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Voices: Real stories

I know hunger, and it's a real heartache - Mary

When my grandchildren come over—and I have them all the time—there’s no such thing as ‘grandma don’t have any food.’ I come to the food pantry and I have to improvise. I thank God I’m a good cook. My brother was a chef and he taught me a lot. 

I live in a 55 and older building, and I have neighbors who are lower income than me who are hungry. I share a lot, but I get in trouble because then everyone is looking for me to feed them and I don’t have enough to do that.

People knock on the door. ‘Whatcha cook today? I smell something up there.’One lady on the second floor can hardly walk, so I take her food. I want to start a program in my building where I could get food boxes to help me cook for people who don’t have enough. 
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