Our mission:

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The Childhood Hunger Coalition, a program of Oregon Food Bank, works to eliminate public health problems arising from childhood hunger. Our interdisciplinary collaborative works proactively to educate, conduct research and advocate to link food security and health outcomes.


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Our history

The Childhood Hunger Coalition emerged from a workshop entitled, “The Medical and Social Impacts of Childhood Hunger,” held at Oregon Food Bank in 2004. The workshop educated participants about the link between childhood hunger and health outcomes and explored barriers and opportunities to engaging health professionals as interveners to identify and address child hunger.  Workshop organizers developed the Childhood Hunger Coalition as a means of carrying forward the workshop’s goals.

In 2010, after five years of collaboration resulting in continuing education curricula for health providers, statewide surveys and research, participants acknowledged ongoing commitment and progress by renaming the group the Childhood Hunger Coalition.

The Childhood Hunger Coalition recently became a program of Oregon Food Bank, formalizing multiple years of collaboration between the two entities and ensuring a strong partnership moving forward. This new relationship means that Oregon Food Bank will provide an administrative home and structure to better support future funding opportunities and organizational growth for the coalition, but the coalition will continue to be directed by the steering committee of representatives from OSU Extension Service, Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Hunger Task Force, Oregon WIC, Kaiser Permanente and Oregon Food Bank.

The Childhood Hunger Coalition’s dedication to ongoing education, outreach and advocacy around the link between food security and health outcomes is consistent with Oregon Food Bank’s mission to eliminate hunger and its root causes. Increased collaboration between the Childhood Hunger Coalition and Oregon Food Bank will allow both entities to build on previous efforts to address the root causes and public health impacts of childhood hunger.

The coalition is now focused on working with a health clinic to test the feasibility of screening for childhood hunger.

Participating organizations



Steering committee:

Elizabeth Adams
PhD, RD, Oregon
Health & Science University
Cheryl Alto
MS, RD, Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, Office of Family Health, WIC Program
Anneliese Koehler
BA, Oregon Food Bank
Dana Hargunani
MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Molly Haynes, Chair
MPH, RD, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Anne Hoisington
MS, RD, Oregon State University Extension, Family and Community Health
Lesley Nelson
MPA, Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon
Jon Stubenvoll
MBA, Oregon Food Bank
Lynn Knox
Screen & Intervene Coordinator
Oregon Food Bank