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The Oregon Food Bank Summer Equity Institute is a 40-hour immersive training. Participants will explore foundational concepts of culture, identity and systemic inequities, they will contextualize them both historically and within current social and cultural norms; they will then explore the application of equity and inclusion practices, intersectional ally work at individual, social and organizational settings.

By the end of the week, participants will share common language on matters of equity, culture, race and racism, sex, gender, sexual orientation, sexism, heterosexism and cis-sexism, ability/disability, ableism, class, classism and intersectionality. Together we will discover and identify the cultural and personal impact of the social constructions of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability and class within current and historical contexts.

Participants will discuss, share and practice examples of ally work including an exploration of application and implementation of Equity at the organizational/institutional level using Oregon Food Bank, food banking and food justice as case studies.

The primary facilitator for the Institute will be Rut Martinez-Alicea. For more than 20 years, Rut has worked to dismantle systems of oppression with a focus on the intersection of racism and sexism. The Institute curriculum has been developed over many years of Rut’s work implementing and promoting policy and practice for more equitable services to marginalized communities and individuals at multiple organizations including: Clackamas Women’s Services, Proyecto UNICA of El Programa Hispano, Uniting to Understand Racism, Call to Safety (formerly Portland Women’s Crisis Line), and Portland Community College. Rut is the current Director of Equity, People and Culture for Oregon Food Bank.

Through her journey, Rut is focused on dismantling systems of oppression that create environments where individuals and communities are at greater risk of violence, marginalization, and are denied access to basic resources such as health, housing and food.

Cost of attendance is $1,800.00 (10 scholarships are available. For information contact Megan Newell-Ching at All proceeds will support Oregon Food Bank’s equity work.