Southeast Oregon Services

OFB - Southeast Oregon Services

Southeast Oregon Services provides food to 23 partner agencies in Malheur and Harney counties. In addition to providing emergency food, Southeast Oregon Services supports summer food programs for children, a local gleaning group and a number of other supplemental programs.

Southeast Oregon Services works to eliminate the root causes of hunger and poverty through SNAP (food stamp) outreach, nutrition and garden education and promotion of sustainable food systems. It's located in Ontario and is one of four regional food banks directly operated by OFB.

The challenge

Hunger is on the rise in southeast Oregon. Emergency food box distribution in Malheur and Harney counties has nearly tripled since 2004. Last year Southeast Oregon Services distributed 11 percent more emergency food boxes in the community.  

You can help

Southeast Oregon Services believes in collaboration, communication and education. We deeply appreciate the community support we receive from our donors and volunteers. With food and fund drives happening throughout the year, it's easy to get involved! Give us a call at 541-889-9206 or drop by today.



Contact information

Location: 773 S Oregon St.
Mail to: P.O. Box 716
Ontario, OR 97914-0716
Phone: 541-889-9206
Fax: 541-889-4716
E-mail: plawson at
Counties served: Harney, Malheur

Branch Services Manager: Peter Lawson, plawson at

Warehouse Lead: Sheila Hiatt, shiatt at

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