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Our Team

Get to know our team

Meet some of the leaders shaping Oregon Food Bank’s vision and guiding our work.

Oregon Food Bank leadership team

Susannah Morgan

(she/her/hers) CEO

Moira Bowman

(she/her/hers) Director of Advocacy

Danny Faccinetti

(he/him/his) Director of Operations

C. Nathan Harris

(he/him/his) Director of Community Philanthropy

Rut Martinez-Alicea

(she/her/hers) Director of Equity, People & Culture

John Ng

(he/him/his) Director of Finance

Jason A Stephany

(he/him/his) Director of Strategic Communications

Andrea Williams

(she/her/hers) Deputy CEO

Starr Farris Yurkewycz

(she/her/hers) Director of Partnerships and Programs

Policy Leadership Council

The Policy Leadership Council shapes the vision for Oregon Food Bank’s policy and advocacy work. The council is led by people impacted by food insecurity and the systemic injustices that cause it.

Adrienne Berry

(she/her/hers) Adams, Oregon

Andrea Cisneros

(she/her) Ontario, OR

O'Nesha Cochran Dumas

(she/her) Portland, OR

Adrianna Contreras

(she/her) Ontario, OR

Angelica Cortes Mejia

(she/her/ella) Portland, Oregon

Edom Daniel

(she/her) Portland, OR

Imani Dorsey

(she/they) Eugene, OR

Andrea Gonzalez

(she/her/ella/they) Astoria, Oregon

Yaneli Hernandez-Tapia

(she/her/hers) Keizer, Oregon

West Kaufman

(they/him) Eugene, OR

Perri McDaniel

(she/her/hers) Grand Ronde, OR

Edna Nyamu

(she/her) Forest Grove, Oregon

Geo Su

(they/them/theirs/elle/elles) Portland, OR

Se'Maj Taper

(she/they) Portland, OR

Board of directors

Sarah Opfer

Chair, (she/her/hers) Managing Director, KPMG

Wayne Graham

Vice Chair/Treasurer, (he/him/his) Graham Group

Karin Power

Secretary, (she/her/hers) Administrative Director, B Local PDX

Linda Dove

(she/her/hers) Pastoral Director, Bethlehem House of Bread

Angela Dowling

(she/her/hers) President, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Rick Gaupo

(he/him/his) CEO & President, Marion Polk Food Share​

Shantae Johnson

(she/her/hers) Co-Founder, Mudbone Grown

Howard Matsumura

(he/him/his) President & Owner, Principal Ingredients

Jen Maje Maynard

(she/her/hers) Kitchen Programs Manager, Zenger Farms

Dunya Minoo

(she/her/hers) Director, Educational Partnerships, Portland Public Schools

McKena Miyashiro

(she/her/hers) Principal ESG Consultant, PGE

Chanel O'Neill

(she/her/hers) Principal, Cornerstone Research

Farah Pakseresht

(she/her/hers) Vice President, Hospital Operations/Post-Acute Care at Northwest Permanente

Marc Patrick

(he/him/his) VP, North America, Brand-Defining, Purpose and Athletes, Nike

Brooke Randall

(he/him/his) Principal, Agriculture Capital

Kevin Ryan

(he/him/his) Director of Social Services, William Temple House

Jeffery Temple

(he/him/his) Director of Corporate Affairs, Fred Meyer Stores, Inc./Kroger

Kris Zirkel

(he/him/his) Regional Food Bank Manager, Yamhill Community Action Partnership

Equity ambassadors

Our equity ambassadors support Oregon Food Bank in advancing equity, inclusion and diversity within our organization, helping bring an equity lens to everything we do.

Mis Carlson-Swanson

(she/her/hers) Tillamook County Food Bank Manager

Katy Giombolini

(they/them) Food Systems Manager

Jacob Hayden

(he/him/his) Transportation Manager

Iván Hernández

(he/him/él) Digital Communications and Engagement Manager

Michelle Lin

(she/her/hers) Statewide Network Strategist

Stephen Oliver

(he/him/his) Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Liset Puentes

(she/her/hers) Corporate and Community Relations Developer

Joshua Thomas

(he/him/his) Equity and Work Culture Manager
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