FEAST (Food, Education, Agriculture, Solutions, Together)

FEAST is a community organizing process that allows participants to engage in an informed and facilitated discussion about Food, Education and Agriculture in their community and begin to work toward Solutions Together to help build a healthier, more equitable and more resilient local food system.

Community members tell the story of their food system, identify improvements, and create action plans to implement these improvements. After FEAST events, participants work on improving their local food systems with their action plans as a guide. Oregon Food Bank staff remain available to provide support for follow-up work as needed.

FEAST Leadership Network

This is a listserv and e-newsletter for community food systems advocates across the state. If you’ve participated in FEAST and/or want to connect with other communities, this is for you. Join to learn about our quarterly webinars and other networking opportunities.

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We can help.

We support community members interested in planning a FEAST event:

We provide a FEAST Organizing Manual and attend planning meetings with the FEAST Leadership Team.
The FEAST event offers the critically important organizing work that is required for a community to be set up to follow through with food systems improvements.
FEAST strategic planning and follow-up events help communities better hone their action plans and begin the important process of prioritization.
By focusing on community-derived ideas for food systems improvements, coaching community members to implement improvements themselves and encouraging the deeper dive to create more sophisticated food systems projects, communities are set up to sustain these efforts for the long-term.