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About Us

Building communities that never go hungry

We believe food is a basic human right. And we believe that ending hunger requires a clear vision and bold action, with all of us working together. Learn more about our mission, our vision and how we are working toward change.

Our mission

To eliminate hunger and its root causes… because no one should be hungry.

We cannot eliminate hunger without eliminating the root causes of hunger. That’s why we work across systems to achieve our mission, and why we center racial and social justice in everything we do.

Every day, we work to:

Provide access to nutritious food for all. We collect and distribute food across Oregon and Southwest Washington, helping ensure free food is available to everyone experiencing food insecurity — especially those disproportionately harmed by unfair systems rooted in racism, classism and sexism.

Build community power to eliminate hunger and its root causes for good. Our work to address the root causes of hunger amplifies community voices and grows grassroots power. We are building a movement that brings together communities, volunteers, advocates and donors to raise our voices for real change.


Work across systems and within our network. Ending hunger means breaking down barriers that prevent equal access to housing, health care, employment and more. We partner with people and organizations across Oregon and southwest Washington to do this critical work together.

From Oregon Food Bank’s five main locations, we distribute food equitably across the region and work on policies and programs to address the root causes of hunger.

Our vision

We envision resilient communities throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington that never go hungry.

Hunger is not just an empty stomach or an individual experience. Hunger is a community wide symptom of exclusion, of not having enough – not having enough nutritious food, enough income, enough power, enough represented voice. Hunger is a symptom of barriers to employment, education, housing and healthcare.

We all experience the effects of hunger in our communities. But together we can build communities that never go hungry. We can build communities where every voice matters. We can build communities that share responsibility for each other and the common good. Because, when we share prosperity, we all benefit.

To achieve this bold vision, Oregon Food Bank will foster community connections to help people access nutritious food today, and we will build community power to eliminate the root causes of hunger, for good.

Our commitment to equity and racial justice

Oregon Food Bank holds people experiencing hunger and food insecurity at the center of our actions and decisions. Our commitment to equity and racial justice shares our perspective on achieving equity and our promise to be led by people with lived experience of systemic oppression and food insecurity in a shared effort to eliminate hunger and its root causes.

We acknowledge that OFB has caused harm in the past by not fully centering people most impacted by hunger in our work and in the stories we tell. We acknowledge this with grief and humility, and understand we have much work to do.

Find information and resources to bring an equity lens to your organization.

Financial statements and reports

We are committed to transparency and to sharing our journey widely. Download our impact reports, financial statements and more for an inside look at how we’re working toward our vision.

We’re not just about getting people food today. We’re about putting ourselves out of business and creating a world in which hunger never happens.

Susannah Morgan, CEO, Oregon Food Bank
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