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25 11, 2020

Honoring the 51st National Day of Mourning


Oregon Food Bank's land acknowledgement at the NE Portland statewide warehouse. Oregon Food Bank stands with Indigenous People across the country to recognize and raise awareness of National Day of Mourning. In marking this day, we aim to see Thanksgiving from the perspective of the first stewards of the land — and begin [...]

Honoring the 51st National Day of Mourning2020-11-26T10:07:45-08:00
12 11, 2020

New Projections Reveal Worsening Food Insecurity in Pandemic’s Wake


[This is placeholder text for the moment. Full page will be live shortly.] Our national partners at Feeding America regularly revise hunger projections for states and localities across the country, most recently with a new set of figures in late October. First released in May during the early stages of the pandemic, the revised .  [...]

New Projections Reveal Worsening Food Insecurity in Pandemic’s Wake2020-11-12T01:26:02-08:00
27 10, 2020

Hunger Hero Inspires Pacific Islander Community


Sandra Wells is a longtime advocate and activist in her community. While her job title is Community Health Worker, she can also be found working as a translator and interpreter for Palauan language, a COFA health insurance project coordinator and, since the start of the pandemic, a COVID-19 contact [...]

Hunger Hero Inspires Pacific Islander Community2020-12-09T16:11:36-08:00
22 10, 2020

Community Power and Resilience


On Saturday, October 17 we hosted our annual Oregon Harvest Dinner virtually! It was full of examples of community power and resilience.   At Oregon Food Bank, we know the most impactful anti-hunger work starts within communities, led by people who understand firsthand their needs and how to create solutions. [...]

Community Power and Resilience2020-10-22T13:50:31-07:00
1 10, 2020

Farmers-to-Families Food Box Program Update


As media outlets have reported, Oregon Food Bank declined to participate in the final phase of the Farmers-to-Families Food Box Program (FFFBP) following new requirements and changes imposed by the Trump Administration that made the program unworkable. Find Emergency Food Assistance A series of recent conversations with local distribution partners has [...]

Farmers-to-Families Food Box Program Update2020-10-20T11:25:27-07:00
25 09, 2020


Housing for All to End Hunger. Home is more than where we sleep at night. It’s the neighborhood library, the local grocery store, our daily bus route — all the places that help us meet our essential needs. Yet as the cost of rent and mortgages rise, more and more people are forced to [...]

22 09, 2020


Unite Against Racism to End Hunger We can end hunger when we unite against racism and discrimination. Systemic racism harms Black, Indigenous and other People of Color — and is woven through our lives, from healthcare to education to criminal justice. These inequities keep our communities in poverty, which is the number one cause [...]

14 09, 2020


Invest in Health to End Hunger We can end hunger by investing in the health of our communities. All Oregonians—no matter our identity, the language we speak or where we’re from—should have access to nutritious food that supports our overall health. When children and families don’t have access to essential resources like healthy food, [...]

14 09, 2020


Support Education to End Hunger Every Oregonian in every neighborhood deserves a high-quality education — and the resources kids need to thrive. Access to a quality education lifts people out of poverty. When we invest in schools, we strengthen families across generations and build community power. From daily meals and snacks for kids to [...]

11 09, 2020


Election 2020 Oregon Ballot Measure Endorsements Take action by voting YES on measures that have a direct and meaningful impact on the root causes of hunger. From schools and libraries, to community safety, to treatment and recovery, we have an incredible opportunity this year to help all Oregonians emerge stronger. Each endorsed ballot measure [...]