food repack


Can I bring a school class?

Yes. Bringing your class to volunteer with Oregon Food Bank is an excellent way to teach your students about service and hunger in Oregon. Volunteering can help build compassion, self-esteem, teamwork and problem solving skills. Student volunteers work together to repackage bulk food donations, from apples, to oats, to beans, for distribution to hunger-relief agencies. While at Oregon Food Bank, your class will also take a tour of our food warehouse and learn about hunger in Oregon. 


Can we bring more people in our group than we initially registered?

Please email us at before your shift to check availability, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

What is the minimum and maximum volunteer capacity for groups?
  • The minimum we ask for is at least 5 members; otherwise please sign up as individuals.
  • For school groups: between 70-75 including adult chaperones. For other groups, depending on shift, groups can bring up to 110.
Can we reserve a room for our group to gather before or after our shift?

We do allow reservations in our community rooms depending on availability for meetings, but we do not allow groups to eat lunch in the rooms. Add your request on the application you fill out for your group and we will get back to you to confirm room availability.  

Can you expedite a group shift request for us?

To be fair and equitable, we process applications in the order they are submitted. Due to the amount of interest we receive during certain times of year it may take up to 5 business days to process applications. Thank you for your patience and willingness to volunteer. Planning ahead is always a good idea! 

I just want to come with some friends, but we don't have an official group? What do I do?

Decide on a Group Name for your group of friends. You could call it by your name “Bob’s Friends and Family” or your last name “The Smith Family”, or get creative “We Love Portland”, etc.  Have fun with it!

What do we do if we need to change the date our group is signed up to volunteer?

If you need to cancel a shift you've signed up for, please email to cancel. To sign up for a different date, please fill out another application.