A National Leader

Long recognized as a national leader for innovative responses to the many complex causes of hunger and food insecurity, Oregon Food Bank is proud to highlight some of our top, home-grown solutions for providing food today, food tomorrow, and food for all.

It starts at the top with our CEO Susannah Morgan, who is an active leader in Feeding America – the national network of food banks. Currently serving as chair of Feeding America’s Western Region and on the National Council, she is part of the governing structure of this network. In 2007, Feeding America recruited her to lead a team to establish Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas. Susannah also represented Feeding America in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and co-chaired its Diversity Innovation Task Force.

Innovative Partnerships & Programs

  • Knitting together a “community of practice” of 21 regional food banks across the state and Clark County, WA, Oregon Food Bank is the singular Feeding America Member for the state, supporting shared metrics and continuous peer learning.
  • Jointly developed with Oregon State Extension Master Gardeners, Oregon Food Bank’s award-winning Seed to Supper™ program teaches adults to grow their own food and has inspired adaptations in New York, North Carolina, and beyond.
  • Combining outreach, training, and state-level policy work, our Health Care Partnerships set the standard for clinic and hospital-based food security screening and intervention programming.
  • Recognized with an Innovation Award from Feeding America in 2013, our FEAST (Food, Education, Agriculture, Solutions, Together) program builds more equitable and resilient food systems with a nationally-sought-after community organizing model.
  • Our Healthy Pantry Initiative makes the healthy choice the easy choice, creating warm, welcoming food pantries that support health and wellness for the whole community.
  • Grounded in an intentional, community-based data gathering process that combines social research methods and community organizing principles, our grassroots Community Food Assessment model is changing the conversation about food in our rural communities.
  • Engaging in a “Collaborating for Clients” place-based program model, Oregon Food Bank, Janus Youth Programs, Home Forward and the Urban Institute have joined forces to create the Portland Teen Food Collaborative and launch a food intervention pilot in 2016 designed by teens, for teens.

Public Policy Leaders

  • Oregon Food Bank is a national leader among food banks in public policy advocacy and community organizing – key components in ending hunger.
  • Our advocacy work centers around food and nutrition policy, as well as issues at the root cause of hunger such as affordable housing, access to health care, and adequacy of the minimum wage.
  • Oregon Food Bank advocacy staff and volunteers make regular visits to the Capitol in Salem and to congressional offices in Oregon and Washington D.C.
  • We work closely with elected officials and other leaders at all levels of government to shape policies that may affect people struggling with hunger.

Strategic Food Sourcing

  • Oregon Food Bank is a national leader in sourcing and distributing fresh produce.
  • We are shifting focus from collecting any and all food, to strategically sourcing food that promotes health, including produce, proteins, and pantry staples.
  • Working directly with area growers, packers and shippers, we are creating systems to capture all produce, and especially the off-grade produce (too big, too small or misshapen) – which would have otherwise gone to waste or processing.
  • In 2013, along with a cohort of seven other U.S. food banks, Oregon Food Bank was selected to participate in the Produce Capture Institute.
  • In 2015, Oregon Food Bank and food bank partners in the Pacific Northwest were awarded a significant grant from Feeding America to support their regional food sourcing work through the Feeding the Pacific Northwest partnership.