Support Education to End Hunger

Every Oregonian in every neighborhood deserves a high-quality education — and the resources kids need to thrive. Access to a quality education lifts people out of poverty. When we invest in schools, we strengthen families across generations and build community power.

From daily meals and snacks for kids to resources for families, our schools are an important community resource. This is especially true during COVID-19, as many families are forced to choose between child care, food and other essential needs.

Vote out hunger. Support schools.

Take action to ensure our communities emerge stronger:

1. Register to vote — and vote by November 3!

Voting is a key step toward ending hunger. In the Portland Metro region, vote YES on these measures to support schools:

Yes on Multnomah County Preschool for All. Early childhood education programs connect kids and their families to food and resources. Preschool for All will make sure all 3-4-year-olds in Multnomah County have access to this critical support through tuition-free, year-round education — regardless of income.

Yes on Portland Public Schools Bond Renewal. Our schools connect families to critical community resources — supporting kids with daily meals and snacks. These funds invest in buildings and educational opportunities that help students and families thrive — especially in Black, Indigenous and communities of color.

If you’re not able to vote, tell those who can to vote YES!

Register to Vote

2. Join us to #VoteOutHunger

Hundreds of Oregonians are pledging to #VoteOutHunger together in 2020.

Sign the Pledge

3. Spread the word

Your friends trust your opinion. Share how we can #VoteOutHunger together.

Act now. End Hunger.

The pandemic has shown us all how closely our health and well-being is tied to one another. Hunger is a symptom of harmful policies and systems that create barriers for people to thrive. We will emerge stronger when we address hunger together, as a community.

We can end hunger for good by tackling its root causes. We must act to address the inequality, racism and oppression that create serious disparities in public safety, employment, education, housing and healthcare.

Education Factsheet