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Thank you for your interest in coordinating a food and fund drive! Oregon Food Bank would not be able to meet the unprecedented need for emergency food without support from the entire community.

Please complete the form below to register your food drive and request supplies.


Each of our 55 gallon barrels holds 150 to 200 pounds of food. If you expect to collect at least 500 pounds of food, Oregon Food Bank can provide collection barrels and transportation. We will try to meet your requested delivery and pick-up dates; however, due to high demand, we can't guarantee dates. We'll contact you to confirm delivery and pick-up scheduling and to settle any remaining details.

We recommend submitting this form two weeks before your drive will start in order to secure food pick up and drop off dates. Please note that submitting the form does not guarantee a barrel for your food drive. We accommodate barrel requests based on availability.

If you are requesting less than three barrels, please arrange to pick them up at either of our warehouses:

Northeast Portland
7900 N.E. 33rd Drive, Portland
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1870 N.W. 173rd Ave., Beaverton
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please remember, you are welcome to deliver food to OFB or to one of our drop off locations. This helps save OFB transportation costs, making your donation go even further to help people who are hungry.

Questions? Please call 503-439-6510, Ext. 3390.

Thanks again for helping OFB eliminate hunger and its root causes ... because no one should be hungry.


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For barrel drop off or food pick up

Top 10 food drives 
March 2015

  1. Alameda Elementary School  3,780 lbs.
  2. Nancy Ryles Elementary School  3,398 lbs.
  3. Creative Science School  2,700 lbs.
  4. Laurelhurst Elementary School  2,380 lbs.
  5. Richmond Elementary School  2,150 lbs.
  6. Da Vinci Arts Middle School  2,110 lbs.
  7. Anonymous West  2,101 lbs.
  8. Rosemary Height School  1,818 lbs.
  9. Abernethy Elementary School  1,800 lbs.
  10. Anonymous PDX  1,652 lbs.

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