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Stories of Hunger

As neighbors and members of the same communities, we share many of the same hopes and fears and we all want what’s best for our families. One of the fundamental differences between us is that some of us know where our next meal is coming from and some do not. Many struggle silently and make heart-wrenching decisions that nobody should have to make. The need for food is essential and immediate. Without the basic security of knowing when you will eat next it is difficult to focus on anything else. The daily fight to survive can consume your life.

DEBI Trying to get back to living a normal life

It was an unfortunate confluence of events for us. It started with the housing market tanking, and I was a realtor. My husband got laid off. He went back to school and that’s when I got cancer. He had to drop out to be my caregiver. So, all of that together caused us to lose our house and we ended up homeless for a while. My cancer is now in full remission, so we’re basically rebuilding and trying to get back to feeling like we’re living a normal life.

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ISIAH I’m scared, but I keep picking myself up

I get seizures and need to take pills so they don’t happen. That’s very important for me, more than food. I never know ahead of time. If I have a seizure today, I can’t tell people what to do, how to help. You have to call the rescue squad because they’ll come and give me the right kind of medicine.

Sometimes I can’t get food because it’s a lot of money. The prices jump so high and they never come back down. That’s the hardest thing. But I need that medicine first.

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WANDA Communities grow together during tough times

I have a son, grandson and my husband living with us. And I have my younger grandkids with us every few weeks. They’re with me more than they are not. My dream is to become self-sufficient and not have to rely on outside services.

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