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Corporate Donor of the Month: Pacific Foods

April 1, 2014
Pacific Foods never forgets its neighbors.  The Tualatin-based company is a true partner in fighting hunger locally, always happy to share.  They regularly donate soups, broths, and beverages to Oregon Food Bank’s warehouse. 
That quality is at the center of everything Pacific Foods produces: They use only natural ingredients in everything they make.  Over 80% of their products are organic.  And when possible, they source ingredients from our beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Oregon Food Bank is fortunate to receive donations from many farms in our area, and Pacific Foods helps with these, as well.  Every month Pacific Foods crafts a soup recipe based on the donated frozen vegetables Oregon Food Bank has received, and dedicates production time for 24,000 containers.  The vegetables in the recipe are shipped to Pacific Foods, where the company produces and packages the soup specifically for distribution throughout the Oregon Food Bank network.
The partnership goes far beyond the million pounds of food donated annually, however.  Pacific Foods staff volunteer INSERT hours of time, ensuring donated food is packaged quickly for families in need, and contributes financially resources.  Always interested in new and innovative ways to strengthen their partnership with Oregon Food Bank, Pacific Foods is a leader in addressing hunger in Oregon.  In addition to the energy and time donated to Oregon Food Bank, Pacific Foods supports local pantries directly with food and services.  Thank you for everything you do… because no one should be hungry.

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