Rut Martinez-Alicea – Director of Equity, People & Culture

Rut Martínez-Alicea joined Oregon Food Bank as our Director of Equity, People & Culture in July 2018. For over 20 years, she has worked to dismantle systems of oppression with a focus on the intersection of racism and sexism.

For many years, Rut’s work focused on the intervention and prevention of domestic and sexual violence. In different roles, she implemented programs and promoted policies and practices for more equitable services to marginalized communities and individuals. She started a number of programs focused on increasing access to culturally appropriate services, including the first fully bilingual (English-Spanish) 24hrs Crisis Line in the state of Oregon, Línea UNICA, and the first program dedicated to the primary prevention of rape at a community college in the U.S. Before joining us, she designed and opened Portland Community College’s Southeast Multicultural Center.

Through her journey, Rut remains focused on dismantling systems of oppression that create environments where individuals and communities are at greater risk of violence, marginalization, and are denied access to basic resources such as health, housing and food.