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Voices: Real stories

I've always been able to pay my bills - Steve

I go down to the employment division and they send me out on interviews. They’ll tell you there’s hundreds of jobs, but the majority of them are part time, minimum wage, no benefits. At 57, people say I’m overqualified or they can’t pay me what I deserve.

I’ve been driving a taxi for four years. Before that I was at Country Coach for eight years and before that I was in a body shop for almost 15 years. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been able to pay my bills, and when you suddenly need help there’s so much uncertainty. I’m currently living with my oldest daughter and her family.

I’d never been to a food pantry before and when I came here it was a bit of a shock. It surprised me how nice everybody was. When I see the tables stacked with food and I know there’s a big line outside, I sort of decide I don’t really need some things because other people waiting in line might need them more.

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