani and Leslie Trim
Ken Vollmer
The Jean Vollum Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Emmiliese Von Clemm
Stephen Voorhees and Pamela Welch
Karen and Roger Vorderstrasse
Ramona and Michael Vorderstrasse
Ed and Mary Vranizan
W.C.F. & T.R.F. Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Teri Wadsworth and John Paul
Dovie R. Wahl
Dan Waid
Cindy Wakamatsu
Joanne and Allen Wakeland
Leonard Waldemar
Martha Waldemar
Joan Waldron
Caroline Waldstein
Margaret Walker and Marilyn Miller
Patricia and John Walker
April Walker
Judith Walker
Marilyn Walker
Janet and Jonathan Walker
Sean and Melissa Wall
James and Marvis Wall
Kerry Walls
James Walton
Leah Wannell
Ruth Warbington and Richard Hausken
Linda and Richard Ward
Anne and Eddie Ward
Harold and Bette Warner
R and D Warner Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Christopher Warren
Terry Warren
Richard Wasserman and Ann Coskey-Wasserma
Donald and Patricia Watne
James and Jenny Watson
Andrew and Lori Watson
Jay and Mary Ann Watson
Mary and Edwin Watson
Robert and Lorraine Watzke
Ann Wawrukiewicz
Tony and Mary Wawrukiewicz
Michael and Gail Weaver
Leslie and Thomas Weaver
Norman and Louella Webb
Leslie Webb
Bonnie and Neil Webber
Dwight Weber and Peg O'Hara
Helen F. Weber
Todd and Olivia Weber
Elizabeth and Rick Weber
David and Andrea Weber
Walter and Gudrun Weber
Stephen and Denise Weeks
Lynn and John Weglarz
Elizabeth Wehrli and Joy Graham
Karin Weiler
Lucy and Larry Weinberg
Mark Weinmeister
Steven Weinstein
Ben Weintraub
Rhoda Weiss
Weiss Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Thomas and Gloria Weitzel
Shirley Welch
Donald Welch and Mine Boyd
Robert and Kathi Wells
Linda Welton
Dwayne and Jeannie Wendler
Wiley and DeVera Wenger
Karla Wenzel and Frederick Miller
Lisa and Michael Wenzlick
Eric and Penny Werner
Elaine Werner
Patrick and Sarah West
Martha Westbrook
Judith and Jerold Westin
Marilyn Weston
Gordon and Rosemary Westphal
Victoria Lee Wetle and Myron Redford
John and Marilee Wetten
Edward and Katrina Wheeler
John and Traci Wheeler
Vera and William Wheeler
Betty and Evan Whitaker
Allen and Nancy Whitaker-Emrich
Penny Isaacs White and C. Stephen White
Rose White
Patricia and Clifton White
Traci White
Caroline and Paul White
Barry White and Deborah Weller
Mark and Charlean White
Nancy Whitmer
Bruce and Bonnie Whitney
Gail Whitted
The Gary S. Whitted Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
John Whittlesey and Peggy Anet
Jan Whittlesey and Glen Enright
Elsie M. Wickham and Raymond G. Atterberry
Sandra and John Wicklund
Barbara and Robert Widmer
Karl Wiegers and Christine Zambito
Robert Wiersma
Grace Wiesner
Jeffrey Wihtol
Diane and Todd Wilcox
Alison and James Wilcox
David Wilder
Theresa Wilder
Elaine Wilderman
Valerie Wildman
Tammy and Charles Wilhoite
Vincent Willeford
Jan Willemse
Thomas Williams
John Williams and Sandra Cotten
Peter and Aira Williams
David and Denice Williams
Mark and Marie Williams
Michael and Melissa Williams
Christopher and Priscilla Williams Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Alan Willis
Glorialee Wilmes
Dawn and Robert Wilson
Jean and Robert Wilson
Charlene and Scott Wilson
Viola Wilson
Phyllis and Robert Wilson
Laurie and Mitchelle Wilson
Charles Wilson
Douglas N. and Sanae Wilson
Jim Wilson
Julie Wilson
Carol and Arthur Wilson
Steven and Jane Wilson
Dick Wimmers
Nancy Winbigler and Jim Hendershot
Donald Winfree and Laura Winther
Loren Wingert
Michelle and Craig Winkler
Buford and Anita Winn
Norman and Jeanne Winneguth
Ila Winslow
Mary Kay and Bill Winther
Marjorie Winzenried and Richard Macquoid
Rebecca and Allen Wirfs-Brock
Jennifer Wirsig
William and Elizabeth Wise
Richard Wiseman
Gil Wistar
Tamara and Ronald Witcosky
Richard Withycombe and Kathryn Scotten
Gerald Witt and Susan Bliss
Susan Wohld
Ann Woldridge
Lawrence and Diana Wolff
Jeffrey Wolfstone
Josephine Wollen
Martin Wondershek
Susan and David Wood
Gregg Wooden
Jacquelyn and William Woods
Charlotte and Eric Woodward
Jon and Jill Woodworth
Ellen and John Worcester
Helen and Michael Worthington
Patricia Wozniak
Robert and Janice Wright
Byron and Elizabeth Wright
Maureen Wright
Pamela and Joseph Wright
David and Carol Wright
Sara Wu
June Wu
David Wurst
Merri and William Wyatt
William Wynn and Mary Dielschneider
Barbara Wyse and Pat McLaughlin
Paul Xochihua
Samyak Yamauchi and Charles Steury
Wanda Yantis
Milton and Joanne Yatvin
Rosemarie Yeager and Kenneth Guptill
Elizabeth and Christopher Yensan
Pauline Yeung
Kenneth and Bertha Yoder
D.C. and Karen Yohn
Wendy Yorkshire
Grant and Colleen Yoshihara
Marie Young
Jeremy Young
Barbara and Oliver Young
Jill Young
JR Young
Nancy and Herbert Zachow
Annette and Steven Zack
Catherine and Jon Zaerr
Elliot Zais and Holly Pence
Raymond and Patricia Zak
Kristin Zegretti
Ann Zeigler
Margaret Zelfer
Garrett and Rachel Zenk
The Zephyr Fund of the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Joyce Zewekh
Fred and Annette Ziari
Charlene Zidell
Steven and Kristine Zika
Stephen and Suzanne Zimmerman
Mike and Susan Ziolko Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Marilyn and Ronald Zook
J. Chris and Judith Zukin
Michael Zulauf and Tracy Bumsted
Timothy and Lisa Zurcher
Stephen Zwetsch
Heather Zwickey

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