Natural Grocers Fundraiser

Date and Time: Friday, Nov. 1, 7:00 AM, to Tuesday, Dec. 31, 8:00 AM

Bring your own Bag

Natural Grocers locations in Oregon:

Natural Grocers has set up an easy way to donate to Oregon Food Bank. Its so easy, you may already be helping and not even realize it! Each time you shop at Natural Grocers, just bring your own bags (any bags!) and we’ll donate 5 cents per shopping trip to the local food bank. You don't even have to request it, if you B.Y.O. Bag, we'll donate! And, as a bonus, during November and December, Natural Grocers will match any donation made at its registers to help fight hunger!

How to Remember your Bags
The hardest part of this program may be remembering to bring your bags. So, here's a handy BYO Bag Reminder Sign you can print out and hang on your dashboard! Another tried and true method that our customers have told us is to keep your bags in your trunk or your back seat. Then they're always there when you need them!
P.S. The Omega-3s in Salmon are great for brain health!

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