Donate Stock

Appreciated stocks (securities) are among the best assets to fund a charitable gift. And making this gift before December 31 is a great way to maximize tax savings while supporting hunger relief.

Making a gift of stock is easy! First, contact us with the details of your gift (name of stock and number of shares), then provide your broker with the following information:

     Oregon Food Bank Tax ID #: 93-0785786
     DTC # 0235
     Oregon Food Bank Account #: 306-74556
     Oregon Food Bank Broker: RBC Wealth Management

Please ask your broker to include your name and contact information, as well as information about the use of the gift or any other special instructions. To expedite the processing of your gift, we suggest that you contact us with information about the type of stock and number of shares, as well as any special considerations you may have.


When you donate appreciated assets to OFB as an outright gift, you are entitled to an income-tax charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the assets on the date of the gift, regardless of your cost basis.

View an example of how gifting stock can provide tax-time benefits.


For further assistance or questions, please contact:

Megan Riley at 503-853-8727 or
Jill Beidler at 503-439-1950 or

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Oregon Food Bank
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Our mission:
To eliminate hunger and its root causes ... because no one should be hungry. Donations to Oregon Food Bank are tax deductible.

Oregon Food Bank is a 501 c(3) nonprofit.