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Largest one day food drive needs your help

May 8, 2012
OFB General
Food drive Volunteer to Adopt-a-Route

Oregon Food Bank seeks volunteers to help make the  National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), Saturday, May 12, a success.

“This is the largest one-day food drive in the world,” said Maryann Brunner, partner events coordinator. “This is huge. In Oregon, more than 4,000 letter carriers in urban and rural areas will join the national effort to pick up food from postal customers. We invite you to be part of this very exciting day.”

Last year, letter carriers collected close to 1.4 million in Oregon and southwest Washington.

Here’s how you can join this critical effort:

Volunteer at a post office.
Greet letter carriers as they return from collecting food from postal customers on their routes. Help unload the food from their vehicles. To sign up, visit

Adopt-a-Route. Oregon Food Bank is organizing Adopt-a-Route in the Portland metropolitan area. Well-identified volunteers will follow letter carriers on their postal routes and help pick up food. To sign up, or call Lindsay Duvall, OFB volunteer scheduling and outreach coordinator, 503-282-0555, Ext. 3393.

Trucking. Are you a professional truck driver with a truck? Fill it with food donations at the post office and deliver the food donations to Oregon Food Bank. To volunteer, call Alan McNew, OFB transportation manager, 503-282-0555, Ext. 2255.

And, most important, fill a bag of food and place it by mailbox on Saturday, May 12.  That’s something everyone can do.
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