Workplace Giving

We know you care about your employees, and your employees care about giving back to the community through their employer.

Whether offering an employee giving campaign or internal event, matching employee donations, or simply encouraging a payroll deduction gift, research reveals your staff will be more loyal and productive for your company.

Workplace Giving Campaigns

To participate in a workplace giving campaign, simply designate Oregon Food Bank as the recipient of your gift or provide one of the codes below.

Combined Federal Campaign #80846

State of Oregon Charitable Fund Drive # 543

If you cannot locate Oregon Food Bank, you may check Local Independent Charities.

United Way also has a write-in option that may ask for our EIN number, which is 93-0785786.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deductions* are an easy way to make charitable donations directly and automatically from your paycheck. When you make this type of gift to Oregon Food Bank, you’re minimizing our administrative costs and putting more of your donation to work fighting hunger and its root causes.

*Per the IRS, payroll deduction donations are receipted by the employer, using a paystub, W-2 or other document provided by the employer that indicates the amount withheld and paid to Oregon Food Bank, or the pledge card provided at the workplace. Oregon Food Bank does not provide tax receipts to donors making payroll deduction donations.

Matching Gifts

Matching gift programs allow you to multiply the impact of your gift — at no cost to you.

Ask your company’s HR or community relations staff if there’s a matching gift program. Ask for the form and follow the donation instructions. When you donate, your employer will follow up with a donation as well.

In some cases, this doubles the amount of your gift!

In-office Food & Fund Drives

Energize your employees and make them proud to work for a company that dedicates time to fighting hunger and its root causes. There are many fun and creative ways to raise food and funds for our neighbors in need.

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Questions? Contact:

Lauren Zielinski
Corporate & Community Relations Developer