Housing for All to End Hunger.

Home is more than where we sleep at night. It’s the neighborhood library, the local grocery store, our daily bus route — all the places that help us meet our essential needs. Yet as the cost of rent and mortgages rise, more and more people are forced to look outside of their community to find affordable options. And when our jobs, childcare centers and healthy food are far from home, it costs even more time and money.

No one should have to choose between paying for housing and buying groceries.

We can end hunger when we have safe, stable housing for everyone. Affordable housing options ensure all Oregon families have more income to spend on essentials like food — and bring people closer to quality schools, libraries and parks. Housing is a cornerstone of our effort to build a future without hunger.

Vote out hunger. Invest in housing. 

Take action to ensure our communities emerge stronger:

1. Register to vote — and vote by November 3!

Voting is a key step toward ending hunger. Register to vote today and use your voice to fight to end hunger.

Register to Vote

If you’re not able to vote, encourage those who can to vote out hunger.

2. Join us to #VoteOutHunger

Hundreds of Oregonians are pledging to #VoteOutHunger together in 2020.

Sign the Pledge

3. Spread the word

Your friends trust your opinion. Share how we can #VoteOutHunger together.

Act now. End Hunger

The pandemic has shown us all how closely our health and well-being is tied to one another. Hunger is a symptom of harmful policies and systems that create barriers for people to thrive. We will emerge stronger when we address hunger together, as a community.

We can end hunger for good by tackling its root causes. We must act to address the inequality, racism and oppression that create serious disparities in public safety, employment, education, housing and healthcare.

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