The Ultimate Food Drive

Give the ultimate gift by holding the ultimate food drive. 

Simply follow these six easy steps:

1. Identify a reasonable goal. Consider how long you'll run the drive and how many people you expect to participate.

2. Decide how you will collect the donated food. Depending on  the size of your drive, bags and/or boxes work well. You can gather your own materials or pick up a barrel at one of our warehouses. Get directions.

3. Decide what materials you'll need. Create you own materials  and/or request supplies such as posters, donor envelopes, and fact sheets. Request supplies.

4.  Spread the word about your food drive.
         - Notify OFB about your drive. 
         - If the event is open to the public, post it on our calendar.

5. Keep enthusiasm high! Send out e-mails to participants, hold a contest, etc. See our list of ideas.

6. Deliver the food yourself to one of our drop-off locations once the drive is complete.

Thank you! In addition to your food donations, you'll be saving OFB transportation costs & staff time.

Top 10 food drives 
November 2014

  1. Maxim Integrated - Jenkins  15,934 lbs.
  2. Numana w/Freeman Motors  9,396 lbs.
  3. Southridge High School  7,239 lbs.
  4. Yakima Products  5,839 lbs
  5. Hilton Portland - Excutive Tower  5,103 lbs.
  6. Shawn Dailey  2,809 lbs.
  7. Clean Water Services  1,655 lbs.
  8. Waka Kickball  1,258 lbs.
  9. Urban Gleaner  1,119 lbs.
  10. Trimet Beaverton Lift  1,005 lbs.

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