CHC members publish study: find that nearly 90 percent of health care providers are willing to screen for food insecurity
CHC members Anne Hoisington, Dana Hargunani, Elizabeth Adams and Cheryl Alto co-authored a study with Oregon State University Professor Mark Braverman on the extent to which health care providers monitor food insecurity in households with children. The study, which analyzed responses from 186 providers, found that while most providers did not routinely inquire about food insecurity, nearly 90 percent indicated their willingness to use screening questions if provided.

The study found that the health care providers who do monitor for food insecurity likely had more years in practice. The study also looked at distinct barriers to providers asking patients about quality and the quantity of food accessible to them. Providers listed limited time in the clinical visit as the main barrier to inquiring about the nutritional quality of their patients' food. In contrast, however, the main barriers to inquiring about food sufficiency - whether everyone in the family has enough to eat - were discomfort in discussing food insecurity and inadequate knowledge about the topic. This underlines the challenges around discussing food sufficiency in the clinical setting and points to the need for providing information and resources on this topic to the health care community.

Read the study. 
Read recent coverage of the study on OSU Extension and Science Direct websites.

Idaho Hunger Summit invites CHC to present on childhood hunger as a public health concern
On October 30, 2012, CHC member Elizabeth Adams will present at the Idaho Hunger Summit on childhood hunger as a public health concern. The workshop will explore the long term costs of childhood hunger, successful interventions and the importance of working together to address this public health concern. The Idaho Hunger Summit gathers together over 250 leaders and identifies the “next steps” in Idaho’s hunger relief agenda. Register online at

CHC member to present at the Oregon Public Health Association conference
At Oregon Public Health Association conference in Corvallis on October 9, CHC member Anne Hoisington along with Oregon State University Professor Marc Braverman will present on the food insecurity study they co-authored with other CHC members. The study looks at the extent to which health care providers screen for food insecurity in households with children.

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Steering Committee:

Elizabeth Adams,
PhD, RD, Oregon
Health & Science University
Cheryl Alto,
MS, RD, Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, Office of Family Health, WIC Program
Anneliese Koehler,
BA, Oregon Food Bank
Dana Hargunani,
MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Molly Haynes, Chair
MPH, RD, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Anne Hoisington,
MS, RD, Oregon State University Extension, Family and Community Health
Lesley Nelson,
MPA, Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon
Jon Stubenvoll,
MBA, Oregon Food Bank