Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I drop off food?

You can drop off food donations at either of our metro-area locations, 7900 N.E. 33rd in northeast Portland or 1780 N.W. 173rd in Beaverton.

Get directions to OFB's locations.

See a list of all of our current drop off sites.

Do I need to let Oregon Food Bank know that I am having a food drive?
We would love to know about your drive! That way we can properly credit your donations and thank you. Please fill out our food and fund drive registration form.
Can I find out how much my group collected?

After your drive is over, call 503-439-6510, Ext. 3390, to find out how many pounds of food your group donated.

Should I donate food or funds?

Both food and funds help Oregon Food Bank fight hunger.

Cash donations keep our freezers running and our trucks on the road. They also support our innovative programs to address the root causes of hunger through advocacy and education. Monetary donations also allow OFB to purchase bulk food to be repacked by volunteers. Because we make large, bulk purchases, our cost per pound of food is far lower than that of an individual buying food at retail prices.

Food drives provide some of the healthiest and highest-quality food that OFB receives. Food donations provide a link between you, the donor, and people who are hungry.

Do you have barrels or boxes for collecting food?

We do have both barrels and boxes for food collection. You are welcome to pick up barrels or boxes at our northeast Portland warehouse at 7900 N.E. 33rd Drive or at our Beaverton facility, 1730 N.W. 173rd Ave. Barrels will fit in the backseat of a car.

If you expect to collect 500 or more pounds of food during your drive, you can request barrel delivery and pick up.

Do you have promotional materials I can use?
We have food drive posters that list our most-wanted foods. Send a message to to have posters mailed to you, or download them from our Web site.
How does the food collected reach people who are hungry?
Oregon Food Bank distributes food collected through food drives to a network of hunger-relief agencies such as Salvation Army, Outside In, St. Vincent de Paul, FISH Emergency Services and Blazers Boys and Girls Club. The agencies include pantries that distribute emergency food boxes, soup kitchens, shelters and other helping agencies.

An emergency food box provides a three-to-five-day supply of food for a family. Last year, an average of 240,000 people in Oregon and Clark County, Wash. ate meals from emergency food boxes each month. Of those, 36 percent are children.
Where do I send cash donations?

Please mail cash or checks to Oregon Food Bank, P.O. Box 55370, Portland, OR 97238.

You can also donate online. Please indicate the name of your food drive in the "In Honor Of" field on the donation form so that we may properly credit your group.

Or you can drop off your donations at our warehouse, 7900 N.E. 33rd Drive, Portland, and request a tour of our facility. Please call 503-282-0555 to schedule. 

Who do I make the check out to?

Please make checks out to Oregon Food Bank. Thank you!

Will I get a receipt for cash donations?

Anyone making a monetary donation will receive a thank-you letter with the amount of the donation. Please put cash donations in an envelope and write the donor's name, address and amount of donation on the outside of the envelope.

If you collected cash from many people, please include a list of names, addresses and amounts donated so that we can provide receipts.