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Step two: Select which type of group you'll be volunteering with.

Service and community groups  Corporate groups School groups 

**We are excited to announce we have launched a new volunteer system that will make signing up for volunteer shifts easier than ever before! 
Why we think you'll like it: 
  • Live Calendar: Color coordinated and easy to read, you can check the number of available spots real-time (so you know there's room for your youth and chaperones, AND any other of your friends or family)
  • Personal Profile: It will be easy to check shifts you’ve scheduled, look at your history, and check volunteer hours!
  • Immediate sign up: No more waiting! Once you sign up you'll receive an automatic confirmation.
  • And more! 

Guidelines for a great group experience

  • We host groups at both our Portland and Beaverton locations. 
  • If youth under 16 will be part of your group, please check the age restrictions for the opportunity you'd like to sign up for. 
  • OFB runs shifts at pre-set times throughout the year and can accommodate groups of up to 70 youth (including chaperones) and 110 adults. 
  • Our calendar shows all available shifts at our Beaverton and NE Portland facilities for the next four months. For planning purposes, we are only able to schedule this far in advance. 
  • Group shifts can fill quickly, especially during the holidays. If the shift you're interested in is already full, there are many other ways to help! Consider running a food drive, joining our advocacy efforts, or donating. We also hope you'll volunteer with us another time. Hunger does not stop after the holidays, and your support is needed throughout the year. 
  • It's best to schedule your volunteer shift with us before recruiting volunteers to join your group. You can always adjust your reservation once you know for sure how many people will attend the shift. 
  • Our community rooms accommodate up to 30 people and are available for small meetings on a first-come-first-served basis Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To request the meeting rooms, please e-mail with your request and we’ll confirm availability.