FEBRUARY 2019 – We are thrilled to honor Providence Health and Services and its employees for their longstanding and significant support and dedicated volunteerism to help tackle hunger. This month we are recognizing Providence Health and Services as our Corporate Donor of the Month.

“Providence knows families need a reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable and nutritious food for optimal health. The Oregon Food Bank works hard every day to make this a reality for all Oregonians. Providence supports the Oregon Food Bank because only with partnerships like this can we create healthier communities, together.”

– Pam Mariea-Nason, Executive, Community Health Division, Providence Health and Services

Throughout the entire organization, from physicians who donate in honor of Doctor’s Day to large food and fund drives for an entire department or hospital, to partnering with Oregon Food Bank to launch a Cooking Matters course at one of their locations, Providence Health and Services goes above and beyond to innovatively partner together to ensure no one goes hungry in our community.

Most recently, Providence Health and Services provided funding to help us strategically expand our food distribution in the Columbia Gorge region. As a result of this effort, we were able to open a new pantry in the town of Rufus.

Additionally, with over 22,000 employees in the state of Oregon, you can regularly find employees volunteering at Oregon Food Bank nearly every week. Altogether last year, Providence employees contributed over 500 hours of volunteerism.

Thank you Providence Health and Services for all you do to help end hunger and feed the human spirit!