September 11, 2018 – Join us in celebrating Hunger Action Month by participating in a call-in day to support the Farm Bill. You’ll be supporting the 1 in 8 Oregon households who struggle to have enough to eat.

September is Hunger Action Month and Congress is currently considering the future of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly referred to as food stamps) and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP, which provides food and financial assistance to food banks) as it attempts to reconcile the House and Senate versions of legislation called the farm bill.

The decisions Congress makes during this process will impact how families experiencing food insecurity will be able to put food on the table for years to come.

SNAP puts food into the hands of nearly 42 million Americans, half of them under the age of 18. Making cuts to this program is simply cruel – and will leave more of our fellow Americans struggling to find their next meal. SNAP feeds 12 times as many people in the country than the entire Feeding America network of 200 food banks that Oregon Food Bank is part of.

TEFAP is a cornerstone program that provides nutritious food to the food bank network. In fact, almost one in five meals distributed by all local hunger-relief agencies in 2016 was moved, stored, and served because of TEFAP. That’s four billion meals a year to families.

These federal nutrition programs are vital to helping struggling families put food on the table. We need your help to make sure they stay strong.

This week, there is a national effort to express support for SNAP and TEFAP and the people they help. Please make your voice heard today for families struggling with hunger by calling 888-398-8702!

Call 888-398-8702

Tell your congressional offices:

  • I am a constituent and I stand with Oregon Food Bank and the Feeding America network of food banks.
  • Thank you for all you have done to protect SNAP – a critical program that helps millions of children, seniors, and veterans across the country.
  • Please work to support the Senate SNAP provisions of the farm bill.
  • Please increase TEFAP funding in the final farm bill so food banks can meet the demand for nutritious food in our communities.
  • I’m counting on [member name] to pass a strong Farm Bill that protects and strengthens federal nutrition programs and helps hungry communities in America.