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FEAST is a community organizing process that allows participants to engage in an informed and facilitated discussion about food, education and agriculture in their community and begin to work toward solutions together to help build a healthier, more equitable and more resilient local food system.

Video produced by Denise Wendt, Food for Lane County

Communities that have participated in FEAST have:

  • Formed and expanded Farm-to-School partnerships between rural school districts and local farmers
  • Built community connectivity and formed regional action networks
  • Created new farmers markets and community gardens
  • Increased acceptance of WIC and Senior Farm Direct Checks and WIC Fruit and Veggie Vouchers at farmers markets and local businesses
  • Formed new and innovative partnerships between food donors and emergency food providers

FEAST helps build community

Read the FEAST program evaluation to learn about ways that FEAST workshops have helped participants connect to their communities and improve their local food systems.

Is your community ready for a FEAST?

Learn about goal and outcomes of the program and about where FEAST workshops have already been implemeted.


Feast Leadership Network

Have you attended a FEAST? Participated in our train-the-trainer curriculum? Are you interested in networking and learning from other FEAST participants and leaders?
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For general questions regarding the FEAST model, please contact Spencer Masterson.

For interest in using the FEAST model in your community, please contact Sharon Thornberry