By Matt Newell-Ching, Public Policy Manager

A few weeks ago, I shared a bit about our legislative agenda to #EmergeStronger in 2021 and beyond. Huge thanks to all of you who already took action!

Today, I want to follow up, because right now, Oregon legislators are getting ready to make decisions about investments that will have a big impact on people experiencing hunger in our communities, so now is the time to make our voices heard.

There are two key aspects of the budget that need our attention and support today:

1. We need to follow through on urgent investments that prioritize equity, racial justice and connections to nutritious food as federal pandemic relief winds down.

This includes funding to support affordable housing and food assistance programs — as well as investments in the Oregon Worker Relief Fund to support Oregonians who have been excluded from federal aid. 

2. We need to pass long-term measures that our communities need to #EmergeStronger. 

We know how much the pandemic has tested our public structures — exposing serious inequities in the process. We need the legislature to support measures that help address these inequities and the broader drivers of hunger and poverty — from the high costs of healthcare and childcare to instability in housing and food access. And we can’t afford to slow down on efforts to reimagine public safety, strengthen the rights of Oregonians who are immigrants, and keep everyone in our communities safe and healthy. 

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These and many other priorities to reduce hunger and advance equity and racial justice are captured in what our coalition of allies is calling The People’s Budget.

It’s a powerful document created by our communities that highlights the key policies and investments that we know can help get us through this crisis, and put us on the path to building stronger, more resilient communities that never know hunger. 

I hope you’ll go to our #EmergeStronger advocacy center today to learn more about our legislative priorities and urge your legislators to act. We have all the tools and resources right here to make your voice heard with a few quick clicks.

This is our moment to embrace our shared values, care for each other and take bold action in support of all Oregonians. Thank you for all you’ve done — and will continue to do — to help our communities #EmergeStronger!

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