Public Policy

We Advocate for the Voices of Hunger

Oregon Food Bank’s Advocacy Department works year-round on public policies that affect Oregonians who struggle with hunger.

In this bi-partisan work, we meet with legislators – and encourage community action on specific issues – at all levels of government to ensure Oregon Food Bank, along with our volunteers and supporters, are doing our best to fight hunger and its root causes.


Public policy begins at the local level, and Oregon Food Bank ensures the voices of people facing food insecurity are represented.


Key Oregon Food Bank staff work at the capital in Salem to meet with legislators on hunger and root cause issues. Our annual legislative priorities range from housing and health care to the crop donation tax credit and minimum wage.

Each year, we coordinate a Legislative Action Day and invite members of the food banking industry, as well as people who rely on those services, to come to Salem and meet in large groups throughout the day. Participants share their own experiences and ask for specific actions by legislators.


Several times a year, Oregon Food Bank staff members embark on Washington, D.C. to work on public policy work at the national level. We fight against cuts in SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) and TEFAP (the emergency food assistance program). We send out Action Alerts to people like you who can help advocate by communicating important messages to Congress.