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Oregon Food Bank urges you to vote YES on Measure 26-197

Kids can focus on learning not hunger with the help of The Portland Children’s Levy

May 2, 2018 – Older siblings asking for extra food to bring home to a hungry brother or sister. Parents skipping meals so their children can eat. Kids knowing that school-provided breakfast and lunch are the only meals guaranteed.

These stories are heartbreaking and are far too common in our community. One in five Oregon children currently experiences hunger. Approximately 33 percent of those eating food received from a local pantry are children.

Children who are hungry get sick more often and have trouble learning. Hunger negatively impacts a child’s academic performance, cognitive development, growth and physical and psychological health. Without intervention, these impacts stay with a child throughout their entire life.

Yet childhood hunger is solvable. Food assistance programs and emergency food helps children successfully develop and thrive, increasing the likelihood they will grow up to be healthy, productive adults.

The Portland Children’s Levy provides a significant resource in the fight against hunger. Last year, it provided emergency food for more than 12,000 children through Oregon Food Bank’s School Pantry program. The Portland Children’s Levy’s effective and efficient investments in our community help ensure that no child goes to bed hungry.

Your YES vote on Measure 26-197 shows that Portland continues to care about its kids, and wants them to grow up to be healthy, safe, successful and fed.