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Through the concerted efforts of people like you, we can ensure that legislators get the message: working across systems to help people access nutritious food is a priority today, and addressing hunger’s root causes is vital to eliminating hunger tomorrow.

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Legislative Priorities

Prior to the pandemic, 1 in 11 Oregonians were food insecure. Today, nearly 1 in 5 people in our communities face hunger — a dramatic increase. And the public health and economic impacts of the pandemic have fallen hardest on people who have faced systemic inequities for generations: communities of color, immigrants and refugees, single parents and caregivers, and our trans and gender non-conforming neighbors.

We have the opportunity to rebuild and emerge stronger so that we can end hunger for good in our communities. This is our moment to embrace our shared values, care for each other and take bold action in support of all Oregonians.

Food Security and Economic Justice

    • Reduce hunger on college campuses. Connect college students to food assistance by ensuring support staff and resources are present on college campuses.

    • Leave no worker behind. All workers should be eligible for Oregon’s Earned Income Tax Credit. End exclusions for people who file with an ITIN.

    • Increase access to nutritious food — and support Oregon farmers and retailers — by expanding the “Double Up Food Bucks” SNAP match program at local grocery stores and farmers markets.

    • Ensure childcare and other essential resources for every Oregon family. Fund and reform our childcare assistance programs to promote economic stability.

    • Support emergency food assistance in our communities by sustaining the Oregon Hunger Response Fund.

    • Extending overtime pay and protections to farmworkers, whose work is vital to ensuring food reaches our tables.

Racial Justice and Immigrant Rights

    • Adopt the Racial Justice Council’s public safety recommendations. Everyone should feel safe and secure in our communities.

    • Protect the rights of every Oregonian by:

      • Fulfilling and enhancing our state’s sanctuary promise.

      • Investing in universal legal representation for Oregonians facing deportation.

      • Ensuring true representation and access to government decision-making.

    • Support policies that ensure education and healthcare equity for Oregonians who are part of Compact of Free Association (COFA) communities.

COVID Relief for All

    • Promote economic recovery and prosperity for essential workers by preserving and expanding the Oregon Worker Relief Fund.

    • Support policies that keep Oregonians in their homes, whether they’re rented or owned. In the midst of a pandemic, we must ensure that everyone has access to safe and affordable housing options.

    • Be responsive to future rounds of federal stimulus. Prioritize gaps through the lens of equity, racial justice and the needs of our communities.

Inclusive Democracy Matters

We know we can’t advance these policy priorities — let alone achieve our vision of resilient communities that never go hungry — without an inclusive and healthy democracy where everyone can safely participate. Our town halls and state capitols are the places we go to advocate for policy changes and investments that are needed to end hunger.

Yet we’ve seen an alarming rise of anti-democratic action in recent months, often anchored by white nationalists and other known hate groups. Whether through paralyzing walkouts and threats of violence in Salem, or outright armed insurrection in our nation’s capitol, these tactics jeopardize our core institutions and put people’s lives at risk.

We reject all forms of political violence that make these public spaces unsafe. We believe that every person, including elected leaders, needs to be held accountable when they participate in violence, intimidation, or other tactics that harm inclusive democracy. And we hope you’ll continue to speak out with us against efforts to undermine our democratic processes.

Who’s Who in Our Government.

The priorities of our elected leaders can make a major difference in the fight to end hunger — not to mention our daily lives. They have the power to pass anti-hunger policies, create and fund programs that address the root causes of poverty, and ensure our communities’ voices are heard when coming up with solutions.

We can end hunger when elected leaders — from County Commissioners to the President of the United States — listen to what our communities need to thrive.

It’s incredibly important that we make our voices heard, whether through grassroots policy advocacy or at the ballot box.