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When can I volunteer?

Do I need to sign up in advance?
Yes. All volunteers need to sign up in advance. We plan projects and assign staff based on the number of volunteers we've scheduled. Please visit our individuals and families page or groups page to learn about opportunities and to sign up. If you come to a shift and we don't have you on our roster, you may be turned away.
What are the start and end times of volunteer shifts?

All available dates/times of shifts are listed on the applications. All of our volunteer shifts are at a set day and time. Shifts not listed on the application indicate they are full or not available. We ask all volunteers to arrive 15 min before their shift start time and stay for the entire duration of the shift.

Why do we have to arrive 15 min before the start time of the shift?

With large numbers of volunteers, it takes time to get everyone checked in, for volunteers to put their belongings in lockers, etc. Arriving in advance of the shift ensures we start on time! 

Can we schedule a volunteer shift for a date that is not listed on an application?

We schedule shifts 4 months in advance. Shifts that do not show up on the Calendar have either been canceled or are not available. With our new waitlist feature, even if a shift has no open spaces, you can still join the waitlist if you are registering as an individual. We’ll let you know if space becomes available.

Do I need to make an ongoing commitment?

It depends on which project you'd like to sign up for. There is no need to make an ongoing commitment to volunteer in our Volunteer Action Center, Learning Gardens (Dig In! program) or events.

If you are able to make a regular commitment, we need your help in the Food Recovery Center, Fresh Alliance, Nutrition Education, Learning Gardens, Speakers' Bureau or office.

Can I make an ongoing commitment?
Absolutely!  We have a terrific community of regular volunteers.  These volunteers typically make a weekly commitment to a specific 2-3 hour shift.  We also love to thank volunteers for their dedication and friendship through potlucks and celebrations throughout the year, and by giving out thank you awards such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other gifts.  Please join our community!
We recommend that you try out the different types of shifts, and when you find a time/shift you like, ask your volunteer coordinator to sign you up as a regular.