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Together, we are powerful beyond measure

Ending hunger starts with community power and a commitment to ending the unfair systems that create unequal access to food. Through organizing and advocacy, we are amplifying community voices, addressing the root causes of hunger — from racism to sexism to transphobia — and supporting policies that put social justice and equity first.

Join us to work toward a future of equality and abundance for all.

Build community power

We can end hunger for good when we organize and advocate together. Here are some ways you can get involved and help address the root causes of hunger and poverty. Join us!

Be a part of community-led change

If you have experienced hunger, you know that our community is often excluded from decisions and processes that affect our lives, friends and families. We are committed to creating new pathways for you to lead in building community power and rallying for real change.

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Join a movement for equity and justice

Hunger is not an individual experience. It’s a symptom of unfair systems that create barriers to employment, affordable housing and health care. Oregon Food Bank is building a movement for change and organizing support for policies that ensure all of us can thrive. To learn more about making your voice heard, download our guide Whose Government? Our Government.

Join us and help to end hunger for good!

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Help build more equitable local food systems

Support resilient, community-based food systems

Our community-building programs bring people together to build a food system that contributes to community prosperity.

Contact us to learn about hosting a community-building event, or view our calendar to find upcoming opportunities to get involved.

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Food for All Oregonians

An incredible coalition of 100+ community organizations is working to make sure food is available to all Oregonians, no matter where we were born or our immigration status.

Learn how the campaign is bringing solutions to our elected leaders and moving a big step closer to ending hunger for good!


I’m so glad we are talking about Pacific Islanders and what’s culturally appropriate food for them. We are here. We want to be recognized.

Sandi, Canby, Oregon
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Communities building power

Learn how people across Oregon and Southwest Washington are taking action to build a future without hunger.

Policy Updates

Policies that fight hunger and keep our communities safe

Policy Updates

Solving hunger through inclusive democracy

Policy Updates

How gender justice is connected to food justice

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