Oregon Food Bank works to eliminate hunger and its root causes ... because no one should be hungry.

OFB works with a cooperative, statewide network of partner agencies to distribute emergency food to hungry families. We fight hunger's root causes through public policy advocacy, nutrition and garden education and work to strengthen community food systems.
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Stories of hunger - Stephanie

Stephanie shares her family's struggle with hunger.

Corporate Donor
of the Month

Kaiser Permanente has been a generous supporter of Oregon Food Bank for over twenty years — providing support through sponsorship, grants, and employee giving and volunteerism.

We are proud to call Kaiser a partner and thank them for their past and current support including support of our Nutrition Education program, the Echo Shaw Elementary School Pantry and of the Oregon Harvest dinner. 

Thank you, Kaiser Permanente for your continued support!


Oregon Food Bank cooks up Local Food Challenge

The Local Food Challenge is designed to get people thinking about their food sources and connect with their community. Local means items grown, raised or caught within 200 miles of their residences. Anyone can participate by pledging to spend at least ten percent of their food budget on locally grown foods for 31 days.

To learn more visit oregonfoodbank.org/localfoodchallenge where you can sign up and view links to healthy recipes along with guides to farmers’ markets and produce stands. Special thanks to Flowerpot Media for creating and supporting the website.

Meet Becca

"I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud of my family and my community. But my pride isn’t going to prevent me from saying, 'I need help' and getting my children a decent meal."

Read Becca's Story.