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Currently this form is disabled until August to accommodate for the planning and implementation of Oregon Food Bank's largest fundraiser, the Waterfront Blues Festival. We apologize we do not have the capacity to take your request at this time. We hope to seeĀ  you down at the festival! Thank you!

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Top 10 food drives 
July 2015

  1. Woodruff-Sawyers  14,264
  2. Chubb Group  8,432
  3. Daimler Trucks North America  7,780
  4. Sedgewick Claims Management Service  835
  5. Go All In Poker, Inc.  810
  6. Oregon Motorcycle Expo  711
  7. Beaverton City Library  626
  8. Faternal Order of Eagles #3256  311
  9. Playdate PDX  306
  10. Bank of Columbia  303

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