Our Ten Year Vision (2019-2029)

Communities that Never Go Hungry

We believe food is a basic human right.

We envision resilient communities throughout Oregon and SW Washington that never go hungry.

Hunger is not just an empty stomach or an individual experience. Hunger is a community wide symptom of exclusion, of not having enough – not having enough nutritious food, enough income, enough power, enough represented voice. Hunger is a symptom of barriers to employment, education, housing and healthcare.

We all experience the effects of hunger in our communities. But together we can build communities that never go hungry. We can build communities where every voice matters. We can build communities that share responsibility for each other and the common good. Because, when we share prosperity, we all benefit.

To achieve this bold vision, Oregon Food Bank will build ​community connections​ to help people access nutritious food today, and we will build ​community power​ to eliminate the root causes of hunger, for good.

We are building:

  • A new leadership. People who have experienced hunger are the experts on hunger. People who have
    experienced hunger will be project planners, advocates, community organizers, food bank and agency staff, and volunteers.
  • A new story.​ We will spread a new, true story of hunger. Hunger and poverty are not primarily the result of personal choices; instead, they are deeply rooted in systems that deny opportunity and provide insufficient safety nets for common crises, such as illness.
  • A new bounty.​ Nutritious, locally grown food is abundant in the Pacific Northwest. We will rally all food industry folks – growers, manufacturers, retailers and more – as partners in ensuring that this bounty flows through the food assistance system.
  • A new local focus. ​We will honor local expertise.​ T​he best ideas for community prosperity are developed by and with local representative leadership and flourish when rooted in regional, statewide and national networks.
  • A new health partnership.​ We will intertwine food assistance and health care systems, recognizing that nutrition is key to life-long health, and health is critical to inclusion.
  • A new wave.​ We will build a movement. More than a million people in Oregon and SW Washington experience hunger or volunteer at a food assistance program; together, we are powerful beyond measure. We will channel that power into action on public policies to create communities that never go hungry. We will raise resources at a scale that changes the rules of the game.