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I haven't been to a food pantry before this - April

Many people are struggling from payday to payday, turning to resources such as SNAP and food banks to get by.

I haven’t been to a food pantry before this. I put myself through college. I’ve had two jobs and worked 50 hours a week on many occasions. But the school I worked for restructured, so right now I’m unemployed. I can’t even find a minimum wage job. My budget has been cut in half and the cost of food has gone up, so that’s what brought us to the food pantry.

I think cutting funding to SNAP is the worst thing we could do. My son and I get $100 a month for food from SNAP. A healthy nation is one with healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy economy. Cutting people’s access to nutrition forces people to eat less nutritious food and increases health problems in the long run. And our children’s growing brains need those nutrients.
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