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Ending hunger together

Hunger isn’t just an individual experience; it’s a symptom of barriers to employment, housing, health care and more — and a result of unfair systems that continue to keep these barriers in place. Make a difference: Get involved and help eliminate hunger and its root causes.

Donate to end hunger

Our supporters change lives. Together, we support our neighbors facing food insecurity today and advocate for systemic changes to eliminate hunger. Learn more about monthly giving, rallying community support, engaging your employer, giving as a business or organization, and more.

Take action for systemic change

Communities that never know hunger are founded on equity and justice. Join our grassroots movement to eliminate racism, classism, sexism and other barriers that lead to unequal access to food.

Volunteer your time 

You can help end hunger in our community. Find opportunities to volunteer at our facilities, with community partners or even from your home. From distributing meals to contributing to an advocacy campaign, there are lots of ways to get involved.

Attend an event

Check out our calendar for events across Oregon and southwest Washington. Join others in your community to get involved in ending hunger and its root causes.

Swahili-speaking people — we were not represented. So I stood up and started helping people. It’s inside me that I want to help people.

Mohamed, Portland, Oregon
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