Organize a Food + Fund Drive

Community food and fund drives provide nutritious food and vital operating funds for Oregon Food Bank while raising awareness of hunger issues in our communities.

A huge thank you to the hundreds of schools, offices, faith-based groups and others who organize food and fund drives. Your efforts make a big difference for the 270,000 people who eat food from local pantries each month.



Both food and funds matter

Cash donations keep our freezers running and our trucks on the road. They also support our innovative programs to address the root causes of hunger through advocacy and education. Monetary donations also allow OFB to purchase bulk food to be repacked by volunteers. Because we make large, bulk purchases, our cost per pound of food is far lower than that of food bought at retail prices by individuals.

Getting started

Running a food drive is easy and fun! Here are a few tips to make the process go smoothly.

  • Identify a reasonable goal based on how long you'll run the drive and how many people you expect to participate.
  • Decide how you will collect the donated food. Depending on the size of your drive, boxes work well. You are also welcome to pick up a barrel at our warehouse. Get directions.
  • Decide what materials you'll need. We have posters, donor envelopes, and fact sheets available. To request materials, contact an event coordinator at
  • Let us know about your drive! Fill out our registration and materials request form. If you plan to collect more than 500 pounds of food, OFB can deliver a barrel for your drive. You can request barrels along with posters and other materials on our online form.
  • Keep enthusiasm high! Send e-mails, make posters, hold contests or think of your own ways to keep interest high. See our list of fun food and fund drive ideas.
  • Once your drive is complete, arrange to deliver food to OFB. Find drop-off locations.


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Top 10 food drives 

  1. Neveh Shalom - S Cohen Food Drive  958
  2. Grandma Sally LCC  667
  3. OHSU Student Drive  443
  4. Farmers Brothers  337
  5. Dowell Wealth Shred it Event  325
  6. Sue TSAI  305
  7. Bethlehem Lutheran Church  285
  8. Dana Peterson  282
  9. Aaron's  256
  10. Playdate PDX  246

Donate online

Mail your donation:

Oregon Food Bank
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Portland, OR 97211

Or donate by phone: