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Corporate donor of the month: Nike

January 29, 2013

When you think of Nike, sports, athletes and competitive spirit probably come to mind. What you may not realize is that Nike employees are fabulous volunteers, who combine that same competitive spirit with a philanthropic passion for helping others.

Here's a great example.

In an average shift at OFB, volunteers can pack about 125 meals per person. When teams of Nike employees volunteer, they repack 154 meals per person! Last January, the Global Marketing Operations teams repacked nearly 42,000 pounds of oats and beans in just a few hours, getting the food ready for distribution to hunger-relief agencies. To compliment their volunteer effort, the team held a food and fund drive, raising $805 and 108 pounds of food to help fight hunger.

The Emerging Markets team primes their volunteers by providing a meal prior to the shift. This added fuel propelled them to pack more than 131 meals per volunteer!

Last year, Nike employees donated more than 1,600 volunteer hours at both OFB and OFB West.

The Nike spirit also shines brightly through Nike’s Corporate Match. Employees give generously and take the initiative to secure matching funds from Nike. Last year, Nike and its employees contributed $50,000 to enable Oregon Food Bank to purchase food for statewide distribution.

And there are many more examples of Nike's strong support in the fight against hunger.

"As both donors and volunteers, Nike employees are energetic, focused, compassionate, dedicated and truly tireless," says Sarah Schirmer, OFB's corporate gifts developer. "All of us at OFB are truly grateful for their support."


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