Annual Report

Our mission: To eliminate hunger and its root causes ... because no one should be hungry.

At Oregon Food Bank, we believe no one should be hungry. We are committed to helping and empowering people experiencing hunger. In times of need, your generosity ensures there is food on every table. When the immediate need is met, our focus shifts to finding permanent solutions. From teaching cooking and gardening skills to speaking out on hunger and poverty, the programs you support are making a difference. Take a look at this year’s accomplishments.


  • People seeking food assistance need healthy, fresh food for a well-balanced diet. Oregon Food Bank increased the amount of fresh produce moved through the OFB Network by almost 400,000 pounds and made the necessary changes in handling and storage.
  • Almost 90 health care providers in Oregon started screening for food insecurity using the Screen and Intervene Program developed by Oregon Food Bank’s Childhood Hunger Coalition. The program gives health care professionals tools and technical assistance to provide better treatment and resources to families and individuals facing hunger.


  • Children need consistent access to food to learn and grow. Key contributions established four new school-based pantries this year. Our 12 school locations provide community connections for families to receive food and other services. Plans are in place to expand the program over the next three years.


  • In April 2014, Oregon Food Bank, growers, members of the OFB Network, and farming organizations won unanimous support in Oregon’s State Legislature for a crop donation tax credit. Farmers now have the opportunity to receive a benefit from harvesting valuable crops and donating them to hunger relief.

Volunteers are the difference

Volunteer support is vital to the success of Oregon Food Bank’s mission. Individuals and groups sort and repackage food, lead nutrition and gardening classes, assist with special events and provide office and professional support. Last year they contributed over 163,000 hours of service — almost a 10% increase over the prior year and the equivalent of 85 full-time positions with an estimated value of $3.45 million.

We received tremendous community support

Donations of food, funds, time and talent make our work to fight hunger possible.

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