Unite Against Racism to End Hunger

We can end hunger when we unite against racism and discrimination. Systemic racism harms Black, Indigenous and other People of Color — and is woven through our lives, from healthcare to education to criminal justice. These inequities keep our communities in poverty, which is the number one cause of hunger.

It’s time for change. We are ready to put an end to systems that disproportionately target people of color. By reinvesting policing dollars in food, employment, education, housing and healthcare programs, we can support stronger, more resilient communities.

Vote out hunger. Unite against racism.

Take action to ensure our communities emerge stronger:

1. Register to vote — and vote by November 3!

Voting is a key step toward ending hunger. Across Oregon and in the Portland Metro area, vote YES on these measures to fight for justice:

YES on Oregon Measure 110: Drug Decriminalization & Treatment. Black, Indigenous and other People of Color are disproportionately arrested and imprisoned. This leads to unjust debt, family separation, and loss of employment and housing — all root causes of hunger. Vote YES to reduce punishment for possession of some drugs and instead support peoples’ health by making it easier to access treatment and recovery services.

YES on Oregon Measure 107: Campaign Finance Constitutional Amendment. Unfair campaign donation policies mean the voices of wealthy donors are louder than the voice of our communities — especially those facing hunger. Vote YES to get big money out of politics.

YES on Independent Oversight Committee for Portland Police Bureau A YES vote creates an independent body that investigates complaints and recommends community-centered reforms for the Portland Police Bureau. Made up of People of Color and other community members, the Oversight Committee will have the power to hold police accountable for their actions.

If you’re not able to vote, tell those who can to vote YES!

Register to Vote

2. Join us to #VoteOutHunger

Hundreds of Oregonians are pledging to #VoteOutHunger together in 2020.

Sign the Pledge

3. Spread the word

Your friends trust your opinion. Share how we can #VoteOutHunger together.

Act now. End Hunger

The pandemic has shown us all how closely our health and well-being is tied to one another. Hunger is a symptom of harmful policies and systems that create barriers for people to thrive. We will emerge stronger when we address hunger together, as a community.

We can end hunger for good by tackling its root causes. We must act to address the inequality, racism and oppression that create serious disparities in public safety, employment, education, housing and healthcare.

Systemic Racism Factsheet