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Regence funds project to implement screening and intervention for food insecurity

May 28, 2014

Oregon’s food insecurity rate remains high, especially among children. More than a quarter of children in Oregon don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. Thanks to the generous support of Regence, the Childhood Hunger Coalition and Oregon Food Bank are expanding our screen and intervene model, which identifies people who are food insecure in medical clinics and links them to food assistance and nutrition education resources. With health care reform and the expansion of Medicaid, the timing for OFB’s Screen and Intervene Project couldn’t be better.  Health care providers are increasingly focusing on inexpensive, early prevention methods, such as ensuring all patients have access to and knowledge about healthy food. The program’s modest goals for the first year have already been met, two

 months after Project Coordinator Lynn Knox came on board. 

“There has been an exciting amount of interest in our two tools, the validated screening questions and clinic-ready information materials for patients identified as food insecure,” said Knox. “It is also wonderful to see the variety of ways that some clinics are trying to take things a step further by providing hands on assistance to patients to make sure that connections to resources are made.” 

For more information about the project contact Lynn at 503-548-7508 or .

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