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Voices: Real stories

Kids have to come first - Beth

My favorite thing about coming to the meal site for dinner is knowing my kids aren’t going to bed hungry. My dream is to set my kids up so they won’t have to struggle. I don’t want them to worry about how they’re going to feed their kids.

We ended up in a tent with our kids for four months. You become resourceful fast when you don’t have any income. We’ve made our own laundry soap. We’ve used coffee filters for toilet paper. Trying to pull ourselves back up and find jobs is hard, because we don’t have resources. Everywhere we go, a hundred people have applied.

There’s nowhere to help set you up to get good paying jobs. Where are we going to get training? We just need help or we’re not going to get out of this rough spot at all. And then where are our kids going to be, what hope are they going to get?

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