Election 2020 Oregon Ballot Measure Endorsements

Take action by voting YES on measures that have a direct and meaningful impact on the root causes of hunger. From schools and libraries, to community safety, to treatment and recovery, we have an incredible opportunity this year to help all Oregonians emerge stronger. Each endorsed ballot measure provides benefits and reduces barriers for individuals and families likely to experience hunger — and advances equity for Black, Indigenous and other communities of color.

Metro-Portland Area Measures

YES: Preschool for All: Multnomah County: establishes two years of publicly funded, tuition-free, year-round preschool to provide a healthy start for 3-4-year-olds in Multnomah County, regardless of income, and living wages for preschool teachers.

YES: City of Portland Independent Oversight Committee: creates an independent body that would investigate complaints and deaths as well as recommend community-centered policy reforms for the Portland Police Bureau.

YES: Portland Parks and Recreation Levy: restores funding to support parks, plant more trees, create jobs and fund free programs like swimming with a focus on equity for Portlanders of color.

YES: Portland Public Schools Bond Renewal: provides funds to modernize schools, improve technology and curriculum and advance education opportunities for students who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

YES: Metro Get Moving 2020: creates a significant investment in 17 transportation corridors for public transportation and safer infrastructure throughout the Metro Area.

YES: Multnomah County Library Bond: addresses inequitable access to public libraries for residents of Multnomah County, with especially significant investments in East County.

Statewide Measures

YES: Oregon Measure 107: Campaign Finance Constitutional Amendment: creates the option for state and local jurisdictions to set campaign contribution limits to increase access to policy making for all Oregonians.

YES: Oregon Measure 110: Decriminalization and Treatment: decreases criminalization for possession of some drugs and increases access to treatment and recovery services.

Ballot Measure Endorsements

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