Food Industry Donations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon Food Bank accepts retail ready products, fresh produce, bulk products and ingredients. Shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen products are all acceptable if they are: unopened, coming from a food industry partner, and the cold chain has been maintained.

Yes, your donation is eligible for a federal tax deduction and some donations qualify for Oregon’s Crop Donation Tax Credit. All donors receive a receipt at the time of donation. For more information, ask your tax professional or visit

Oregon Food Bank accepts either labeled or unlabeled products. If the products are labeled, they must meet federal labeling requirements including: product description, ingredients and an allergen statement. If the products are unlabeled, this same information (and/or a sheet with specifications) must be provided. We will use this information to label the donated

We prioritize items that are of greatest need in the communities we serve – produce, protein and pantry staples. Please contact us to discuss the nutrition specifics of your donation.

The donor should label the donation with a traceable lot code. Food safety is Oregon Food Bank’s greatest priority when accepting donations. If the product is shelf-stable and has passed the “BEST BY” code date, it could still be safe for consumption. Please contact us to see if your donation’s code dates are acceptable.

Oregon Food Bank accepts retail sized product and industrial sized packaged product (e.g. large bags, super sacks, totes, etc.).

Oregon Food Bank accepts donations of any size – from pallets to multiple truckloads. If you think your quantity is too large to donate, please contact us. You’ll be surprised how much volume we can move. If we aren’t able to accept your full offer, we can help you get your donation to other food insecure communities across the United States.

There are several options available.

Donor Drop Off:

  • Donations of ½-truckload or less typically do not need a dock appointment. Please call to confirm since high volume dock times can result in longer waiting times.
  • Donations of more than a ½-truckload require a dock appointment.

Oregon Food Bank Pick Up:

  • Depending on the size and location of your donation, Oregon Food Bank may be able to pick it up.

Oregon Food Bank is always looking for donations of packaging and services.

Your company takes food safety seriously, and so does Oregon Food Bank. Oregon Food Bank has a robust Food Safety Management System, routinely passes third-party food safety audits and is inspected by the Food and Drug Administration and Oregon Department of Agriculture. Please contact us directly with food safety questions.

Recalls can happen to any company. Oregon Food Bank has a recall program as part of our Food Safety Management System. In the event that a food manufacturer must issue a recall for donated product, Oregon Food Bank will collaborate to issue the required notifications and retrieve/dispose of product in accordance with regulations.

Companies that donate healthy, sound food to nonprofit organizations are protected from criminal and civil liability under the Good Samaritan Act. The protection is standardized across all 50 states.

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